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Rob Butler 857

Now then to anyone who knows/knew me , Get in touch you wont believe what I do for a living now (honest you wont)particularly looking for Steve Young (gunfitter) and anyone who knew my dear mate Gary Graham (vm) all at 40 field workshop Hohne 1989 - 1991, but will be very happy to hear from anyone who remembers me.



Hi I would like to hear from anyone who was in 5 Air Mech, training at Middelwallop.


Calling all members of 2RGJ LAD\2R Anglian LAD, Munster, 1968-73. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Taffy Raikes. If not get in touch anyway.

Bernard Rolf 854

Hut 7 D Camp 2 Base Workshop Tel el Kabir 1947-1948

Norman Reid aka Norrie or Jock 853

Anyone out there that remembers me from 1 Fld W/Shops, Scots DG or 13 VMA 1st class upgraders get in touch.Trying to find Bob'Blaster'Bates have info that he was ' Q' with 5 Heavy in Cattrick between 95 and 97. If any body can help me find him get in touch

Patrick Murphy 852

I did my basic training at Catterick and Gun Fitting at Bordon. I got posted to the 5th Iniskillion dragoon in Bielefeld germany. From there to 11th Div. HQ in Herford Germany. My final posting was to the 11th Hussars in Iserlohn Germany. Lets hear from anybody who can remember good times spent during that period. Perhaps a line from Lofty or Sgt.Major Marchant or Noel harrison

Emrys Jones 851

Hi, I am trying to locate friends of my Father. He served at Arborfield (Depot) from 1950 to 1951. If anyone has any information on this time I and he would be very greatfull. Thanks Jon

Alan Lloyd 850 r

I was in Malaya with 12 Infantry W/S. Firstly at Mentakab and thereafter Ipoh. I would be delighted to hear from any others who were with the unit at that time ie 1953-55

Rick Drabble 849

Old mates from AAC Carlisle till 1ADTR 1992

Norman Reid 'Jock or Norrie' 848

Trying to find Bob 'Blaster' Bates or Ernie Donlan but if anybody remembers me get in touch. I was at 1 Field Workshops,B Sqn LAD Scots DG and I was on VMA13 1st class course

Allan ( Al ) Jones 847

Joined REME 1970, 16 platoon Arborfield,trade training at Bordon (electrician REME) 21 Engr Regt Wksp,16 Tk Tptr Sqn, 9 Fd Wksp, 3 Queens,1 Staffs, 38 Engrs, 5 Armd, SEME.Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Peter Benfield 846


I would be delighted to hear from any of my old REME mates who were stationed at 12th Heavy Workshops during the 1949/51 period.

Paul Bayliss 845

Looking for Roy Arnold. 16 Light Air Defence Reg LAD REME Singapore & Borneo

Louisa Ringland 844

Am searching for Daz and Shir Coombes,who were or still are members of REME.They have 2 boys Nathan and Tyler and I am godmother to Tyler and am desperate to find them as have so much to catch up on, have tried various other sites but to no avail,any help would be much appreciated, Thank you.

W. Occleston Wally 843

Conscript 50/02 group. Army No 22447118. REME SERVICE: I joined for basic at Honiton - Trade test Blandford - Trade Training Norton Manor Camp Taunton - Stationed at St Neots (RASC camp, name not known)worked on an airfield LAD on stored Bren Carriers, possibly Little Staughton. - Stationed at ROYSTON for a time working at tank depot in Cambridge, (depot name not known .)After a special Diesel Ignition course at Arbourfield - Flew to Cyprus in Vickers Viking from Blackbush, meant to be based at Larnica. After usual army cock up Following year based at 47 Workshop, 2 Base Workshops Tel-El-Kebir (Hut74)- traveled home on Empire Fowey Jan 1953, - demobed Burscough Feb 1953. Final Trade VM I Final rank in Egypt L/Cpl acting Cpl.., 3 yr's REME AER. NCO IC LAD attached to unknown RAOC Unit in and around Thetford and southern counties. AT present(73 retired. Spend my time running family web site and trying to locate any old army friends who may be still alive and who might possibly remember me. Especialy TIP (R.J. Tipping) from Bedfordshire..

Malcolm Wood (Chippy) 842

I was with 41 company L.A.D in the mid to late 50s at Catterick,before that I was at Blandford,Boredon,Taunton aad Barton Stacey,If any one remembers me I would love to hear from them, the only ones I have had contact with in the last 45 years(From my R.E.M.E days)have been Yorky Atkinson from Bowes and Ron Johnson from the Northeast, I hope some one is still around to enjoy retirement because that is what I have just started doing, The best job I have ever had and it took me 50 years to find it. All the best to every one.

Patrick Murphy 841

I am Cpl. Murphy and served in the British Army from 1950 to 1955. I did my basic at Catterick Oct.1950 Trade School at Borden Hants. Transfered to Germany and into REME I was the 3rd Hussars at various locations and finally at Isalohn in Germany.I remember Lofty Bennet,Chas, Plonk Pullen Sg.Major Marchant of A Squadron I would like to get in touch with those who served with me Telephone Number 228 588 0614 Add. 19112 Hwy.63 Moss Point Mississippi 39562 USA

Rob "Molly" Molyneux 840

Anybody that knows me from the good old days @ 1 Royal Irish Rangers LAD REME? Drop me a line

Jim Stanley 839

Wishing to contact anyone that remembers me.Started at Hadrian's Carlisle 65B,to 1PWO LAD to 6INF wksps Munster to 36wksps Bielefeld to14/20 KH Asqn LAD Tidworth to16/5 Lancers A sqdn Lad Tidworth to ADTU Bovington to 1 DDorsets Gillingham Kent Finnished in 75 m Stanley where = replyemail = Wishing to contact any that remember

Ross Kenneth Bruce 838

73c AAC Arborfield. D Sqn RSDG LAD,Edinburgh & Episkopi. C Bty 3 RHA,Devizes and Gutersloh(40 Fld RA). 2 Armd Div HQ & Sigs Regt LAD. 5 Armd Wksp. 13/18 RH QMO LAD (AMFL DSqn). And others. Looking for any old pals, Psyco(Neil Sykes) together at 40Fld RA Gutersloh and all who I shared a pint or ten with.

22965378 Eddie Marks 837

This is for my Dad who was a storeman in Reme 53-56.Blandford Forum..Gt Malvern..Parachute Training Battalion.2 Para.. and Cardington some thing to do with balloons!Was also at Baddock,Colchester Newport. Got de-mobbed in 56 then called back for Suez.Replies via my email please if you want to contact him.

Frank Allman 836

Ex 58B Chepstow and Arborfield, 13/18th RH,1(BR)Corps Stores Coy, 51 Gukha Bde LAD, Permanent Staff Bordon, Gulf Plant Wksp Sharjah, 23 Engr Regt,1(BR)Corps Ord Depot Dulmen,AAS Arborfield (PS), 32 Engr Regt, 21 Engr Regt Regt. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows Anne and myself,ta!

Jim Richardson 835

Ex 'ece' and RD, 1976-1998. Now living in the NW and working as Health & Safety Manager for a national company. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with whom I might have shared a beer or two or ten; particularly if it's your round!

Cpl A Schyrokyj REME 834

Yes folks I am still alive any one out there wishing to get in touch? I don't promise any warm fuzzy feelings, but it would be interesting would it not? TTFN

Ken Simmons 833

This is on behalf of our friend Anne Connelly.She married T14468789 L/Cpl Eric Connelly REME 36 Coy RASC in Bad Oyenhausen Germany 0n 11 Nov 1950. She was then Annelore Kruger. Eric passed away 7 yrs ago and she is trying to contact any of Eric's old pals, esp the best man David Proctor, she recalls that David had a 1 yr old daughter at the time. If any one can help please contact me and I will pass on the messages. By the way I'm ex corps from Arborfirld in 1949 to resingning my commission in 1979. regards to all

Richard Fryer (Rick) 832

Just 2 years to push. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me. If i owe you money then please dont contact me

Tom & Janet Baker 831

Looking for anyone who served with 62 Station Workshop R.E.M.E, 1965 to1967. Also any one with 1 Wing Wksp R.E.ME. Army nAir Corps Detmold,1963 to 1965. Baz Townsend Jimmy Philips

Graham Longley 830

Looking for Dick O'Brien last seen in Plymouth.attached to 42 fld regt(LAD REME)

Keith Holderness 829

I am trying to make contact with Rick Armitage who was our REME Fitter attached to the Royal Artillery Recruiting Troop (No1 Display) in the early 1970's. I would be grateful for any help.

Gordon Seddon 828

I am looking for people who may have known my father, Gordon Seddon. He was a Recovery Mechanic and Driver.His group number was 5616, Singapore District Workshop REME, from 1956 - 1958. Can anyone help with information?


George Davison (Fred) 827

I am searching for my father who served in the REME around 1961/2 and was stationed at Arberfield for approx 3 years. I am shortly moving overseas and would love to receive any info on his possible whereabouts before I leave the UK. Even photos would be fab as I have none. If anyone can help please contact me asap. Many thanks. Jackie


Terry O'Reilly ( CURLY ) 826


I would like to hear from anyone who served at 1 Corp Signals Regt.Hereford Germany 1953-1955.Sorry I can't remember names.Maybe 'Knocker' the Scammel driver was one or 'MA'

James Hartnell 825

I'm trying to get in touch with Steve Clifford who was the chief instructor at the REME Chalet near Sonthofen, during the late 80's and early 90's. If anyone has any info, please email me. I would be very gratefull. Cheers


If there is anyone who remembers me from 26 Engineer Regt wksp 82-86 or 4 Armoured Recovery section 86-89 or anyone else who I may remember sobriety permitting. drop me a line.

Gordon King 823

Trying to locate casper coward joined REME in the late 1960's or early 70's >From BDOS


TO ALL REME WHO KNEW ME AT 1QLR LAD 2 FD RA WKSPS,1RRF LAD, 16 TK TRNSPT SQN and 1A&S HLDRS a fond hello and give me a mail

Trevor "elvis" Willis 821

Anyone who knew me from 1980-1989

Ron Kelly 820

Ron Kelly: REME 1950, Rhine. I am trying to find any old friends of my stepfather, Ron Kelly. Detail are: National Service, including REME in 1950 based in Herford / Badenhausen Germany (Rhine) Attached to Royal Signals / Light Aid Detachment. Lives in Kent, would love to hear from any old pals. Thanks Dan Murphy.

Steven John Lake 819

I am trying to find anyone that may have served with my dad Derek John Lake.He was in a REME workshop attatched to an armoured division in the UK and Germany in the early 1950s. Another clue is he always talks about "desert rats", I guess he used to paint a lot of them on the equipment.

Ben Strang.(jock/wullie) 818

after the usual depot and seme served with 21 engr regt wksp

Tom Baker (Lofty) 817


Looking for Baz Townsend , Doc Woodrow & Jimmy Philips served with 1 Wing Wksp Army Air Corp Detmold Later 71 Wksp.REME AAC.

Dave Richardson 816

Hi, to anybody who remembers me from the Depot,Bordon or att 1 RRF give me a call!

Arthur Rogers......"Sonny" or "Buck Rogers" 815

My Grandfather, alive and well in Middlesex has asked me to trace REME buddies from WWII. He started off in Woolwich-Arsenal in 1941 (in the, then, Royal Army Ordinance Corp) then moving on to Derby where he met his wife Beryl Barber (also serving). He was then posted to West Africa and finally Burma, where he saw out the war. He particularly wants to trace Wilfred J Hughes of Morden. A friend from his days in Woolwich.

William Staples 814

Joined June 1966 discharged June 1975. Served at Arborfield, Vernon, Bielefeld 4 years, NI, Hamell. Now living in Winchester, Hampshire



Joined Jan.1961,SEME. 16/5 Lancers 1962-69. BAOR-Aden-Warminster-Tidworth-BAOR,10 Force.Wksp.Bordon, 1969-73. Chester for a couple of years and then to Canada to live

Dave Evans 812

Looking for any old reme colleagues of my late father, Tommy "Tuggy" Evans, RASC 1940, Royal Engineers after that, served in Egypt and Normandy-Germany from 44-46. Cheers, Dave

David (dixie) Dean 811

anyone who remembers Dixie Dean from Hull please get in touch with the above address, would love to hear from you

Stanley Blachford 810

Joined AAS Arborfield (60C)folowed by SEE. Att. 36 Hy AD Regt. RA Duisburg, and then Dortmund. 3GM Plat. RAOC at Bramley and 7GM RAOC at Wulfen. Demobbed in June 1972.


Joined the Corps as a BRAT (77B2) served with 17 "sports & Pastimes" at Marchwood then went to Osnatraz in 1982,7 RHA, 4 REGT RA ,4RTR , 4/7RDG in Detmold, 45 fd REGT in Paderborn in 89-93 then back to 4 "Guns" for a short time before grabbing the money & running on Voluntary redundancy !! Still in Germany still working for our glorious Corps as a civvie at 1Bn REME in Osnatraz !! would love to hear from anyone who Knows me (and still wants to get in touch !!!) especially anyone fm Marchwood muppets circa 79-82 ! Kev Stott I know yr out there u Scouse git Email on its way. Would also love to hear fm anyone on VM-FGUN Conversion cse April-July 82, Youth fieldstone, jock Savvy "Sumo" Stirk, etc


Roy (Dusty)Ashman 808

Hope to contact any REME of 6th airborne Div. Palestine 1947-8 in particular Div H.Q. LAD

Jim Gardner 807

Jioned AAS Arborfield Feb 57. originally Tels, later vehs. Served Beilefeld (CTW) Jul 60 - Dec 65. 17 Inf Wksp Hong Kong(later 50 Comd Sek kong Det) Feb66-Aug 68. 16/5lancers 68-73 Tiffy Course(vehs) 283 73-75. 1 Staffords 75-76. 3RRF 76-77.3Tk Tpt Sqd 77-79 HQ4 di & sgs Regt79-81. 35 Engr Regt81-84. Tra nsfeerred to RAMC on commissioning 84-89.Retired Aug 1st 89

Peter Latham 806

I am lookokng for Peter Churchill last known at 96 Vehicle Depot REME Ludgershall in 1981, any contact information would be much appreciated. Thanks Pete Latham

Alan (Jock) Lister 803

AAC Carlisle 62c VMb 7 later Rechy Mech

Geoff Wiseman 804

22523238 Geoff Wiseman, 3Inf Wksps, 1951-54,El Kirsh/Shandur. 10 Veh Depot Wksp, Sudbury Derbs.1954-55. Would like to make contact with anyone that remembers meoff Wiseman, 3Inf Wksps, 1951-54,El

John Lodge 805

65 Corps Spt Sqdn 81 - 84 12 Armed Wksps 84 - 87

Bob Lee 802

Joined Army Apprentice school Arborfield 1957 Gun Fitter. Posted to Minden (Germany) with 19 Regt RA 1960-1963, Sent to Kenya for a year with 3rd RHA till 1964, then back with 19 Regt RA!!! Till 1968 some guys get all the luck! or not. Some names come to mind of the good times, Tich Rodes,, Trev Bowyer, Jeff Twigg, I'm still living in Geordie Land, same house same wife. Be good to hear from you

Norman Taylor 801

Sgt John Aylott - does anyone recall him please - REME LAD 10th Royal Hussars Tidworth 1953-54

Stuart (Bev ) Beveridge 800

I would love to hear from old friends ex 49B A Coy AAS Beachley, Recovery Section 18 Command Workshop REME Bovington, REME Workshop Khartoum, LAD REME 40 Coy RASC MELF, LAD REME 91 Car Coy RASC BAOR, 1 (BR) Corps Workshop REME in lil ol Künsebeck! Please do not hesitate, I am living in Düsseldorf but am in the UK often - give it a try! r


Like to hear from any one that served in 3INF WKSPS REME LIMASSOL CYPRUS. 1956 to 1958.


Maurice Rippin (Rip) 798

If you were at ROTENBURG Germany between 1951-57 with 31 Armd Wksps REME, please get in touch for our second Reunion in Sept 03.Over twenty old soldiers already in contact with each other.

Pete Morrison 797

23 Platoon,1964,Aborfield,S.E.M.E,Bordon,Middle Wallop,Kuching,Kluang,Middle Wallop again,Sharjah,yet again Middle Wallop,1971 out.

Harry Potter 796

Me - ex matelot, but looking for any gun fitters who served with 73rd HAA in Canal zone in 1952.

Derek Frape795

I'm ex Royal Corps of Signals but am looking for a REME lad that served with 260 Sig Sqn in Dortmund 1973ish,went to Ireland with us and lived and worked out of the back of a boxed vehicle in the yard at Paulette Ave Belfast.Three of us lived in that vehicle namely John Seymour, Derek Frape and the one I'm looking for Vince Jordan (REME).If anyone knows his whereabouts I would be most grateful if you would contact me at the above Email address.

George Blair (Paddy) 794

Served 46-68 , 46-51 Hamm WestFalia 317 Tank trans. , 51-53 Fallingbostel 312 Tank trans. , 53-57 East Africa Nyrere, and Nakuru, 57-61 Army Air Corps, 61-63 Bahrain att. 2nd Batt Coldstreams, 63-66 Bielefeld 66-68 Lisburn REME inspectorate.... would love to hear from anyone who remembers him contact via sons e-mail

Ian Brunskill (Bruno) or (Badger) 793

Served in REME from April \'72 until Dec \'85 various postings as VMB. 3Tank Tspt. Sqn.Wksp. Sennelager 1 Q.own Hldrs LAD. Osnabruck. 1 Devon & Dorset LAD. Osanbruck. 3 Royal Anglian LAD. Belfast. 12 Armd. Wksps. Osnabruck. 31 Sqn. Gurkha Tspt Wksps. Hong Kong. 94 Loc Bty R.A. LAD. Larkhill In general had a great time and met some excellent friends. Thanks for the memories.

Chris (taff )Williams 792

12 Armd Wksps 1 pln 83 - 86 ,39 engr ,Waterbeach 53 sqn 86 - 89,4 armd wksps 89 - 90 , 12 armd 1 pln 90 -91 . who knew in those years ??????? Frog Patterson , big Tim ,Barney ??? Was proud to be on the 10 bad boys list and spent more time in club 99

Corporal Ted Trott 791

I served in 237 Sig Squad Singapore. Mates were Arnie Tromans John faulds Mick Warwick any body recognise us. 1959 - 1962.

Denis William Halls 790

24112919 Greenie (Army Air Corps attached avionics tech)1967 to 1979. Wallop, 131 Flight Wildenrath, Detmold 71 workshop,Kenya,Belize,UNCyprus, 1973 Blue Eagles team member. Currently live Folkestone Kent working on Channel Tunnel Rail Link based east London.

DICK Richard Bartrum 789

Do any ex Arborfield Apprentices 1966 to 1969 out there recognise me?, or any REME Aicraft Techs serving with Army Air Corps Squadrons or A/C Wksps,between 1970 and 1977. I will be glad to hear from any of you.

Gary Walker 788

2nd annual 20 Electronics Wksp reunion is up on the 27th Sept '03. Mail me for details. Thanks Tony.

Lee Williamson 787

Started May 92 in 2Fd.RA Munster then 1RHA then Flying Gunners.Would like to hear from old friends

Alan Arthur Osborne (Wiz.or Ozy) 786

Ex Cfn 14841805 A.osborne would like to contact H.W.J.Price.(Harry)Last heard from him 1948 when he was a S.Sgt. Served with him At Long Eaton Notts. 3 Base,Palestine.1 Base Iraq.and 1 Base Tripoli.1945 to 1948

Brian (Slim) Stone 785

Next year is the 50th aniversary of the 54 intakes at AAS Arborfield. We hope as many as possible will attend the Arborfield Old Boys reunion weekend in June. Please contact for details.

Denis J Hampson (taffy) 784

Catterick camp 1952/1953 2tr anyone there d

Brian Hilton Ticker 783

Served as a Recovery Mech.1954/77 and saw service BAOR,ADEN,SHARJAH,TIDWORTH CHERTSEY,HONG KONG,NEWTON AYCLIFFE. Looking for some of my old friends to contact me. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dave Mcintosh , Paddy Ryan, and Alan Mullen, I have retired and living in Reigate Surrey I am hoping to some contacts.

Peter Farrell 782

Hi Everyone. I was wondering if any one on line could help me with a search? I,am trying to locate a man,believed ex REME. His name is Roy Lewis and he was stationed in Eindhoven.Holland.1945.If anybody knows Roy,or of a REME Association contact in Wales,I would be very greatful if they would let me know. Thanks in anticipation. Pete Farrell

Ian Butler (stretch) 781

Just a quick hello to anyone who can remember me. Drop me a line would be great to hear from you.

Egon Taska 780

Trying to contact anyone from 66c Arborfield and anybody who served with me throughout my illustrious career

Paul Edwards 779


Looking to contact 24317531 Cpl Wilson who was at 38 Engr Regt Wksps Ripon in August 1983.

Jim hart 778

Looking for Alfie Strutt friends of Tommy Underwood .Would like to contact you. Was with R.E.M.E. approx 1952

Dudley Martin 777

I would love to hear from any one who served in 3 Inf Wksps REME Limassol Cyprus 1956/ 1958

Howard Pitt (taffy) 776

Looking for old pals REME and Royal Scots mid 1950s served Elgin,Thetford,Suez

Vaughan"Scouse"Marks 775

Ex AAC 74c, then SEME as VM. (see previous)Anyone know Jimmy Gill ,was at 50 Missile LAD in mid 80s. Ginge Taylor (sparky). To anyone who knows me there IS life after REME.

Ray Jones 774



James Barrie Travis. (Trav) 773

I have been trying to trace my old friend Mick Corrigan. The last I knew of him, he was attached to 7 Sigs. Herford Germany in the late sixties. He was a keen motor cycle trialist. I would imagine him to have prgressed far within the corps. If he stuck it out.

Corp. Roy Peary (plug) 772

Hi, I would like to contact anyone who was Ex REME attached 5RTR, in Fallingbostel 1959-1964. ie Tootsy Gascogne,Davis,Appleyard,Bigmoor, etc.Ta.

Peter Kemp 771


Anyone remember me Depot at Aborfield 1978. 41 gunfitter at Bordon 18 command workshop 1979-1981 RSA Larkhill 1981-1982 Dave Monks Chris Ward Nick Stubbins Phil Shipley or Richard Herbert

Tom "Paddy" Courtney 770

REME, Sept 1956 - 59 Blandford then 6(veh)Training Norton Manor A&S Highlanders, HQ 19 inf bg LAD, 10 Veh Depot Wks at Sudbury Staffs. Anyone remember this old sweat?

David Paterson 768

Where's Nobby Clarkson? "Up Pompey," perhaps?! In Hohne, around 1970 you were Sgt "Nobby" Clarkson. Always whistling, always fair - unlike a certain QOH Sgt! I often think about the short time I spent at Hohne. I'd like to hear from Nobby, or from any one else who remembers me. Arborfield - SEE - SEME - HOHNE (1968-1970)

Rob Walker 767

I would like to contact anyone who knew my father Dennis Walker (Monty). He was with the REME in Singapore from 1947 to 1949, good sportsman.

Corporal Edward (Ted) Trott 766

I am looking for any Ex REME who served with 237 Signal Squadron, Singapore between 1959 and 1962. We are trying to arrange a reunion about June 2004 in Blackpool. All Royal Sigs are welcome also.

Ken Bradley 765

I served Between 1952 and 1955, stationed LAD 24 RA, Then 16 Ind Para Workshops EGYPT. Would like to find old comrades

Graham Mead 764

To all the people who know me especially those who were at 4 armed wksp REME (69-73) 1st RHA lad(73-75) and 40 army sp workshops(REME) RE(75-78). Oh and not forgeting unficyp wksps in 1975.

Ray Williams ( Willy ) 763

I am trying to locate Brian Chapman or anybody else who remembers me from the FRG 11th FIELD WORKSHOPS MINDEN from 1975 -1977

Tom Baker(lofty) 762

Looking for John & Jean Tasker,ex 62 wksp Benghazi and any body else from that unit.Also any person from 1 Wing wksp later 71 Aircraft wksp R.E.ME. 1963 -65.

Robert(Robbo)Robinson 761

Trying to trace Sgt Malcolm(Mitch) Milligan,optronics,4 Armd Wksp REME in Detmold 1988-1991

Darren Matthewman ( Matt ) 760

Any one who knows me get in touch, especialy from 1RIR (Osmnabruck) or 1PWO , lets see where we all ended up

Moss Johnson Johno 759


Hi all 36 Mac Wksps 1958 -1964 Bildefeld

Tom Baker (Lofty) 758

Looking for Baz Townsend served with 71 Aircraft Wksp Detmold. Also Doc Woodrow and anybody else who was there 1963-64

Peter Keen 757

Anyone remember me from 23 AES Sqn RE - REME workshops 1966 1969 Hameln or 1970 1 Inf Workshops Sharjah (later 5 Field Workshops) or 1971 AATDC/JATE RAF Old Sarum

William (Bill) Harrison 756

Anyone who remembers serving with Bill in 1941-1945 in Italy, Scicily and Greece. I am trying to write a history for our family tree. Bill came from Leicester and was born 29/9/1923. He died last year. He mentioned Bill Davies of Forfar and Squib Coleman. Can you help please?

Lesli-Ann Martin 755

I'm in search of ANYONE who may have known a soldier by the name Bob Cheyne - to be honest I'm not even sure if this name is correct - all I do no for definate is that he served within the REME in the early 70's but was tragically killed in Belfast on 19th Oct 1974 ... please if you know the gentleman in question contact me ... I am more than willing to explain why this is important .

Cathy Denis (jambo) 754

Trying to contact "Cpl John Mayhew" formely of REME BATLSK.

Paul Brown(Geordie Brown) 753

I was in REME from Jan87-Apr97,serving in Hameln,Armagh,Abingdon and good old Bosnia.Anyone who was unfortunate enough to know me,feel free to get in touch.


Robert Baines 752

Hello, I am looking for AQMS L. Patten, we served together with the 16/5L and 9/12L in Herford 90-92, can anyone help please.

Mick Brennan (rubberlegs) 751

Anyone who served with 1 RTR UNFICYP,15 Fld Ambulance,10 Fld.Wksp,1 RWF LAD,Lemgo 1973 -1980

Steve (Stevie) Gibson 749

Would like to re-establish contact with Chris "Arthur" Daley and family, thought to be serving in Aldershot at present?

Billy Craig [frothy] 748

Looking for Harry Beresford who was in the 5-inf. wksp. Dortmund 1957-58

Chris Molden 747

Any old friend from RAOC Apprentices College, Blackdown. 7 Field WKSP Fallingbostel or 36 Squadron WKSP, 10 Reg RCT in Bielefeld


Chris Irish ex REME &AAS Chepstow 53A--See Reunions Page

Albert Hinds 745

HELLO, I would like to contact old boys from REME 1BR. My nickname was Paddy, and I served from 1958-64 places include Bielefeld and Hamlin. If you remember this old soldier,please contact

Paul Timms 744

I am an ex member of the Corps but still an active member of my local REME association branch (Ashford). I first joined in 1969 at Arborfield, and went on to do my trade training at SEME. I passed out of Bordon as an electrician in 1971. My first posting was to Duisburg (4Div RCT). I returned to SEME in 1973 and changed trades to Metalsmith. Then posted to Dortmund (22 a.d Regt RA) I left the army in September 1976 but rejoined in 1980. My next postings were as follows: Q.O.H. Detmold 3 Queens Fallingbostal 1RRF Minden 3 Royal Anglian Minden 37 Engr Regt F.I. 1RRW Lemgo I would really like to hear from the following (or any info about them). Alan (scouse) Morris. Reccy Mech. Minden Bob Whalley.Metalsmith. Duisburg Brian Scullion. Tiffy Weapons. Dortmund Jim McCauley. Tiffy Weapons. Detmold. Best Regards to all that know me and if you are ever in the Ashford area, look me up and have a beer.

John Vater 743


To all my pals who served with me at 13 Inf w/shops Tambun camp Ipoh Malaya in1955/1957 give me a call

George Crook 742

Looking for Neil 'spike' Viney.Served at 4 Armd.wksp.1980-1982. Hope I can make contact before I get married in Aug 04

Steve Trigger 741

I am trying to find Stuart 'Bat' Masterson. If anyone out there knows of his where about, please pass on my e-mial address.

Martin Lucking 740

I am an ex Gunner ( some one had to break the stuff for you lads to repair) trying to trace ex REME Sgt "Taff " Thomas. He was attached to 20th Med. Regt. RA in Devizes in the early 70's. He was originally from Merthyr Tydfill. He may have married a Canadian girl who was living in Calne at the time.

Ramon Jones Jona 22288017 739

any one from 39 sub w/s Omagh,60 lad palace bks hollywood 51/54

Clifford(sam)Varty 738

Any ex 6 Fld W/shp REME Munster 1972/76 out there

Melvyn Buxton (Mel) 737

I served with 52 Command Wksps REME Aden in 1967 then posted to 1st A&SH in Aden. Posted to Plymouth 1967 and then onto Berlin in 1968. Moved to REME L.A.D. 17 Training Regt. Depot R.A. in 1972. Moved back to Berlin with L.A.D. REME Att. 3rd.Bn Royal Green Jackets 1n 1975 and completed tour in Berlin with the Welsh Guards. December 1977 I was on the move again this time to Omagh N.I. with the 13/18 Hussars (QMO) served with A Sqn (REME) moved to Cyprus with A Sqn in 1979. I was then posted to sunny Bordon as an instructor with S.E.M.E. On the move again in Dec.1983 this time to Dortmundwith REME wksps attached to 19Fd. Regt R.A. I would be pleased to here from anyone who served with the units at the same time as I did.