Archive 8

Christopher Cook 998

Anybody from14Pln 68 Sept.68 also I was on perm.staff at AAC Arborfield as Jnr. coy.storeman and on staff at West Court officers mess and posted to 4 sunny Detmold from Mar 72 to Oct 73

John "Topsy" Upsdell 997

"A" Company Blandford November 1956. Gosport trade training (Welding). Fallingbostel 1957-1959.

Maurice Williams (Sparks) 996

Anyone out there who was stationed at Bogaz Cyprus in the REME LAD attached to 25 Field Reg.Royal Artillery between Oct. 1958 to Mar. 1959. I have recently visited the old camp and have photo's.

Brian George Harrison 995

I served in the REME and I trained at Blandford then posted to Singapore, 1960 to 1963.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I would especially like to get on touch with Vic and Annie Colquitt, this is my daughters e-mail address she was born in Blandford 1958

Alan Pepper 994

Hi , I'm looking to contact ex members of the REME TA specialist units - 201 (RCZ)Wksps , 215 , 150 Recovery Coy

Colin Lovell (Shovell, Shuv etc) 993 r

Mainly looking for REME bod's attached to 14 Fliight AAC, Singapore from Dec 1966 to 1999

Alfred Whittaker {SCOUSE] 992

I joined the REME in 1957,trained at Blandford,Taunton Manor and Bordon.From there I was sent to Paderborn attached to the 17/21 Lancers.We were then sent to Hong Kong,while there I was sent to Singapore for my 1st class ARV mechanic course then back to H/Kong.Then in 1961 we were sent to the Persian Gulf,either in Aden,Bahrain or sailing up and down the Gulf on a tank landing ship.Then early in 1962 back to BAOR,Sennelager.I would like to hear from any of the guys who served with me at the above mentioned dates,I had a great time.Love to talk about the old times,so if anybody recalls me,I would like to get in touch.Thanks,Alf Whittaker

John William "jack" Hawkins 991

Anyone remember my father 6028219, d-day+2 in Ouistreham with 862 RMD in association with RA. Names include Les Ansell, Lt Mooney,Sgt Robinson,AQMS Hargreaves.Maintaining radar.

Ian Chambers [taff] 990

Looking for R.E.M.E mates who like myself were attached to the 2nd Battalion the Durham Light Infantry in Wuppertal,Germany 1951/1955

Captain R. Gray R.E.M.E. 989

I have recently come into the possession of a Samurai sword with a brass plate on the scabard which reads: "Presented to Captain R. Gray R.E.M.E. by H.Q.8. M.A. Malaya 1945" Can anyone tell me anything about Captain Gray or the presentation of this sword?

Alan Lavercombe. (Lavvy) 988

LAD REME 19th Field Regt RA. Korea, Hong Kong & Germany 1955 - 58. In contact with Frank (Sam/Geordie) Bass, Capt Derek (Sir) Burls, John Dickinson, Haydn (Taffy) Gallagher,Alan (Lofty) Gibbs, Bill (Geordie) Greenall, Bob (Scouse) Kitchen, Alan (Lavvy) Lavercombe, Jack Marsh, Roy McCauley, Frank Middleton, Mike Moule, Iori (Taffy) Owen, Barry (Red) Skelton and Gerald (Glenn) Walmsley. Still looking for Jock Birrell, Lawson (Big Haggis) Campbell, Barry Cooper, Mick Curtin, Pete Hunt, Scouse Jackson, Harry G Moores, Jackie Nelson, Hugh (Duff) Orr, Alan Reeves, Ray Rumsey, Eric Shaw, Ray Small and a few more besides.

Edward "tosh" toshack 987

Served between 1971-1981 at 6 Field,Osnabruck, Fally and NI tours

Cyril Nel 986

I am looking for anyone who knew my late grandfather,cyril(shiner) Nel at Arbourfield I believe in 1943 as bandmaster. He was later bandmaster of the 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards. Any information /stories about him would be gratefully appreciated.I am also looking for any music he arranged or composed.

Brian Venn 985

I would like to contact Brian Venn who I met many years ago in Folkestone while on holiday with my parents. He lived in Shropshire and served down near would be lovely to hear fro him again

Brianj Smellie 984

Tom & Margaret Pope (The Vatican, Belm. Osnabruck)From Edinburgh. Where are you?

Tom Aspden 983

AAS Carlisle Intake 61c,A/T 23876337 Veh'Mech.served-13 Armoured Wksps & 1 Inf' Wksps Aden,FVRDE Chobham,Welsh Guards (all over the place)& Household Division Guards Depot Pirbright.I am interested in hearing from anyone who remembers me,in particular Paddy Parker & Deb Debbage from "boys school", Jock Sutherland,Ronnie Currie,Paddy Adams,Steve Earles.Where are you now lads,who's up for a beer?

James Worden 982

Stationed at C.A.D.Bramley 1944-45 full corpral marched platoon up to stratfeildsaye, posted to Egypt M.E.L.F Tel el Kabire 46-47 demobbed at York- 47

Shell 981

Iam looking for a 'Trev Rousseau' who was in the R.E.M.E, he was in germany when i served in 68 SQN RCT.At that time he was a SSGT.If anyone knows of his whereabouts please let me know, thanks

Paul Bayliss 980

AAC Carlisle 62B, 16 Light Air Defence, Singapore, Kuching, 19 Signal Reg Singapore, 2bn Grenadier/Coldstream Guards, Wupertal/Munster,LAD REME

Jack Duckett (Blondie) 979

ADEN WKSP REME. Singapore Lines 1955/58 Anybody left out there?

Christopher Cook (Cookie) 978

I was in the corps starting at Poperinghe bks.14 Pln.68. I spent a few months on holding coy. and then went as Permanent staff at the Apprentice College and then to West Court officers mess as a steward.I went on from there to trade training as a Tech storeman and was posted to 4 Armd wksps in sunny Detmold (remember the Pothoff or the halfway house amongst the occasional bit of work I was there from Mar72 until I left for civvy street .I didnt realise that you had to WORK for a living, I wish I had stayed in. Does anyone remember me

Jim Spowart 977

Served with 1 Para Log, 9 Sqn RE, 22 SAS and 12 Armd Wksp

Neil Hall 976

Any one that knows me ,drop me a line.

George W Baker 975

I was S/Sgt in 'A' Coy No8 Basic Trades Training Btn.R.E.M.E. Norton Manor Camp, Taunton from August 1949 until transfer to reserve in 1952. Any one out there who was on the staff or even passing through at that time like to come back to me for a 'natter' about those times

David Michael Brierley 974

I served in REME from 1979 to 1085 at 12 Det.Armd.wksp.Munster 1981 to 1983 and 11 Ord Coy LAD 1983 to1985

Dave Tappenden (Tappers) 973

Arborfield 63A terminated 12 Regt RA Dortmund 1986 anyone who met me along the way send an e mail, be glad to hear from you

Wilfred Simms 972

1957-59 Recovery Buller barracks Aldershot.

Mick Fish 971,uk

Trying to find any anyone who I have served with in REME '64 to '74

Doug Knowles 970

Hi I was in REME stationed in Germany 1946-1948 at 8 Area w/shop Milsa near Bielefeld would like to here from any one who was there

Keith (monty) Houldey 969

Hi all I am looking for 4 lads who where attached to 111 Dragon Bty RA .They are A.MOON,R.DOWNES,J.PRESCOTT & D.(buff)BRIGHT. any help would be great, a very good site keep up the great work Blubell

Ray Metcalfe 968

This is for my Dad. 22702730 and served with the 12 MT Company LAD REME at the Dale Camp between 8/52 - 8/54. Also served at Blandford. Would be very pleased to hear from anyone who remembers him. Please feel free to contact him through my email address

Timothy Hyde { Flounder Flatface} 967

24451637 Served at 50 Msl.Wksp.Looking for anybody who knows me

Peter Laurence Keen (Blod the Song) 966

Anyone form 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron RE attached REME 1966 to 1969 or 1 Infantry Workshop Sharjah 1970 (which became 5 Field Workshops or REME Workshops AATDC, JATE, JWE RAF Old Sarum 1971 get in touch - already contacted Pete Morrison from Sharjah!!!


RICK CARNELL are you out there? I am in touch with Ray Gardiner who would love to hear from you.please email me. Or anyone who has information about Rick

Jim Murray (Pink Panther) 964

Anyone from 4 ADTR Minden 1979-1985 .

Ronald Coules 963

Served in REME in Egypt TEK and Aquaba, Jordan 1951/1953. Now retired in Florida USA

Ronnie McKinnon 962

Looking for Paul "Muscles" Clayton or anyone that knows his whereabouts. Paul last served @ 3Regt AAC BFPO 106, then went to work with BA at Heathrow. Let me know of any details please

Martin Surgey 961

Looking for Cfn.Fred House 60-03 intake Blandford Forum,lived Eastleigh Southampton area, not seen or heard for 44 years

Dave Walmsley 960

19 Platoon REME,1965. 104 BE, SEE. 1966 26 Fd.Regt.RA. 2RTR 70/71 AC.Wksp.REME

Andy Dickson 959

Looking for any of my old colleagues from 71 Wksps, 655, 654, 661 and 45 Commando flight

Shaun Caveney 958

Joined 74C (Arborfield) Posted to 32 Engrs in Hohne 1976, moved up the road to Muensterlager with 26 Armd Engrs. Then to 1st Gloster until Jan 82. Batus Wksp until Jan 84, finished out my short time with Lancers in Wolfenbuttel in August1985. I now live in the USA and would love to chat with any one who remembers me.

Clive (BRUMMIE) Roach 957

LAD REME Attd Queens Royal Irish Hussars 1959-1969 inc. 6th Annual REUNION 27th-29th Feb 2004 in Leicester LAD members and wives very welcome Plenty of photos and chat.

Vincent Coultas (Dick) 956

Anyone know the location of Stanley Vernon LUSBY.? Ex REME 41-67?

Bob Mallinson 955

Anyone out there who was stationed at the 7th Infantry division (REME) Hoath Lane,Gillingham,Kent,in 1957,58,or59.I would like to hear from,Jack Plant,Dave Patrick,Chuck Partington,Taffy Morgan and/or many more

Richard Watson 954

My father (WOII Colin Edward George Watson "Taffy") served in the REME for around 26 years and I believe he was also attatched to 2 Para when he finished around 1975. Unfortunatly due to family circumstances beyond our control all our Army pictures of him were lost. I have no pictures of him and wondered if any of your members had any. If so I would be glad to pay for some reproductions for keepsakes and fond memories. We have been stationed in Farnborough, Dortmund, Zaust and Aldershot if this is any help.

steve[piggy]west 953

Served from 72-87. AAC 72c 8 Fld Wksp,19 Tk Tptr,150 Sqn, 22 Sigs, 94 Loc. 32 Hvy, 22 Eng still alive and grunting !

Chris (Chuck) Berry 952

Chris is my son and is using my email.He would like to hear from any REME mates from 1990 to 2001 .Reading , Catterick , Kuwait,Bosnia,and many other places

Brian Berry 951

I served in REME between 1955/58.At Blandford,Arborfield,Nienburg,and Fallingbostel(attached to REs).I would be happy to hear from any old mates I met during an enjoyable 3years

Phil (Reg) PARNELL 950

Armourer. Arborfield 46B Served in 13 Cmd. Singapore, 1/7 Gurkha Rifles, The Gordon Highlanders (8 years) Seconded to The Malaysian Army. 36 Hy. AD Regt. RA. The Life Guards, The Household Cavalry Regt. Completed 22 years. Now in Plymouth and staying here

Paul Towler 949


Looking for any REME guys who were with Gordon Plt RAOC App College early 70's

Ray (taff) williams 948

Joined in Blandfofd April 1955,then Barton Stacey.I then spent 2 years with 1 RTR in Tidworth, all my pals then went to Hong Kong With the tankies I went to Borden.demobbed 1958

Christopher John Owens (Taff) 947

Served in REME during the 80's looking for C B Oliver - Charlie. Just to catch up on old times

Louise Bingham 946

My father Denis Bingham was of high status in REME when he died 24 years ago. I would like to try and contact anybody who knew him.

John Edward Whitehead 945

Anyone out there who remembers me from Fallinbostle? early 60's and where are Ray Pleasance, Ray Ball and Chris Harris, would love to hear from you

Sidney Norman 944

Looking for ex 22loc Bty RA,2 Loc troop RA,45 Regt RA LAD REME.1962-1967

Joe Hendriks 943

Nick Kutscher...If you're out there, your Lada Riva Sport 1400L is due MOT (since 1989), get in touch or if anyone knows where he is drop me a line and I would be much appreciative

Barry Benney 942

Any of the Falingbostal Tels Team out there ?

Nigel Bennett 941

Joined in 1975 at Arborfiedl intake 75C. Server with 5 Armd Wksp, QOH LAD, 32 Armd Engr Regiment, BATUS WKSP, 4/7 Dragoon Guards. Looking for Steve Marchant, Jimmy Fuller or anyone who remembers me

Mark Reading (Redders) 940

Looking to catch up with members of 2 Royal Irish LAD 1989-1992 (Lemgo). ANd Doris and Geordie from Netheravon.

Jack Cawthra 939

Anyone from No 2 Training Batt.M.T.section Honiton 47/49 remember Jack Cawthra

John Bray 938


I am trying to find info about Herbert Bray, Captatin R.E.M.E.who was last heard from in Germany about 1945-6. All replies answered.

Charles Collard 937

AAS Arborfield C Company 59A Instrument Technician. Served at 1 Corps Troop WKSPS Bielefeld 62-63. 52 Command Wksps Aden 64-66 and 11 Inf WKSP Minden 66-69. Anyone out there remember me, send me a mail

Cfn.Glyn(taff)Williams 936

Looking for anyone from 18Coy(amph)wkshops REME.Fremington 63/64 or Maralinga 64/65

Colin Price 935

Served from 1966 to 1981,J/L REME,EME Br HQ 1 BR Corps, 90 Sqn LAD Sharjah,12 Mech Bde Sig Sqn LAD,REME Wing RA Range Hebrides(UN Wksp, HQ NI), 7 RHA LAD. Would like to contact anyone who knows me

John Ditchmont 934

Hi served from 1972-1978...26 Engs/wksps..Iserlohn 73-74...MAT Gulf74...BATUS76-78 Then out 78

Ronald Parsons 933

Recently found a photo of No.1 Trg.Bn B company 195? of which my father Ron Parsons was part of. He recently passed away and the only information we have of his REME experience is that he went to Korea. Would like to hear from anyone who was part of or knows anything. Rhonda

Roy & Debra Green 932

Looking for Chris & Jan Mann,last seen in Lemgo West Germany,about 1983.Chris was a L/CPL at that time.They were God parents to my youngest son,who is now 21.I Would like to hear form any one who could put me in contact with them.

Alan William Eagles 931

I was lucky enough to be in 67a and wondered what happened to the rest of them after Carlisle

joe platt (jock) 930

Hi any one out there remember me . I served from 1964-1973 I was a metalsmith .9(Borneo) Wksp Brinei 8 inf wksp colchester 1 and 3 RHA Colchester Queens Own Hussars LAD

Nick (Ted) Edwards 929

Looking for CFN.P D(Robbo)Roberts, who was with us in 11C, 1('AAF) Troop, 12 (Minden) AD Bty., 12th AD Regt.RA. Londonderry Aug-Dec '88

Jim Timlin 928

Postie Jim Timlin,Swindon seeks Capt Jim Timlin, LKA: Welfare Centre Headquarters Company 1 Battalion REME Mercer Barracks British Forces Post Office 36.

Don Rose 63c A coy carlisle 927

Apprentice at Carlisle 63 to 66, 45 RA Shoeburyness, 3 Carabineers and 3 RHA Detmold and UK. Any one still remember me drop a message on e-mail.

Michael David Barnard 926

Was an Army apprentice Armourer Medically out in 1962 part of the way through course and looking for friends missing since then like David Smith others found on the Hadrian old boys web site.

George Harris 925

George Harris(22821290) 52B.Would like to hear from any old mates

Chris Storr 924

Served in Germany from 1984 at Fallingbostel, 1986 Beiefeld, 1990 back to good old Fallingbostel for a further 3 years, then to Colchester

Tony Varty 923

Looking for anybody from intake 65C AAS Carlisle.Also anyone from 15/19 Hussars,Tidworth/Fallinbostel and 10 OSB Devizes.

Albert Field Albie 922

I am looking for Brian Worthington and Chris Cobon who served with 1 Topo Troop in Sarawak & Thailand as REME Vehicle mechanics in 1965 to 1968

Jon Pither 921

Trying to get in touch with Graeme Davidson (ECCY ASM), just received a card from Fallingbostel, anyone know his email Many thanks Jon P


BFPO 36 1978 to 1982 Where are you now boys?


Andrew de Silva 918

Looking for Marcus Ransom. We were on course together in Shrivenham in 1992. He has a passion for Citroen cars. If anyone knows how I can contact him please let me know.

John Kemp Kempie 917


Any one out there who remembers this old cogger, Served all over the world from 1952 until 1997 yes 45 years.

Brian Horne 916

Would like to hear from anyone who were stationed at 2 Base workshops TEL-EL-KEBIR 1952/55. I was in the pay office during this period. Would love to hear from Tony Lloyd Edgeware particularly

Glyn Jones 915

Service in REME from 1965 to 1987 - Looking for friends who served with me in Brunei 1971-74 and 1981 - 1984 in Seria Garrison with 6th QEO Gurkha Rifles and at the Garrison Workshop

Trevor Stubberfield 914

Searching for H "Ray" Starbuck, ex Arborfield Apprentice 52A then REME. Father was an RSM with the Royal Tank Regiment in 1952. Any information, however small, greatly appreciated.

Andy Molloy 913 r

Served in the REME Jan 86-Jan 91.Would love to hear from anyone who remebers me, 34pl, 357VMB, 107 Amr,3RRF LAD Catterick, 1 Green Howards LAD Catterick, 1RWF Berlin. Particularly, Glenn Gardner, Paul Dodds, Paul Attwood, Rich Adams etc...

Trevor Lomas 912

Re 35 Base Workshops,Old Dalby. I'm looking for an old pal Alan Greenwood. We were there 1955-1958.Any help appreciated.

Colin(Fred) foster 911

Looking to find any old pals, but especially Alun (Taff) Caddick.I served from 76 to 88. Units:- 1Sqn wksp,28 AER wksp, 1 Bn Royal Hamps LAD, 2 Royal Irsh Rangers LAD, 13/18 LAD



I Served in REME 1965 to 1987 as a VM. with 7 FLD SQN RE - 1 Queens RGT 1 Cheshires Rgt and 1 Coldstream Guards in Berlin - RE's Tidworth - Tiffy Course - 2LI & Royal Welsh Lemgo - REME TECH SVCS - PSI 156 Transport Regt - QGE Hong Kong - 45 @ 40 fld RA - Maint Assessor Batus - Civie since 1987 and now a Grand Father begining of this year . Would like to hear from anybody who knows me. So give me an E Mail

Howard ''Taff'' Jones 909

I was in the R.E.M.E LAD stationed in Paderborn at Allenbrook barracks with the RASC from 1954 to 1956 and then back again for the Suez crisis.I was a Cpl for the last 12 months. Are either of the two other taffs who were with me still around ?

William Allan Cross (Crossy) 908

Just found this site from sunny Australia. Anyone who remembers me from Carlisle; Cyprus; Lybia; Bordon; Lubbecke or Hohne between 1965 and 1976 please feel free to contact on attached Email address.

Eddie Musgrove 907

To anyone out there who might know me from my post AAC Carlisle days (61C), in Detmold, Fallingbostel,Cyprus, Iran or anywhere else, it would be great to hear from you.

Rick Leib 906

I'm looking for Bill Whitehead, a VM who I went thro' boys school with Jan '63 - Dec '65. Are you out there me old mate??

Spike Patterson 905

Trying to locat Shane Kalewski I think he is still serving also Sgt Jeff Hill(nephew)

Gordon Giles (Big G) 904

Iam writing on behalf of my father GORDON GILES He was in the 5th INFANTY WORKSHOP(REME) 2nd INFANTY DIVISION Base in WITTEN ANNEN DORTMUND BAOR 14 Between 1953 to 1955 I would be grateful if any one who knows him or were I can find out more info to please contact me My father is especialy looking for a chap called GUSS FALLER Again please contact me if you have any info.

Mark Hall 903

85-90.Lcpl hall.looking for any old mates,basic t"Arborfield 07 platoon(smiler,stevie baby,geordie the fellow metalsmith ect) SEME Jes Boyd blackie here.Lippstadt 49 fld 86-89 the crazy gang,to many to mention.RSALlarkhill 89-90.Be great to here from anyone who remembers me.

Brian Tokarski 902

Noticed a few names from the past and just wanted to add mine to the list just in case some sad person wanted to talk with me. Ex driver now living and working in Lancashire. Still in touch with a few of the old "7 Field Wksp" boys

Brian Gardner {CHIC} 901

I joined up in 1960 spent a lot of my career in Germany and a bit in Hong Kong. Am interested in getting in touch with any of my old mates

Mick Reid 900

Would be interested to hear from anyone who knows me

Robert McEwan. Mak 899

24463270 Sgt mak mcewan served in the R.E.M.E for 22yrs between 1977/1999.would like to contact anyone who i have served with over my 22yrs,for a chat about the good old days

Peter Carey 898

I am looking for Sgt Richard J Freeman REME. I wasnt in the forces but when Iwas 10 years old I sent a letter to the Falklands and he was my pen pal and I lost contact with him about 16 years ago and I would love to find him again can anyone help please . He belong to 30 battery in the Falklands and then went to Germany 16.A.D.Regiment

Martin Brown ( Geordie or Topper) 897

I did the apprenticeship at Hadrians Camp, Carlisle. (67/69). Did time at Catterick Garrison, Went to the Persian gulf and ended up with 38Egnr. at Ripon. It would be great to here from anyone who remembers me

Jon Ayres 896

Up for a beer?Now living in London/South East.Former Junior Soldier and REME clerk.Now something in IT

Jock McGregor 895

Love to hear from any old mates out there.I served from March 57-60As a Reccy mech At 4armd HANNOVER.and 15inf Paderborn.Am still in touch with mates like Barry Breakell,Ron Williams,Trev Wells, Reverend Penn, Dave Parry, Dave Trescowthick(son of the Legendary POP)Taffy Price,and can put you in touch with any of them

Eric Culshaw 894

Ex Carlisle apprentice (64B) Moved to Borden in 1966 and then Aden 52 Command, UK 35 Central, Germany 16 Lt Air R.A. and finally 35 Central before leaving in 1976. If possible does anyone know where David (Jock) Hutchinson may be

Mick Reid 893

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows me.

Alex Robinson 892

Ex Art ECE/Art Av retired to Richmond N.Yorks. Served with 39 Fd Regt RA Wksp, 20 Elec Wksp, 4/7 RDG, 31 Dist Wksp, 5 RegtAAC and 1 Regt AAC Wksp, AcBr REME/ATSA/ES(Air)

Ian [ mac] McLaren 891

Served in REME from Sept 67 till Nov 75, would love to hear from those that remember me,Ian Bowie, Chris Hutchinson, scouse Donovan, Jonah Jones, where are you guys?

Laurie Manser 890

I did basic at Blandford June 1950, Veh.Mech course Oswestry, then stationed at 12 Inf.Wkps Mentakab till May 52. Is there anyone out there who might know me.

Alistair "budgie" Burgess 889

Trying to find an old friend from Germany, BJ Barclay. ex Corporal VM, used to live in Iserlohn. I worked with him in Dortmund at 32 Heavy Regiment RA

Linda Stuart 888

I am looking for James Brian Stuart who served in Hong Kong between 1958/62 .I was born out there and haven't seen James (my father) since 1969 after my parents had divorced. Any info would be great.

Bernard Rolf 887 r

Hut 7 D Camp 2 Base Workshops 65w/s Tel el Kebir 1947-1948

Dennis Williams. 886

I served in 12th. Armoured Workshops in Benghazi in 1954/55 and would like to contact Ginger Everett or anyone from the hut.

Dean James 885

I served from 83 to 89.I was an armourer by trade and served at 2 Para, 6 Armd wksps, 1st and 2nd Bn Grenadier guards. any one who knows me feel free to make contact. especially Mark Rutterford and Jim legard.


Is there anyone out there who served in R.E.M.E. workshops KHARTOUM, SUDAN between 1955 to 1956, Please get in touch

Laurie Rainer Nickname Lol 883

National Service 1955-1957..Recce Mech B2..with an LAD at Bielefeld with an RASC Car Co..then at Kunsebeck with the 1 Corps Workshop which was at Kunsebeck in touch with about 25 for a Re-union 25 former "Inmates"..possible Re-union

Austin (Chang) Cable 882

John (Ginger) Devlin and myself living in Canada. Anyone out there remember us ? Ex Airborne REME and boy soldiers from Chepstow

Walter Henry kaye (danny) 881

Would like to hear from anybody who served in 6 Armoured Workshops from 1952to1956 particularly any news of Harry Ingham known as H

Gary (Geordie) Hopper 880

VMB between 1980 and 1992. Anyone who remembers me, drop me a line. Already in contact with Martin (Q) Cumberpatch.

moss johnson 879


Wksps Bieldfeld was a Cpl and in charge of Recovery ie Jumbo

Peter Laurence Keen 878

23 Platoon 1964 Aborfield Poperinghe Barracks Bordon 1965 to May 1966 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron LAD 1966 - 1969 1 Infantry Workshop(5 Field wkshp) 1970 Station pop group Band Four 1970 Forces Radio Sharjah 1970 AATDC Raf Old Sarum 1971


Kevin Barrett (Scotty) 877

I joined the R.E.M.E in 1975 went to 10 Reg R.C.T till 1978 then went to 7 Sigs in Germany till 1980 then got posted Intelligence Core Templar Barracks Ashford kent left in 1983 went to Germany joined 6 aAmed wkshops then they changed to 11 Armed wkshop left a Army in 1987.I have been looking for a friend of mine John Watson if any one knows of him please contact me and any one else thats remembers me

Geordie Straughan 876

Ex-RD. Served all over the place. Now a Senior Manager with the Prison Service, serving at HMP Durham. Love to hear from anyone!

Mick Sammon 875

Served with 32 Engnrs,Hohne, 1RHA,Topcliffe,32 Armd Engnrs,Munsterlager. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me.

David Walker 874

I am looking to contact Apprentices from intake 60B. D coy Arborfield and C coy Carlisle.

Robert Gordon Arborfield 873

I was attatched to the following units so anyone who knew me please get in touch.63 - 64 Nienberberg, 64 - 65 Bahrein, 65 Aden, 65 - 66 Bielefeld, 66 - 68 Berlin

Gillian 'Gilly'Kaufman nee MORRISON 872

Looking for Richard "Paddy" HAMMOND and/or his wife Francis.(She has red hair!) I used to be married to Cpl. Pete Morrison REME(Middle Wallop) back in 1970. We had two wonderful children. I live in Canada(the kids do to.) Pete is also remarried and lives in Scotland.We both have one more child each! No hard feelings either!LOL Have wonderful memories of the "Chopper Arms" Pub , Middle Wallop, The sing-alongs! Oh yeah!

Derek (Dell) Le Gall 871

Love to hear from anyone who knows me. Arborfield 60C world wide to '84.

Kathleen Mary Pope (nee Quinn) 870

Looking for my dad, Terrence Quinn, born Oct. 26th 1920 stationed REME at Edgecote in WW2 Married Kathleen Ethel Butler at Wardington. Last heard of driving buses in Leeds??? Any help would be fantastic.


Robert Macbain 869

Hi looking for Robert Macbain REME 13/18 Swinton Bks, Munster. Involved in an accident in Germany August 1972 whilst driving a British recovery vehicle. Appreciate it if he would get in touch

Alexander Robert Pearse (jock) 868

Looking for John(geordie)Little.Served our n/s with REME LAD att to 66 coy RASC Belfast Barracks Osnabruck 1960 1961. Last known address was Telfer Road Radford. Coventry.I was at your wedding in January or February 1961.I was driver to Capt Adams.Hoping to hear from you or anyone who remembers me.

I Dockerty doc 867

Where are you Del Draper? Married Mary Guy ex Upavon

Edward (Eddie) O'Callaghan 866

Joined the REME at Blanford June 1956, Then Taunton "D" company.then Command W/Shops Hong-Kong 1957/1958, 74LAA LAD Gunclub Barracks, then 2Inf. W/Shops Taiping Malaya.Love to hear from anyone who remembers me

John Ord (Geordie Ord) 865

Served as recy mech with 12Armd det munster 1980-1981. 12Armd wksp osnabruck 1981-1984. 1 Inf sigs Tidworth 1984-1987. Blues and Royals 1987-1989 would love to hear from anyone who knows me Chalky Lopez, Daffy Matthews, Bo Brown, Tim Gillet

Ken Meyer 864

AAS Arborfield,49b relagated to 50a (worked my ticket for a while)Then REME Att Royal Berkshire Reg (BAOR) att KSLI 55/58 Kenya/Bahrain/Aden 7Inf wksp Gillingham, Command wkps Hong Kong 60/63 att 32Light AA BAOR end of 63 Demob June 64 SEME

Derek (Del) Wadsworth 863

I joined REME in Nov 1970 and served in 12 Fld Workshop, 6 Fld Workshop, Scots DG LAD, 5th Skins LAD, 38 Engr Regt, 17/21 Lancers LAD, 7 Armd Wksp, 32 Engr Regt, 23 Engr Regt, BATUS Wksp, 1 RTR LAD, 118 Recovery Coy (TA), Royal Yeomanry LAD, JNBC Regt (Iraq). I am now a civvy instructor in "A" Branch in Bordon.



EX REME Junior Leader from September 1961 intake. Would very much like to hear from anyone from that era or any from BIELEFELD, BRUNEI, LABUAN, SOUTHAMPTON, TIDWORTH, NETHERAVON OR MIDDLE WALLOP would be welcome.

Dennis Buck 861

Looking for guys from 48A.B.Beachley.

Malcolm McGreadie (Mac) 860

Would like to hear from anybody who served 1st Inf w/s MELF1 (canal zone) 1951-1952 or 44 A/B w/s TA 1952-1958

Bill Choppin 859

Looking for anybody who were at 40 Base w/s Singapore 1949/1953 surely someone must still be alive who remembers me in the m/t section Frisby Evans/Couzens/Pat Taffee/Doolan/Masterman/

Barrie 'baz' Major 858 uk

Looking for the following:- Lee Lowe,Simon Clinton,Mark Paynter,Mick Morlese, the boys from my class1 VM upgraders course or anyone who played with the druids(3 fld w/shops rugby team)