Archive 6


John Whitehead

Trying to locate Norman Angus Smith (Benny). Army number 22999007 in 7th Armoured Workshop at Fallingbostel, Germany around 1960. Please help.

Tom Crane (1/ K.S.L.I.)

FOR many years I have been tying to contact an old friend of mine last seen in Singapore he was R.E.M.E. AIR CORP in SEMBAEANG LAST SEEN IN 1968. Last heard from Newport, South Wales. Married Carol a HQ F.A.R.E.L.F.Singapore had a daughter named Dymphina (spelling doudtful)If anyone knows their where abouts I would be grateful of any info.

Eric Hudson (geordie)

Anyone who knows me get in touch.

Richard(Dick) Acland 732

REME 1966-1988 25 Field Regt RA 1967-1972 1 Div Tpt Regt RCT Nienburg 1972-1975 HQ Int and Security Group HQ BAOR 1975-1976 1976 six months UNFICYP att to Finish Contingent 1976-1977 1st Battalion Irish Guards LAD Munster 1977-1981 13 Signal Regt Birgelen 1981-1984 47 Field Regt RA Wksps Gutersloh.Included six months in Force workshops Belize July 1983 1984-1985 66 Sqdn RCT Wksps Tidworth 1985-1988 AA College Chepstow Unit Repair Section

Keith Greener

Looking for Wally Wallington, who taught me how to shoot and win lots of cups and things!

Ned Kelly

Hi to all who knows (or knew) me. Please get in touch. It'd be good to hear from you.

Alfred Peel

I am trying to trace anyone who knew my Dad, He was a Staff Sergeant in REME at the time of the D Day Landings he was also evacuated from Dunkirk I suspect he was a Lance Corporal at that time If any one has any information about him please let me know l = I am trying to trace anyone who knew my Dad, He was a

Mike Post


I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Robert (Bob) Mellish

Looking for Nick Hopkins.

Ken Russell

Would like to contact old freinds that I knew from 1952at Chepstow and when I left in 1979. Much enjoyed my time in REME

Mal McWhinnie

Served in the Corps 1970-1994 Now residing in Western Australia Anyone who remembers Denise and I get in touch!!

Bryan Bates 722

Tiffy course ECE12 - 51/53. Is there anyone out there? Living in Torrevieja, Spain.

Eric E. V. Cozens 721

Would like to hear from anyone who knows (or is)any of the lads from 15 Command WKSP Crawley,12 Heavy WKSP Hanover, 4EEW Langenhagen, 1946-48, Central Inspectorate, 'C' Vehicle Team, Minden Baor,Artificer Course 64 ('Lofty' Baber, 'Slim' Barber, Bob Millgate (snum), 'Chota' Robertson, 'Colonel' Harper etc) 1052, the 2 Base WKSP TEK, 118 Coy RASC GT LAD, Herford BAOR, NAEME Nigeria up to Undependance, 25 Corps Engineer Regiment LAD(and the Regiment), REME WKSP Sham Shui Po, Kowloon and the Boat Club at Gordon Hard NT, I have many fond memories of old pals, and photo'e of all those wonderful years. Cheers Eric Cozens

Ian M Calder 720

Anyone remember me? Clerk/IT?

Chris (zip) Szabo

Intake 72 C Arborfield Army Apprentices College. Served with 3LI and 1 DWR in Minden Germany from 74 through 79

John (Jack) Uglow 718

Any pals still out there from RAOC Hilsea 1937, Woolwich and Lydd 1939, 16 Base W/shop REME, BONE, N.Africa 1943 - 750 Base W/shop Naples and Pontecagnano 1944/5 - 760 Base W/shop Graz, Austria 1946/7.

Mark Wetherell "MARK-MARK" 717


SERVED IN THE REME TWIXT 1976 AND 1989, WANT TO VISIT BORDON AND ARBORFIELD NEXT WEEK, Q.where can I stay for one night at ARBORFIELD? I am a legion member

Clive (BRUMMIE) Roach 716

Served as a Recovery Mech Attd Q, Hohne 1959-61.& 5th R.T.R. in Fallingbostal 1961-64. I have news of reunions for both LADs. All ranks welcome Regular and National Service.Wives and partners very welcome.

David John (Andy)Andrews 715

1967 posted to 1(BR)Corps workshops,Bielefeld 1969 posted to 222 Signal Sqn.Sharjah 1970 1 Div.Signal Regiment Verden 1971 1st Batallion Gorden Highlanders UNICYP 1972 demob

Staff Sergeant Ronnie Stephenson (Steve) 714

Served WW11. Landed Normandy at Arromanches - 70 Field Company. Also known as 'Yorkie'. Anyone else still alive out there?

Martin Lamb (Glovepuppet or Lambchop) 713

Trying to get in touch with Ken Stephen, ex RH LAD and SCOTS DG LAD, or anyone else who remembers me

Brian Bason 712

AAS Carlisle Intrument Technician Seeking anyone same intake or knows me

Donald William Hargreaves 711

Started Honiton 1952 Then Barton Stayce on to 13 Command W/Shops and ended my time at 2 Base W/Shope TEL EL KIBER EGYPT 1954 Trade driver

Lance Corporal Jeffrey Mason (aka "Tiny") 710

Served with the 17/21 Lances in early 70s. Is there anyone who served with me?

Jamie Stephens 707

Just looking for anyone who knew me between 1974/1986



Looking for anyone who knew me

Murph Dovey 707

Looking for mate from March - June 1956 at Blandford and from June until November 1956 Norton Manor Camp. Also the LAD at 19 AGSR Rhinedahlen, also St Tonis Krefield and at TX Site Munchengladback. Looking for Dave Moore, Yo Yo, Scousers Casey, Lloyd and Lowe. Also Scousers Abbot and Terry

Mark Smith 706

24365067 Cpl Smith M A ex clk REME I am trying to find any of my old mates and in particular any that were at the RAOC Apprentices College from Sep 1975 to Dec 1976 in Alamein Plt under Lt (Ill look after your cash lads) Knight and then Sgt Jim Davies (Int Corps) I was also was with 2 Div Tpt Regt RCT Wksp REME, 22 Engr Regt Wksp REME, 9/12 L LAD REME, HQ 19 Inf Bde, 15 Fld Wksp REME, Trg Bn & Depot REME and ended my time at 70 Ac Wksp REME and would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. If anyone who knew WO1 (RSM) Steve Collinson who I left when he was RSM of 70Ac

Keith J Simpson (Sambo, Hiemy) 705


Hi all who recognise the name. I served in REME as an Armourer/Tiffy Weapons from 1960 to 1982 with the following units and regiments 16/5 Queens Royal Lancers 1961 to 1966 Osnabruck, Aden,Tidwoth,Warminster, 65 Station Wksp Bahrain 1966/67(yes I was the one with Jock Massie who got the gold watch),1st Bn Sherwood Foresters Minden, Welsh Depot Cwrt-Y- Gollen Wales, 52 Art Weapons Borden, BATUS WKSP Canada, Queens Royal Irish Hussars Tidworth. Demobed and joined the Sultan of Omans armed forces!?1982 to 1990. I am hoping to find many of my friends from days gone by, particularly ASM Colin Payne(LAD QRIH) and Ian Houghton 52art/wpn and Oman

Tony Truluck 704

I would like to meet old pals again.

Keith Inman 703

Served 67-71, 09a platoon Depot REME 1967. Div Sp Wksps Tidworth, LAD A Sqn Scots Greys (SHARJAH) & LAD Scots Greys in Edinburgh. trained as a pencil pusher, would like to hear from any old mates.


Ernest (Ernie) Prendergast 22506022 701

I am looking fr anyone who may have serve with my step-father in REME.He was at Blandford from June/July 1951. August-Dec Norton Manor camp Taunton Somerset, vehicle mechanics course. Dec, Arborfield transit camp. Group D.L.D.V.D. Sail from S/hampton on MV DILWARRA January (the day King George VI died. Singpore March 1952. Changi Dispersal camp until end of April 52. Sail to Hong Kong April on board "Empire Trooper" 1 week ACK ACK workshops H.K Island then 2 weeks command workshops Kowloon then transfe to L.A.D 7TH Royal Tank regiment based at Sek Kong until beginning of May 1953, sail fot home on Empire Pride, arrive Liverpool June 1953 demobbed Aldershot June 1953. He is hoping to fnd people he knew and also to try and get copies of photos from those days as they have been lost for some years can anyone help.

Mark Fuller 700

I am trying to find a friend of mine who was in the REME. His name is Brian Humphreys who I first met in 1985 in Herford, Germany when he was based with a Lancers regiment, then with 4 Armd Division Signal Regiment. I lost contact with him but managed to trace him to a small REME detachment in Calne, Wiltshire in 1991. He was still a Cpl (been up and down) and I lost contact with him as he went out to the Gulf to fight. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Shaun P Logan 699

Anybody that konws me please get in contact

Larry Jarvis 698

AAS Arborfield 56-58, 1 trg Bn Blandford 58, 4 Veh Bn Barton Stacey 59, 6 Veh Bn Bordon 59, 4 inf Wksp Duisburg 59-61, 15 Inf Wksp Paderborn 61-62, 9 Inf Wksp Cyprus 62, 4 Armd Wksp Detmold 62 65, 66 Stn Wksp Malaya 65-68, 50 Msl Regt Wksp Menden 68-69, 32 Hvy Regt Wksp Hildesheim 69-71, 11 Fd Wksp Minden 71-72, SEME Bordon 72-73, Arborfield 73-76, 7 Armd Wksp Fallingbostel 76-78, 124 Recy Coy TA Newton Aycliffe 78-81.

Brian Spencer 697

Served in REME attached/10th Hussars 54-56 anyone remember the Akabar trans Jordan experiance.

Victor (Vic) Emery 696

would like to contact anyone who served in 11 Infantry Wksp. Sek Kong or 8 Coy RASC LAD Whitfield Barracks. Hong Kong between Nov. 1956 and Sept. 1959

Ed Jones 695

Tels Tech 2 Cpl (eventually) Joined Sept 1974 (11 Pl at Depot), SEE Oct 1974 - Mar 76, 2 Scots Guards LAD (Munster)Mar76 - Sept 77, 18 Comd Wksp (Bovington)Sep 77 - Jan 79, 20 Elect Wksp (Minden) Jan 79 - Jul 80. Left Sept 80. Any sign of Taff Joseph (2SG LAD), Dave Clark (20 Elect)? Too many names forgotten, but faces remembered.

22289916 Sgt Jim Watts (lofty) 694

Served 1949-71 .Anyone remember me from Korea,Germany or UK

Dave ( skully) Lawson 2473673 693

Well hi all I am looking for old friends from 1 Platoon 1985 who I passed out with. Anybody who remembers me from the following lovely places Bordon,( 7th Armd Fallingbostel, Berlin, and Weeton with the 1st and 3 Light infantry.I am also looking for a Paul (scouse)Llehane.Cheers see u in the pub?

Jim (scouse) Lloyd 1960--1963 692


Still looking for Bill Nelson(Bristol)together Blandford,1 (BR)Corps.Wksps

John Mason 691

Served 66 - 90, VM B, mainly in Germany, looking for anyone who remembers me.

Maurice Charnley 690

Maurice Charnley served in the REME as a dispatch rider during the 2nd World War, I have no idea what his army number was. He came from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and lived for some of his life in Sale and Old Trafford, Manchester. Unfortunatley, Maurice died when I was only 10years of age and I am trying to find out any information about him for our family tree. I am his great niece. I hope you can help. Many thanks Kate Hogg

Cyril burgess(Noddy) 689

Looking to find Jim Byrne, Scouser,Met him at Blandford 1958 1 platoon Regs Anson line. He owes me a bet which he lost!!!!

Howard de Courcy Lys (DCL) 688

Anyone I served with at Niemburg (1 Amd Div Engr Regt WKSP) or Hameln (28 AER)

Tony Neave 687

Anyone who knows me and wishes to get in contact.

Dave Skoyles 686

Trying to find Steve Slater 666 Recy.mech.Was with 161 Regt RLC (V) REME

Jim Haddad 685

I'm in Kuwait at the moment.

Steve Ewing 684

I am looking for an old pal that I served with in Cyprus He is Dennis (willy) Willis. He was in 62 Cyprus Spt Sqn RE. He was a Sgt C mech in the Sqn workshops about 1978. He was married to Katy and had a son Toby and a daughter. Havent heard from him since leaving the unit in 1979.If anyone knowes him please tell him to get in touch. thanks Steve Ewing

John (scouse)Guinan 683

Joined in May 58 served in Kluang Malaya, Hong Kong, Padderbourne XRH 13/18 Hussars LAD, 1 Field workshops,4thRTR, QOH

Russell F Pook (Shadrack or Meshack) 682

Cfn23596304 later Cpl. 1958 to 61. Training: 1st Battalion Training School, Blandford Forum 5th Nov 58. Posted : Colchester, 6 Cmd Wkshps. Flagstaff Rd. Vol' Transfered to St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, Great posting. Posted to 2 Div. Plymouth and demobbed from same. Like to hear from: Bblandford Forum and was posted to Colchester/St.Neots, OC was Major Toms from Channel isles (St. Neots), Dick Suter, Frome, Somerset, Jim Wilkinson, Newcastle. From 2nd Div. Plymouth: Alan Turnbull ( Last known location, Basingstoke, Police Service. 'Dinger' Bell, 'Cocky' Coburn, "Scot", Bill Langton, Regular soldier, Martin Carroll . Clue, Corporal was Symes degraded from Para's year 1960 Would like to hear from old civilian wokmate Terry Jones of Queen's street Torquay UK and signed on as a regular same day as I was called up. Emigrated to Australia after demob. Hi Terry, remember Moores Motors?

Jim Godfrey 681

Looling for Ken Law, was in the RCT but transferred over to the REME in late 70's.



Steve Hartney

24285145 served 1972 -1986 Regimental Duties looking for old mates anyone there?

Mick Reid

65-68 AAC Arborfield 68 71 Reme Att 1PWO 71-73 1 Corps Troops Wksp 73-76 1 PWO LAD REME 76-78 SEME 78-80 617 Tk Tptr Wksp 80-83 50 Missile 83-85 Western Dist PRE Team 85-87 1 Sqn Rct Wksp 87-89 4 Div Tpt Regt Wksp Reme

Alan Munro

Trying to find Bill McLean,24264105,who was at Bordon with me in 1974.Last time I saw him was in NI when he was attached to 3rd Queens Regt.we were both VM's.I did last hear he was back in his home town of Manchester. Also looking for Ken McKay from Coleraine NI.He was a Clerk(?) but might have transferred to driver. Many thanks

Steve Day

Looking for former REME colleagues: Steve Till Colin Hagar Dave & Diane Wilkinson Dave & Liz Lamb Ray Merchant Selwyn (Mac)Watson If anyone may know the whereabouts of any (or all) of the above, please contact me.I served with REME from 1971-1986 as a VMA and was stationed at the following units in BAOR; Lifeguards LAD, Detmold Blues & Royals LAD, Detmold 4 Armoured Wksp., Detmold QOH LAD, Detmold 4th/7th RDG LAD, Detmold 32 AER Wksps., Munsterlager After leaving the mob in 1986 I spent most of my time out in the Middle East, Africa and South America but returned to "Blighty" last year. It would be really good to hear from any former REME colleagues from any of the above units.

Derek Hunsley (Curly)

Any one out there who remembers me dont be shy give me a call Curly




Bob James

Hi, Hong Kong anyone?. HK Support Sqn RE, LAD, REME. Capt Savage, ASM Vic Atkinson (I have the photos!)or all post 1967 aborfield.

Jay"Gonzo" Kilkenny

Anyone who knew me from the corps, please get in touch

Robbie Davies

Hi,I,m trying to locate my father. His name is Alan Williams and he served with the REME in 1965 based at Norton Manor Camp, Taunton Somerset. He originates from Liverpool and I believe him to be between 58-68, we never met because of family problems. I'm 38 now and would dearly love any information, cheers

Henry (Jock) McClelland 23676541

I was wondering if anyone out there remembers me I joined up in 1958 at Blandford then Barton Stacey.188 Radar &serchlight Batt.Cyprus,Larkhill,14Field R.A.,Barnard Castle & Hong-Kong, Sham-shui-po, and 34 Light Ack Ack Kowloon and Wuppatal Germany. Iwould like to contact Niel Mason as I was best man at his wedding in H/Kong in 1963,I beleive he finished as a Major in about 1982/83

David Edward Lee

Looking for Capt. Dudley (Dougie) Wade, AQMS Arthur Hutt and Cpl.Jack Morris. Are you out there? Does anybody know where they are?

Tony Sephton

Arborfield (SEE)1970 -71, 7th Field Wksp Fally 72 - 75, CVHQ REME Bordon 75 - 77. Is there anybody there? I have started to believe that everybody I knew spent all their Computer Lessons money on beer!

Alan Casburn

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Dave Bland. formally LAD of 9th/12th Royal lancers 1966 Osnabruk Germany.

Davy Young

Just found this site and am waiting for contact from anyone who knows me. Ex Staffy Armourer joined April 78 and demobbed April 2000, from Ballykinler. Now settled in Belfast awaiting retirement to my villa in Spain


Hi to everybody out there who knows me


Greetings to anyone who was at Comcan Workshops in Nairobi 1956, and all those who served with 271 Tels Workshops in TAVR

Andy Rhodes

Looking for John Turner or George Temperly from Upgraders course at Borden in 1991

Kai Wybrew

Served with 1RHF LAD and 39 Engineers



Peter Kerr

Ex RD, served 1971 - 1993. Living in Alyth Perthshire, working in Dundee as a Policeman.

Tim Holt

Ex Adv P.T.I. AAS Chepstow 53-56; 4 Armd Wksp,Detmold 56-58; 3&5 Batt Arborfield 58-61; A.S.P.T. BAOR 61-63; Gurgi,Tripoli 63-65; Depot Arborfield; >From London, now living in Edinburgh, seeking Denis Bradley(Bristol) John Saunders(Reading) Jed Wilson (Tyneside)

Bill Jackson Sheff

Anyone out there who was with 181 Light Battery RA. Kabrit. Egypt 1952-1954. I was a Vehicle Mechanic with a REME L.A.D. One mate was called Geoff Funnel,Storeman.


I am looking for anyone that may remember me - I served in the 34.LAA Regt.L.A.D. R.E.M.E. as a Craftsman/machinist from 1955 to 1975- at Sheerness on Sea.

Howard Pitt Taffy r

Would like to find any pals that served with me 1955-1957 Elgin,Thetford,Suez.

Denis Barrett (Sailor) 22966532

Anybody remember me from Blandford Camp,Ellesmere,LAD Donnington,etc. Old mates Kelly Fletcher,Dick Venning,Jack Selby,

Phil Hanson


Mike Pickles


Hi to anybody that knows me

Nick Daniel

I served with 16/5 QRL LAD (1974-1977) and 7 SIGS LAD (1977-1980) anyone who remembers me please get in contact.

Terence (Tug) Simpson

Searching all ranks. Attatched to 65Coy RASC Famagusta Cyprus 1955/60. 128 registerd,reunions and newsletters. contact me to get on mailing list

Bill Jackson Sheff

Joined REME 1952 (5206) at Honiton, Driver Training Barton Stacey,Vehicle Mechanic Training at Taunton then served with 181 Light Battery RA in Egypt for 17 months at Kabrit in the Canal Zone. If anyone remembers me let me know.

Mark Dunford

My father did his national service in the REME between 1954 and 1956.He always speaks very fondly about his time and the mates he had.He relays many stories to us and his two grandchildren and has a few photos taken during a stint he did in Eygpt.He has not been in the best of health recently,and is recovering from an operation for cancer.His retirement 5 years ago have not been as stress free as we would have liked.It would do him the power of good to read about a few of his old mates,perhaps to even speak to them again and relive what was clearly a happy period in his life.





Seeking pals from 3 Inf wksps REME Shandur Egypt 1953/55. Already in touch with three.

Stanley Bolton 108538

Stanley was my grandfather who served with the REME up until 1946. I have photos etc. & was wondering if anyone else had any knowledge of him. A long shot I know! He was in Middle East.


Would like to hear from any one who served with 27 Missle Regt Royal Artillery 1962-1964 also Royal Horse Guards L.A.D 1964 to 1967 Dortmund/Herford B.A.

Charlie Reed

Looking to make contact with ant of the old Mossbamk boys of 1 CTW Bielderfeld

David Rodney Kaye

I am looking for anyone who served with my father. He was in No.1 TRG BN REME "B" company No 2 platoon at Blanford in October 1959. He then went out to Aden until about September.

Arthur (ginge) Heap

Looking for Ted & Barbara Grant, Eddie Malcolm,from 4 Div Sigs Herford, am in touch with Den Bourne. also Jack Allen Arborfield & SEME or anyone who new me. Going to the Herforder Association reunion 14th March in Scarborough.for anyone who served in Herford Germany.

Vincent Ellis

Metal banger, 9 Fd Wksp,including pond jump West (78-83) ,12armd wksp(83-85) ,Blues royals LAD (85-86).Would like to hear from any old pals.


Andrew Craynor

I am trying to contact an old friend who was/is serving in the REME.His name is James "glen" Donnachie, he served from 1986 onwards he was based in Germany and served in Bosnia.I would be grateful if anyone who knows him to contact me.

Derek (Dell) Le Gall

Now retired and living in Holland. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Wayne Wright

Served with HCR Windsor 90-94. Then CATC BG LAD Warminster 95-99. Currently MPGS Warminster

Dennis Foy Beecroft (Beeky)

Those that will remember me most will be those from either 32 Armoured w/shops Luneburg or LAD 9th Lancers Detmold

Willi Rehse (little Willi)

I worked in 4 Armd Wksp Reme PP&C as a clerk. (Civ Det)I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. 1978 - 1995

Alan hart

Trying to trace Dave Hayward ex REME & AAS Chepstow. Army No. 22821182. I've tried for years so if anyone can help please get in touch.

Kenny ( JOCK ) Boyle

Ex-Armourer.Served with KOB LAD.14 Sig.Regt.(EW). MCTC. Royal Hussars (PWO) LAD

John (alma)Cogan

ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WAS AT BLANDFORD 1958 TRAINED UNDER SGT KELLY AND CPL BLEASE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.I Served with 1st Royal Dragoons L.A.D.and the Royal Horse Guards L.A.D.between 1959-1967 anyone still alive out there

Mark Chambers

Served in Regt 1977-1988 39 Fd Regt RA, 2 FD Regt RA, 4 Armd Wksp Like to hear from anyone who knows me

Bill knight.22275445 REME.

Blandford, April 49.Bordon,AETS.49.Ellesmere,VM, trg.49Depot.REME,insp,2b\Wks.T.E.K.49Coy.LAD.Botley\Aldershot

John Weir

Anyone at REME Workshops, Ballestier Road, Singapore in 1946. Especially John (Taffy) Price.

Clifford Varty(sam)

Any 6 Field w/shps REME 1972/76 out there

George Wrzyszcz

I had 22 years service, lots of fun, lots of great times. Now living in Canada in Medicine Hat. Please pass my Email address to anyone except if I owe them money. Look me up if you're over here. George

Bob Lavallin (Raggy Tache)

To all the guys that served at Op Crown 1965 - 1967.John Bridgeland,Alec Chisholm ,Keith Jenkins ,all those around that time.Also any one from Arborfield 61C intake.Get in touch.

Lee "Reg" Lowe

Joined 1987. Been to 3 Field Wksp, 16 regt RA, 3bn REME, QRL and another.

Richard Cotterill (Dick)

Served as a Recovery Mech between 1964 1973

John Crouch

Served from 72-94 73-76 Green Howards/1 KOB 76-79 1 ADSR Verden 79-81 2Queens Colchester 81-84 RSME Wksps 84-87 25 Engineer Wksps Osnabrük 87-92 1 Corps Tp Wksps Bielefeld 92-94 Kiel Trg Centre.Living in Hanover Germany and Would like to hear from anyone who knows me.

John Marven (Hank)

Hi Everyone, Despite my best efforts, I am still alive so if any of you remember me from 1964 to 1990 give me an email

David Brock

Looking for ex Arborfield apprentices 65B to persuade them to come to Arborfield in June for the annual reunion.

Victor John Pocock (Vic)

Year 1951-1953 REME Honiton Arborfield and North Africa. Is there any re unions in the Kent area for us old boys. Or anyone reconise my name from National Service. If so please e mail on the address above.

23472774 cfn Dudley S Martin

Any one that knew me, from 1956/1959. 1Trg Btn 7Trg Btn 3Inf wksps Limassol Cyprus. 38 Coy RASC LAD. Tripol 6RTR LAD Homs Lybia.

Mick Reid

I would like to make contact with anyone that knows me.

Rex Richards

Lookin for Pete Strothard who was my best man 1981 at R.A.F Wildenrath

Dougie Dryden

Ex 64C Carlisle. Retired 1989. Anyone who knew me.

David Saville Peck ( Professor)

I was at Borden and Arberfield in 1962 then to 1st Signals LAD in Germany then 11Inf Workshops in Minden. I raced cars whilst in Germany and also skied for REME in 1964 in St Moritz. Came to Canada BC Vancouver Island in 1975. Competed in the Can-Am till 1974. Crashed and burnt in 1975. Started racing Karts in 1995! Now build Caterham (Lotus) super 7s.

Ken Bradley

Would like to make contact with any of my old mates, Training from Jan 1952, Blandford and Oswestry,LAD 24 Royal Artillary Sheerness til Late 1953, then Workshops 16 Ind Para Egypt , Demob Jan 1955

Colin Price

Ex REME pencil pusher served with HQ 1BR Corps,12 Mech Bde Sig Sqn,7 RHA all in Germany,90 Sqn RCT Sharjah, RA Range Hebrides,UN Wksp Cyprus

Rick Beaumont (ravishin rik)

Hi folks,served since '74 at 15 Fd, 26 Engr wksp,70 A/c,126 Reclam,QOH LAD,146 Wksp coy, and 32 Regt RA wksp, in N.I. Germany Falklands(652 AAC Sqn) Belize 16 Fd Tech Stmn rock n roller and all round good egg cmon folks give us a shout.

Bill Cloney (Scouse)

Served 1961 to 1983

Jon Massey

Hi to anybody who was at 7 Armoured wksp between April 92 to May 95


I write in the hope that someone will be able to help me. I am trying to locate a Martin Reid Wardleworth, who was born the 6th August 1948, and served as a Craftsman in the REME. His service number was 2411251D. If you have a record of him on your member list, would you be able to pass my details onto him, so that he can contact me for further information?


I would like to make contact with any one from 3 Inf wksps Limassol 1956/57/58. 38 Coy RASC LAD Tripoli 1958 6 RTR homs 1958/59

Sgt William (Bill) Jury

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my late father who was a Sgt in REME and served in Africa, Iraq and Italy during WWII.

John Mogford Moggy

I did my national service in the REME in 1954 to1956 in egypt and cyprus.

keith robinson (robbo)

Trying to trace Cliff Hoskins and keeping options open to spot a freindly face from the period of 1969 -1991 when I was kicking around in the vmb/c firm

Tom (Doctor Jock) Burnett

Ex 32 Armoured Workshop REME, Pinewood Camp, Liebenau, 1958-60.

Roy Walsh (22469798)

Served National Service in R E M E 1951-53.VM Class2 served in Korea 51-52 16th Inf Workshops. Anyone out there remember me.

Robert Langley (Bob)

Ex Boy Arborfield 52B C Coy. Served in REME and Army Aviation from 55 - 78. Continued as MOD civil servant with REME & AAC until end Dec 2002.


We are searching for Vincent Vinkler. He was with the REME 828e Armoured April 1945 in Enschede,Holland.Can anybody tell us where he lives? Or do you have any information, please contact us, his son is searching for him

Lionel (Jack) Hobbs

Just Browsing for ex-4Armt Trg Batt REME colleagues circa 1956-59


Looking for mates from 129 Inf,Wksp,Nobby Clark, Ron Lampton Jack Guant. Mal Brown


Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me...especially CARL GRIFFITHS (AAC BLACKIE).SERVED WITH THE FOLOWING UNITS....655 SQN AAC LAD 87-89,15 FD WKSPS 89-90,1 CORPS TPS WKSP 90-91,8 REGT RCT WKSPS 91-94

Carmel "Tony" Vella

Thanks for a chance to look for lost buddies.

Jim (scouse) Lloyd

Any ex.111co.RASC(gw)Wksps.REME 1960-1963((Wuppertal Germany)bods. about Lenihan, Dales, Dave Smith, Pete Young,Eric Carrol,Strain,Waters,Tomkinson have made conntact with Gordon M'ara, Q Beadle,Acker Bilk,Mac Riddell

Thomas (tam) KERR

REME Airtech 1971 to 1978 Middle Wallop,664 Sqdn Aldershot Gazelle Iftu,71 Fd/wksps Detmold,657 Sqdn Soltau anyone still around?