Archive 5

David Lloyd

A.A.S Arborfield 53-56 3 Bat. Arborfield 6 Inf Wksps Dortmund Command and 17HK Inf Wksps Sekong 6inf. Wksps Munster Demobed 1968. Now living in Lowestoft Suffolk.

Raymond James Beail

It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

David Lloyd

A.A.S Arborfield 53-56 3Bat. Arborfield 6 Inf Wksps Dortmund Command and 17HK Inf Wksps Sekong 6inf. Wksps Munster Demobed 1968. now living in Lowestoft Suffolk.

Tony Gerrish

Looking for my best man Kevin Hale last seen at Fremington N Devon

Raymond James Beail

It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Wilfred Simms

I joined in July 1957 at Honiton Devon then went on to Barton Stacey nr Andover followed by Boredon Hants, then attached to RASC at Buller Barracks Aldershot. Was demobbed in July 1959 Any one who knew me please e-mail me

Alf Stubbs

I am ex Arborfield Apprentice 55A left Arborfield for REME and served in BAOR Lad 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards Sennelager from 58-62. Posted to 52Command Workshop REME in Aden 62-64. Then posted to LAD 4RTR serving in Aden Malaya & Sawarak. Would like to hear from any one serving in those places same time as me

Rob Butler

Joined PMC in 87 and served all over the place until 97 would like to hear from anyone who remembers me particularly looking for Stevie Young gunfitter I served with at 40 Field wksps Hohne

Raymond GEORGE Shaw

Working in west Africa for the last 7 years. Would like to contact any one who Knew me

Michael Ward

I was in 3 Bn REME, DETMOLD, BFPO 41 until 1996 and am trying to trace Ted Eddington or anyone who remembers me as I've lost my address book from then

Reg Cumbley (Reggy)

Love to hear from any of my REME colleagues,1952-70 UK,HK,Japan,BAOR,especially those on 137 Art Veh course '59 to '60,thanks for the memories and the laughs we shared.

Dave & Tanya Schollar

I am looking for Alby & Jan Chant. Alby left Arborfield and went to Boardon as seargent major. He then left the army and went to live in Porchester near Portsmouth, and went to work for customs at Southampton. I am trying to arange a 60th birthday party for Dave on Saturday 1st February with old pals from the old army days. Tanya Schollar tel. no. 01253 620004


Neil Murray (muzza)

Served from 1984-1990.If anyone remembers me,drop me a line,if I was sober enough to remember you,I'll reply soon as poss.


keith robinson (robbo)

I was around 1969-1991.I've met five with the same name but plenty of room in the inbox

Trevor Graham Lomas

I served for 21/2years at 35Base Workshops Old Dalby Leics.,between 1955-1958. I,m trying to contact an old mate L/cp Alan Greenwood who came from Bolton.

Richard (Dick) Lack

5 armd workshop 6 armd workshop from 1982-1989



Looking for old friends who served with me at either 7 field, 9 field or 6 field

Martin Handsley

24571116 CFN Handsley - Looking for old friends from 3 Armoured Div HQ & Sig Regt LAD REME (Soest between 1980-84) and 12 AD Regt (Kirton Lindsey 84-86). Also if anyone remembers Basic Training (Arborfield 1979 06 Platoon)Please get in touch!

Tim Baitson

Hi to anyone who remembers me, dont hesitate to get in touch

Bernard francis jones(taff)

Hi. I would love to hear from anyone in 44 metalsmith 1973. I lost contact with Frank Culross, last seen in Osnabruck in 1974ish. Would also like to hear from Len Wilson, Steve Samways, Bill Harrow, Dave Philips, Pete Davy, Tom Wiles, Len Cooper, Mike Walsh and the other lads. I'm the one with the black eye in the passout picture,only a little geyser.

e passout picture, only a little greyer.

Ronald William Dunne

Looking for Fred Smith and Dave Mcmahon both stationed with me at Bovington Camp during 1954-1956 with REME. Also any other friends made during that period.

John Fisher (pepi) jdf

I am an ex tech-storeman. served 1965-1988 12 Fd wksps,4 Armd wksps,8 Sqn RCT, Belize 1981 and Lisburn Garrison wksp N.I. & IHU HMS DAEDLUS

Lyn Pemberton

Trying to get in touch with my brother Stephen Pemberton's friends especially Garath Jones (Yenny)from Liverpool

Paul Masson

Living now in Devon, left REME 1992. Served from 80-92, would love to hear from anyone who know's me....

Jim Sandford

Transfered from RA in Oct 67. Wasted 3 months in Borden before being posted to 19 tank transporter Sqn RCT in Retford. Was on the advance party when the Sqn moved to Bulford. Then was posted to the best posting I ever had, 10 Fld Wksp REME, were Istayed until my demob in Dec 71

Peter Collins

Anyone from 11 Armd Soest 1985-1988 Dave Woodward where are you ex csm not a bad shot!!!!!!!!

Thomas "Jonno" Johnson

Served in 604 Railway construction co. RE Derby 1939-42. REME No 2 base mfr workshops Tel El Kebir 1942-44. 693 mfr workshops Fusaro 1945. Any of my old mates left?

James Neilson Jim or Jock

Ex Beachley 50A group REME in most stations worldwide 1953-1977

Paul Smalley

Would be nice to hear from any old comrades/friends who I served with.

Bill Thorpe

A/c Tech 1966/1971. Served at 71/711MSRD 1967/1968, 73A/c Wksp Celle '68/'69. 74 Wksp Sharjah 1970/71' + 1st class course AETW 1971. Would be more than happy to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Geoffrey Raymond Nation (taff)

Looking for Colin and Sue Cook last seen in Soest with 5 Armd.wksp then posted to Hohne

John Schofield

Anyone who remembers me drop me an "e"

Martin Burd

Martin and Margaret Burd SEE (1972 & 1976), 19 Field Workshop (Electronic) Duisburg 72-73. 226 Sig Sqn (Radio) 73-76 and 77-78. Looking for Peter Phillips from Deal, Kent ex Radar Tech. Looking for last 20 years. Also "Paddy" Heffernon ex ranker, commissioned. Can you Help?

Clive (Brummie) Roach

I am looking for anyone who served with me,attd.Queens Royal Irish Hussars&5th Royal Tank Regiment.In Hohne and Fallingbostal 1959/64 News of Reunions March and April 2003 lots of both LAD's already booked in.

Margaret Darwin

I would like to get in touch with people who I was posted with.

Gerry Watkin

I was in REME 1950-55 and served in Blandford,Otley Park, Ellesmere,Shrops, and ending up in M.E.L.F and Jordan. I was a veh mech then a clerk. Best Wishes to all for 2003.

Colin P Dunham



Alan John Gosden

I have not been able to make Band Reunions, are there any old Band members, 1966 to 1974 around ???????

Neville Eyre

Anybody who was in CYPRUS with 8 inf workshops REME 1957-59.

Antony Bird

Trained at Blandford to be a soldier then on to Taunton to train as a motor mechanic ,from there on to 3 Inf workshop at Tidworth and then to see out my service with the Royal Green Jackets at Warminster and the far east in Penang and Borneo

Roy Saxby

Ex AAS Carlisle 1962 and come from Grimsby. Left in 1987 and served in Germany, Aden, UK, Hong Kong from where I was sent to Bancock and North Vietnahm, Scotland and once had a long weekend in Mexico from Belize. I am now the Activities Manager with the Grimsby YMCA. Contact me if you wish

Brian Hughes

Looking to make contact with anyone that knew me.

Malcolm (Mac)/(Scotty) McLean

Any members of 47 Art Wpns course Bordon 1969-72 or intake 60C AAS Carlisle or 9/12 Royal Lancers LAD 1963 to 69. Like to hear from you!

Ken Simmons

Looking for fellow wanderers from 2 Inf Wksp Malacca curcia 1964 - 1967 and 4Armd Wksp (FRG)1970-1972

Paul( tap) Waters

Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me rs me

William (Wilf)JG Wright

Served in Hildesheim 5 heavy Regt drove Suzy Q the M578 76-78 Armagh 33foxtro

Michael John Estridge

I'm looking for any old pals who served with me between 1957 and 1979. some units I served in are, 16 Lt. Air Defence regt. 7 Armd wksps, 11 Fd. wksps, 12 Armd wksps , 9 Fd. wksps, Ace Mobile Force., in the following theatres, uk. Singapore. Borneo,Malaya,Arctic circle (Norway) Sharja,Germany ( Krefeld, Fallingbostel, Minden, Osnabruck)


Anyone from CYPRUS 1957-1959 7 INF WORKSHOPS NICOSIA.




Arthur Brian Jones AB or Jonah

Left REME in 1976 after 22years spent 3 years in Saudi and on return went to Western National bus Company as Engineering Manager,on redundancy started own buisness and retired to Cyprus in 2001

Bert Mason(ex ASM CE)

At 77 years of age I welcome any one who remembers me to contact me

Murray Drylie (muzzy wuzzy)

Looking for the following pers attached to 9 B troop 10 Regt RCT, Lardy,Haggis,(known as the fat slags)Shirley,Shelly,Dick head,Jock Wilson,Tiff (where's my gong)not forgetting pot tiff Eric (it's not my vechicle) Hawksworth, wot no confidential Eric? Muzz.

Kenny Cain

To anyone who knows me I am now back in the UK from Canada and living in Liverpool.Just drop me a line anytime.

Ken Simmons

Trying to contact Harry Saunders and George Wingate both ASM's with Singapore District Workshops 1960-63 time. We had some great time there.

Max Reid

Does anybody know me???26 Fld, 45 Fld, 50 Msl, 232 RCT, BATUS, Bmatt 1 cwt, Art Veh331, AMT 214 Armd.Please write back...Max

Rod Kyle

Any one alive from Maralinga Workshop 64-65. Are you glowing in the dark? Are you in contact with BNTVA?

Gerald Dixon ( Dixey )

54A Chepstow.Served HQ 1 Corps Kunsebeck,91 car coy Bielefeld.Kenya & Radfan 1964.36 Hy Regt Fallingbostel.FSD Munster.17/21 Lancers Sennelager 66 to 69.Bordon to 71.RSDG N Ireland & UN Cyprus.73 to 76 Recruiting ,then ended service at Bordon.Would like to hear from anyone who I served with


Would love to hear from anybody out there who remembers me!

Trev Brooking

Left the Corps in May 97 as the last serving REME Clerk (non LSL Type!)having completed 25 years man and boy.Would love to here from anyone who remembers me.

Clive (tich) O'neill

Please contact anyone who remembers me

Juliet Boote

Hi I am now divorced from my ex Andy Boote and hoping to get back in touch with some old friends and catch up.

Ronald Henry Hambleton

I am trying to find anyone who remembers my father, Ronald Henry Hambleton who served as a Sergeant in REME and IEME during WWII. When he finished serving he refused any medals. He imigrated to Canada some years after serving and lost contact with others he served with. Now in his early eighties he reminises about his army days and I would love to find some of his friends to email. He often mentions a gentleman by the nickname of 'Tibbles'. Any email about those days would be greatly appreciated! His daughter, Nancy

Alan Stephenson "STEVO"

Recy Mech 1980-88 (Cpl) 24565541 80-85 12Armd Wksp, 83-84 NIRW Derry, 85 Batus, 86-88 Base Wksp Catterick looking for Frank castel, Kev Bridger,Al Dry, Syd Davey, Sean Mason (Brummy), "Chalky" Lopez (Last known instructer at S.E.M.E.(Recy Mech)The list go's on any one help thank's

Phillip Hobday

Anyone who knows me or remembers the bars we were in give me a call

Jim Murdoch

Basic training Blandford Sept 1960 Trade training Arborfield Oct 60/June 61. Posted to REME LAD Bovington July 61 till demobbed in Sept 1962.

Thomas Bradley [paddy bradley]

I was with the REME in 19/39 Missile Regt R.A.

Brian Creamer

Looking for old friends from 10 Infantry Workshops (Det) SUNGEI BESI MALAYA 1955/56/57.Have found a few,need more.Anyone know the whereabouts of Bill Boyd from SPEKE Liverpool or Johnny TODD from Bradford now living somewhere in Australia

Graham Hards Susat

Hi every1 how u doin!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Carter

1961-1966 1st RTR LAD 1967-1970 4th Armoured Wksp FRG The quantity of 'Amstel' imbibed is probably the cause of my early senile dementia, anyone remember me?

Bill Axten

Anyone remember the Recovery Unit at 3 Armd Wksp.based at Kunsebeck , BAOR 39 ? Changed from being a part of 11th Armd Div. to 4th Inf. Div. in 1955. We were the "bull & blanco boys" (among other things!). My intake 5415. Would like to hear from old comrades - especially Tom Corcoran , Ron Dainton , Johnnie Cave , Taff Saunders , Charlie Orrey.

Vaughan Marks (Scouse)

Ex 74c tech then went VM to Bordon (Course236)Then 3RRF Fally,Wheeton,50 MSL RA,22 Sigs Lippstatt, London, & Kenya etc Found out Geordie Macavoy is now CO of AAColl.Remembers Buzz,Geordie, Yorkie,Plug, Ross, Jock Garden and many more.Im now a copper in the Chester area.

Simon Marklew

Anyone remember me from 28Amph Engr Regt Wksp R.E.M.E from 1985 to 1989 drop me a line.

John Bent [Ginge}

I have now lived in Australia for the past 20 years. I have a great life here totally different to the UK but I would love to catch up wit any old contacts from my time in the REME

Tom Davies (FIX IT)

How about a chat guys

Paul Geordie robinson

Joined as a boy soldier in 1972 at Arborfield. Posted to 4th/7th RDG in 1975.

Dougie Crum

Trained as Driver at Bordon1966.Served briefly at 71 A/C wksp Detmold, then 87 Tels wksp Minden.Best times with 16 Lt.A/D Regt RA Wksp, Barton Stalag then Soest. Top lads were, John Stafford, Steve Woodage,Geordie Sinclair,Raj Nandi and Dave Gowans. Many more, too many to mention. Remember "Radio Banana" Londonderry. Get in touch please if any info or if you know me. Be glad to hear from you. Best wishes to all REME past and present.

David Mantle

I served at Bordon during 1971-72. Got a medical discharge in June 72. One of the worst decisions of my life.

Raymond George Shaw

Just looking to contact old mates.

Arthur Wiseman

go for it!!!!!

William Scotchmer

I was with 4 Recovery company 1942 1946.Served BAOR 1944 1946.I was known as 'Scotty'


Anyone from 1 Corps Tps.Wksp,39 Heavy,7 Para LAD,3 Fld.Wksp that remembers me give me a shout.


Hi, does anyone know a 24341404 Stephen Charles Till. He was a VMA mec and served in Fallingbostle, Hameln, Canada several times, Dortmund amongst other places. If you know which watering hole he is using now, or where he lives please contact me.


Hi does anyone know where he is now as I have lost contact with him. If you can help please contact me. (DUSTY)

David (bugs) Roberts

LAD REME 1st RHA Clifford Varty (sam)

Clifford Varty

I was in REME from 66-76 founder member of Rams rugby team Munster any body else out there

Ex SSgt Andy Allen 311

Anybody out there remember this crusty old retired ARTISAN VM, drop me a line and let me know whats going on in your life wether serving or retired, its good to talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Mckinnon

Looking for Alex Lambie who was attached to the AAC of Ac Wksp for his sins

Stuart (Bev) Beveridge

Hi friends, great site and very useful. As an ex REME man would love to hear from any old friends from 18 Command Workshop, REME Workshop Sudan, LAD REME 40 and 91 Car Coy RASC!

Roy Carroll

Served 68-79 with 5th skins and 5 armd wksp. Anyone remember me?

Robert (bob )Mellish

Served from 1968-1978 .Would like to find Nick Hopkins who I think joined between 76-78.Very urgent.

Paul Walker

At SEE from 1/76 to 10/77 and again on 1st class course 1/81 to 4/84. at 40 Field and 26 Field in 35 central Old Dalby for remainder.

Taff Roberts

Looking for John Jones,he was a Cpl attached to 1 (BR)CORPS STORES COY in BIELEFELT 1979

Terry Godwin

Anyone who remembers me from Arborfield 62B, 19Sqn.,17Sqn.,71 Aircraft,and School of Transport

Mike Clarke

Trying to contact Pete Tregartha, and Dave Norman

Wade Bradsell

Trying to find Pete Hogan

Mike Street [hoss]

Hi I was with 5 Inf and 11 Inf Workshops 67/72 pluss loads of LADs in 1Div doing emer mods to432s and Stollys.Anyone who remebers me drop me a line.Regards,Mike.

Alfred Whittle

Served with L.A.D 22 Regiment R.A in Pembroke dock S/Wales and then Guttersloh.1958-64 Interested in making contact with Terry Fox and any other ex- L.A.D lads

Mark Christmas (Crimbo)

Hi to all ex and current serving mates. Please e amil me

Keith Simmonds

I'd like to hear from anyone who I served with in REME 1967 (Apprentice College Carlisle) through Tidworth, Minden Hohne etc.

Tommy Gillaspy


Is there anyone out there that served in the REME between 1945-1948 that remembers me If so please get in touch via my sons email

Jennifer Allen

I am sorry to bother you, but I am attempting to find a John Reginald Weatley. He was born on 4 November either 1937 or 1938. He served in Hong Kong in the early 1960's and was attached to 20 Reconnaissance Flight R.E.M.E. That is about all I know. Do you have any idea how I could trace him. I assume he is still living in England. Oh, after his stay in Hong Kong, he then served in Egypt.

Bernie Clarke (nobby)

Looking for Dave Yeoman att to 1 kings Regt.Chester 1985 /86

Matthew Chapman

Served with LAD REME AMF(L) (1 Para & 2 RRF), with 12 AD Dortmund, and the Royal Irish at Osnabruck. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Robert Coulson (Bob)

Hi, I served from Feb 1972 to Feb 1994, The units I served in are: Jul 72. 26 Engr Regt RE - Iserlohne Oct 77. 35 Engr Regt RE - Hameln Apr 79. 2 Fld Regt RA - Dortmund Sep 79. 19 Fld Regt RA - Dortmund Jul 82. AMF(L) Wksp - Bulford Aug 86. Gurkha Transport Regt - Hong Kong Aug 88. 11 Ord Coy - Soltau Apr 92. 7 Armd Wksp - Falli I would like to hear from anyone who knows me, or was in these area`s at the same time as me. Thanks, Bob Coulson

P J Campbell

14 Platoon 1972 14 Armourer 1973 84 Art Weapons

Scouse Seabrooke

Would like to hear from any members who was with the 6th Royal Tank Regiment in North Africa 1957-59

Paul Cuff (Cuffy)

Looking for ex WO1 ASM Andy Byers - ex para/ 32 Heavy & 16 Tk Tpt Wksp



Matt Hern

Looking for Richard Middleton who was posted to 26 Regt RA as a fitter from 1986 - 1989 (?). Would like to make contact again Matt