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Matt Hern

Looking for Richard Middleton who was posted to 26 Regt RA as a fitter from 1986 - 1989 (?). Would like to make contact again Matt

Alan Fitzsimmons (Fitzy)

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time in the corp. Arborfield/Bordon 1985, Osnabruck (1 greenhowards, 1 Greenjackets LAD)1985-88, NI emergency platoon 1988, Emblem Belgium 1990. Whatever happened to the likes of Roger 'tick' Eatock, Daffy Matthews, Nick 'kenny' Everitt, 'Stix' Stickles and 'Gordie' Crosier. Them where the days. Cheers Alan

Gaz Scribbins (Scribo)

Brill site. Seen a few memories already. Just e-mailed them. 80A 'come on where are you all '

Alan Trubshaw (trubby)

To Frank Flynn Armourer 2nd class are you still around my old mucker, Last seen after return from Korea 1953 Last Address 415 Eccles new rd Weaste Salford 5 Lancs.

Tracy MULLINS (daughter of Henry MULLINS)

Have just found dad's army papers from 1952 (Henry MULLINS). He joined up on 4/9/52, No.1 Trg Batallion, REME, Craddock Barracks, Blandford Camp, Dorset. Have a photo album with about 40 photos in including one of dad & Peter Walker, HQ 1st Gds Bde Football Team 1954, Kabrit, Lido, Taunton, L.A.D. HQ 1st Gds Bde, Workshop, Scheme, and loads more - looks like all the chaps had a great time, swimming, sun bathing, upturned landrovers, posing on top block of some outdoor swimming pool. Dad was from Sheffield, and was a Sheff Wednesday supporter. If anyone recognises any of above please get in touch.

charles lewis

I joined April 52,basic training at Blandford under the tender care of Cpl Cotton, then to Malvern for trade training, posted to MELF Late 52,looking for anyone who served with w/shops att to 44 tk tsptr coy RASC,1952-55 Shandur,Egypt. In particular, John Hutchins,Pete Chirgwin,Ray Moores,John Brown,Fred McGregor.Tempus fugit lads,let's share some more ****griff before it's too late

Thomas Malcolm Lord

It is my intention to arrange a golden reunion of my associates in REME boy service at Chepstow in the years from 1954 to 1957 Is it possible to trace my fellow 'boys' via your pages. This message comes via a friend

John Jennings

Hello, I served in Malaya 1959-60 and would like to trace members of the 13/18 Hussars in Ipoh North Malaya and Singapore in 1959/60 and also members of the REME regiments during this period.

Edward (Ted) Trott

I am looking for any REME who served in 237 Signal Squadron Comcan, Singapore from Oct 1959 to Oct 1962. I f you are out there please contact me as I am in contact a few of the lads.

Bill (Scouse) Rowan

Any lads remember me from 8 inf wksp. REME 1960 to1967.Arborfield,Colchester Goojerat bks Kirkee Mcmunn bks.Would love to hear from you.

Jeff Richardson

My father served with REME from 58-67 in Aden and Malaya and I am trying to contact old friends of his

Nick Giles

Looking for John "ginger" Curry

Ian Richardson

Anybody who remembers me especially from 1983-1986 attached to 13/18 Hussars in herford

Pete Jones

Looking for: Barry Mobberley Chuck Errington Dodds Al Ballantine Eddie Cassidy

Martin Ellis (Martin)

Trying to contact a few old mates from Germany (35 Engineer LAD REME) late 60s early 70s) Fred Harrison Dave Alburton Harry Wormstrop (Fingers Harry) Bob Saunders and anybody else who may have known me or the above mentioned.I would really appreciate some contact or info.Thanks

Geoff Ellis

Intake 67c Arborfield. Went to BAOR 28 Amph Eng Wksp, then 22 Lt AD Reg RA, then 50 Comd Wksp Hong Kong. The 1st Bn PWO, 1 Bn RAR, then Canada, then Kenya & that's it. Really would like to find Jeff Fulford, Chris VIcker-Jones, Bryan Cooper, but mostly ROY BAILEY Ex 22 Lt AD Regt 42 Battery RA - best man at my 1st wedding in Londonderry 1974 - comes from Barking in London, lost contact with him many years ago.

Turner, Mick ( Lance Corporal)

Looking for ex-army mates: Security Police, 2 base workshops, Suez, Egypt 1947-1949

Paul Pearce-Smith (Percy)

Anyone out there from:- 2Fd R.A. 1970-73, Barnard Castle & Hemer 8 Inf Bde & Sig Sqn 1973-74, Londonderry 31 Fd Amb R.A.M.C. 1974-76, Munster 2/2 Gurkha Rifles 1976-77, Fleet 7 (DEO) Gurkha Rifles 1977-79, Brunei & Hong Kong

John Mardling

Any ex national service 1960 to 1962. who were at Blandford, Borden, Shorncliffe or Krefeld during thi time?



My last posting was4 Fd.Wksp.REME,BFPO 40 Detmold VMB* I worked with Les Moth who I remember through playing football for REME as well as a local German side.

Geoffrey S MARTIN

Hi There My first visit. I served in REME 1957/66 in UK ADEN and GERMANY.32 ARMD 3DG LAD QOH LAD had a great time, should have stayed in. Anyone who reads this and remembers please E-mail. Cheers Geoff

Eddie Flynn

Just to see if anybody out there remembers me or would like to get in touch Ileft in 1994 after 22years and am still working hard with the Vehicle Inspectorate, am now living in Scotland (My Home)

Michael Philliskirk

Anyone that knew me send me an email.

Brian Cunningham

Have folks just looking for anyone who remembers me from my time in the corps, 1974-1989, started at deepcut and then Bordon, onto several LAD's from there and finally finishing in 1989 at 8 regt RCT Wksp(Munster). It would be really great to hear from some of you, not the ones I owe anything too. unless you discount interest that is... Already had a few contacts from the rival site "Friends reunited". Live long and prosper, Brian

Ray Savage

REME Driver 1962 to 1984. Got out before the Army dispelled the only professional DRIVERS it had

Paul Scott (Scottie)

James Edward Stanley (stan)

Anyone from hadrians camp carlisle intake 65B b coy please contact

Andrew Crowther (LES)

Anyone who knows me get in touch.My most recent unit 1RRW LAD

Michael A J Whitfield

Transferred to REME in May 1963 and left as a SSGT in July 1983.

Richard Stewart (Richie)

Left the Army back in 1994. Living in Alloa, Central Scotland, with my girlfriend and three year old son. I served with a number of units, mainly LAD's (2Gren Gds, 1 Irish Gds, 15 SQN RCT, 7 sigs, 8FD Wksp, 2RA, RARH, LD) Would be happy to hear from anyone who recognises my name.

John Caddick

Looking for any reunions, 5Inf. Wksp.Dortmund 1963-68. 1Inf. Wksp Sharjah 1968-69. REME WING RSME Chattendene 1977-78.

Margaret Goodall

My father wrote a story about his service with REME in WW2 and his work with the Predictor - his story is called "The Other No.10" Does anybody else remember this gun. He always described it as the fore-runner of today's computers only with valves! He had many REME stories about his days in training and the day they were near Orford Ness on the East Coast when it was so cold - the army got a "Rum Ration".

James (Jim) Legard

Andy Lawton

Anyone remember S/Sargent Dave Lawton or L/Corporal Tony Lawton

John .E.M. Gould 14671852 cfn

Looking for Corp Sittin egypt 1947 at the bitter lakes

Gary (Geordie) Hopper

Anyone out there remember me? Drop me a line. (Ex 24536381 Cpl VMB)

Allan (Taffy) Jones

Served 1978 to 1985. I Sqn RCT, 13/18th RH, I QDG and 8 Fld Wksp.

Bill ( Jock) Bruce

I served between 1965 to 1987 glad to hear from anybody who knew m

William (Billy) Goldsmith

I served for many years until after the nuclear bomb tests in Maralinga, I died aged 26 of cancer. My brother Don would like to hear from anyone who was a friend. My service number was 23721234.

James Wallwork [wally]

jimbet@wightman. com

Looking for mates I served with in 1952 to 1954 in Egypt # 22452472 REME detachment in El Kirsh canal zone .

John (Peat) Moss

Ex Brat 1955 R.E.M.E 1958-1966 BAOR Minden 16inf Wkshops Horse Guards LAD Paderborn XRH LAD Queen's Own Highlanders LAD Canadian Coast Guard (ret) Anyone remembers me give me a bell!

Ken 'Bud' Abbott

This is my new email address

John Phillips

John Phillips is looking for members of AAS Chepstow 58B intake. His phone number is 01962-632413

Derrick Richardson[Geordie]

jeffreyricho@aol com

Can anyone remember me,REME 58-67 Aden + Malaya

Jeff Richardson

Iam trying to find ex reme serviceman 58-67 who served with my father Derrick Richardson in Aden + Malaya.are you any of these people or do you know them-Phil Tagimuri,Bob Edmonds,Harry Forbes,Ted Martuci,Mawson,Witten,Dick Glister or michael haywood.all these people will be in there late 60s-early70s.any help with tracing these people would be appreciated.

john harriss

Bill ( Jock) Forrest


Any members of AAS Arborfield intake 65C please contact me. I am trying to get as many of us as I can for a 40th reunion in 2005

Al Reed

Hi joined 1961 Germany till 1963 Aden 1963 -1965 Warminster 65-66 Tidworth 66-67 Germany 68-71 LAD all with 16/ 5 Lancers. 9 Force. many counties... Chester and to Canada 1976.. live now in Port Glasgow Scotland.

Gary Jenkins

Anyone remember me.Served REME Hong Kong 1955/57 With the 18 Field Ambulance. Also Honiton Feb 1955 and Malvern until posted to Hong Kong Oct 1955. Had to leave H.K. on compassionate grounds. Never said 'see you' to anyone.

Scott Murray (Scottie)

Ex REME Reccy.Mech. 23858247, served from 1961-1970, in Germany,Aden,Sharjah,looking for old chums.

Andy Kennedy (Spiderman)

I am trying to arrange a 25th anniversary reunion for 7 Squad 78C in 2003. Anyone who joined the Apprentice College in Sept 78 should contact me.

Frank Evans

I served 1948 1953 started Blandford 3 years Egypt- Shandur att ARG then att 35 Eng Regt came home aug 1952 give me a call

John Harte ( Ginge )

Steve Coulson

Greetings from an old Instrument Tech. to any one who knew me. I keep in touch with a few old mates but would like to hear from anyone else who remembers me!!


Any body Ex 1 Comd.Wksp. 1950 or Ex 20 Inf Bd.Wksp. 1951-52 please send a line or two

Neil Cooper

Looking for 179 Stopczynski,gun fitter went through SEME Borden 1980-81

Dennis Charles Waymouth (55 Intake VM )

I am trying to locate 23466317 Cfn Douse F.E. Last known address was No 5 Platoon D'coy 1 trg Btn R.E.M.E. Blandford Dorset.Also 23466048 Cfn Pearce G.& 23466096 or 046 Cfn Hewitt F.Addresses unknown.All were 56 intake Arborfield.

F.W.Baird (Bill)

I'd like to hear from any ex members of 23 flight AAC serving in either Detmold or Iserlohn (Both BAOR Postings) during the 60's. Where is the flight now? Please tell me that they have uprated from those Skeeter helcopters. Anyone with any knowledge of 23 flt may reply. Thank you.

Ian Thompson . eyetee

Wish to contact any 15 fld wksp members, pre 1978, MT preferred

Steve Coulson

I served from 79-91 as an instrument tech at 12 armd, 1st bn Irish guards, 14 fd wksp(berlin), 1 RHA, asstd RAC units in Catterick. Drop me a line if you remember me!!

Michael P. Cully

Left REME in Feb 93 as a SSGT Armourer needing a change. Later that month, enlisted in the RAEME as a SGT in Sydney. Currently a CAPT in the Corp. Still think of my northern brothers and wonder what's happening. When REME MRO Leicester closed where did the Armourers angels go to, particularly Jan Palmer? If anyone has her address please pass it on. What's happening at Rowecroft Bks now as I'd heard it had closed and SEME to close! My God...end of an era!

David Lee

Hi there, Anyone who was in 3 BOD Wksp during 1961 to 1964. Give us a call. Regards David

Richard Powley (Dick)

Hello out there, does anyone know of Cfm. John Sperling who served in a number of LADs in Muenster, Germany from 1972- 1976?. Im still left over here in Germany and it would be nice to get in touch with him or anyone else who served at the time at Buller Barracks. For those of you in the UK, I'm a licenced HAM and came make a sced on 40 or 80 meters if I receive an Email. Thanks in advance, Richard

Vicki Lesley

Looking for anyone who served with the army in Cyprus in the nineties. Would love to chat. E-mail me at

Wilfred Pollard (BIll, Will) 6087698

This is going back a few years but I am looking for anybody who knew my Grandad. He was an Arm Sgt at Fortress Workshops 126(I)OFD, CEYLON COMMAND 1943-1944 then moved to 9th Punjab Hvy AA Workshop, also Ceylon, mid 1944 for a few months before returning to England. Would be great to hear from anyone who knew him. Hope to speak to you soon!

John Coyn

Anyone that knows me. Drop me a line.

John Burch (JB)

To anyone who knows me I am now in the Arborfield area teaching at SEAE & would welcome contacts.


Trying to find JOHN JONES.John was a Cpl attached to 1 (BR) CORPS STORES Bielefeld.Last heard of in Dorset

John (Ginger) Spencer

Would like to contact any old pals from 7.Infantry Workshops R.E.M.E. . who were stationed at Hoath Lane Gillngham, Kent. Between 1956 and 1958.

Bryan Gordon Rogers

Ex 161 vmb.11 Hussars and 16/5 Lancers in Germany late 1960/1970 now in Zimbabwe also ex Rhoadesian army.Looking for any one I searved with

George McLaren

Anyone who remembers me from 1 RHF LAD, 26 Fd Regt RA Wksp or 1 Sqn RCT Wksp all between the years 1979 to 1985 please get in touch

Brian Dennis


Bernard Patrick (Pat) Heath

REME 1942-1947 as Electrician (Control Equipment) around London and, later, Egypt and Palestine. I suspect that all my contemporaries have died; please prove me wrong.

Keith Smith (Smiggy)

Anybody from 1956 - 58 stationed at Minden, St Georges Barracks who was IN the LAD, 54 Coy RASC.

Frank Hughes

Its time to see if there is a few of me old friends about and even a few of the people I remember here.I was in but briefly, from Jan 87 til Nov 90. PMC to Detmold. I hope some of you guys are still out there and doin' well.

Sean (Bonnie) Langford

A big hello to anyone who remembers me! I served from 86-2000 with the following units - 50 Msl Regt, 1 R Hamps, 1 PWRR, 38 Sqn RCT, 3 Bn REME, BATUS Wksp, and 21 Sig Regt. I would love to hear from any old mates!

Amanda Lund Yates

Looking for Robert Chandler, last known REME Bordon, Hampshire 1959. Any info would be welcome

Andy Graham ( Ginge )

Hi,I am trying to locate old friends who joined REME at the same time as me. I joined in May 1984, and trained as a B-Mech in Bordon from 1984-1985, before going on to serve in the LAD attached to the 16/5th Queens Royal Lancers, I would be glad to hear from anyone who knew me during these times. Cheers Andy

Percival Ralph Baker

Hi, I am looking for anyone that knew my father. Percival Ralph Baker. He was stationed in Aldershot at one time and married a German lady called Katie.He was a REME man. Any info great!!

William E Knight (bogey 22275445)

Hi any body out there that remembers me

George Green

Looking for any one that remembers me,little scotsman that spent most of his time in the special forces role. Now living in Australia with my wife and two kids.

Les Jackson (Jacko)or (Big Jacko)@AMFL


Joined in 79. served with 21sigs till 83, AMFL Wksps till 86, HQ NI till 87, 22Air Defence RA till Jan 90, Northag till jan 93, 1PWO till Aug 94,londonderry Station LAD till May 96,70 AC WKSPS till July 99 and 5 div HQ shrewsbury till Sept 2001. Looking to say hello to any one who remembers me.Keen to hear from Chris Rose, Terry Sherburn or Ian Duff from Blackburn.

Ron Allett

Served 1960-1966. Basic training in Blandford, mechanic course at Taunton then on to AFV at Borden. 1yr with 5RTR Fallingbostel then 3yrs 9/12th Lancers Aden/Sharjah/Osnabruck.



Where are all my friends1954-77. I was a recovery mechanic,served, BAOR ,ADEN ,HONG KONG,OMAN, and would like you to contact me.


I came to REME, from the RASC, in'52 and stayed with the firm till 1970.Was at SEME with 137 Art Vehs and did time in UK, BAOR,Japan,and'Honkers'.Most of it was enjoyable and in good company. Love to hear from old pals.Nice to have a site where we have this opportunity. Thanks.

Malcom Wood (Chippy)

I was with R E M E in the mid to late 50s and attached for the last couple of years of my service to the 41 company R.A.S.C/ L.A.D with some great people,Like Yorky Atkinson,Flash Rutherford Ted Newboult.The list ofcourse could go on and on .Anyway now I,ve found this Website I shall hopeful find news of some of them.Best Regagds Chippy.

Juergen Riedel

Looking for members of the 17th Field Work Shop, Benghazi (Libya) in the mid 1960's and/or anyone attached to the infantry, stationed in Malta in 1967~68

William E Knight (Bogey 22275445)

G.Day!!Bogey here I like your site been searching around my time in REME was 49/58 I got permission to go to ozzy land all my old mates are probibly gone by now.I served.Blandford/Bordon,Aets,Ellesmere,VM school,Tuksford,2 BOD LAD, Depot,REME Iinspectorate.2 BW Tel-el-Kebir.Armoured vehs.49 coy LAD,Botley/Aldershot.ex to Aust,58.

wayne " hutch" Hutchinson

Im trying to locate an old work mate,Graham "geoff " Boynten who was a Lance jack at 60 Sqd Colburn baracks Catterick . He was an electrician and we enjoyed a few guinness frenzies while serving together .I last heard he was in Germany but that was a few years ago . If any one has any info it would be gratefully recieved

Jim Murray " Pink Panther"

Looking for Paul Clarkson, John Andrews ex 4 ARMD LAD REME Minden circa 1989 - 1995

Jim Hayler .

Hi , I was with the Guards Armoured Troops Workshops . We started off in Bulwell 1942 or was it 43 ? then we ended up at Topcliffe (west Yorks) before going down to Hove in Sussex ready to ship out to Normandy . I'm now in New Zealand but would like to hear from anyone that was there . Take care , Jim , Jim

Bruce (Sooty) Sutton

Anyone remember me? I am now living in Stoke-On-Trent if you want to meet for a drinkAl

Mark Walker

I was serving from feb '79 in 22 platoon at arborfield (basic training)........if you mail me don't forget the 1 after the name in my e-mail address

David Moseley

Served 68-70 training at SEME.Bordon,70-71 Kings Royal Hussar,72-74 6 Field Workshop Munster,74-76 27 Command Workshop.Anyone who served with me at these times feel free to e-mail .

R.G.Jones (Scouse)

342 Workshops Athens 1946 Athens Area Workshops 1947 1948 RAOC Athens area Att, 1948

Dick cotterill

Ex recy/mech looking for old friends.

Mark Reading (Redders)

Looking for members of 2 Royal Irish LAD 1989-1991, and Doris from 2 Flt AAC LAD 1992.

Peter Francis Tucker

I served in REME from Sept 53 until Dec 69. BAOR Malaya BAOR & UK. Would like to hear from anyone out there who servrd with me.


Working in West Africa for the past 7 years, Happily married will be in UK for Xmas, would appreciate to hear from anyone who knew me

Martin Hughes

Mark Jones

I was with 1 Bn.Green Howards Colchester, 21 Sqn RCT Duisburg, 21 Sigs Wildenrath,42 Survey Engrs.1 Corps troops Wksp Bielefeld,8 Reg.RCT Munster & 49 Bty RA.(1966-1987)If you remember my ugly mug gis a shout.



















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