Archive 9


Robin (Bob) Botting 1049

Looking for anyone who served with me from 1957 to 1960 18 COY AMPH TPT WKSP REME Fremington Camp N. Devon Would be good to get in touch

David A Clark. davy crockett 1048

Looking for old mates from when we were in 20 Inf.W/shops. Kenya Jan 1955 to Jan 1957.Stationed at Lanet.Nakuru.I was a recovery mech

Mike (Randy) Randerson 1047

Joined up in '71, served with..... 22 Sig Regt LAD in Lippstadt '75-'79.....2 Scots Guards LAD in London '79-'82 .....3 Div Transpotr Regt WKSP in Duisberg '82-'84 .....245 Transport Regt WKSP in Bristol '84-'92

Lawrence Holt Cheshire 1046

Served with 3rd Carabineers LAD 1949-1953

Davie Smith 1045

Looking for anyone who served in MT Sect 4Field/4 Armd Wksp Detmold between 76-83.Also anyone who knows me from Wolfenbuttel,BATUS&Detmold

Kenneth Simmons 1044

Started of as a 49B brat at arborfield, served at Fayed Egypt, Polimedia Cyprus, 5Bn (SEE) Singapore, Malacca Malaya, Osnsbruck, Detmold Minden and of course NI comissioned in 1975 then to 15fd Wksp Carrerick, 19Tk Tpr Wksp Bulford and 27LSG Regt RCT finally retired in 1979.Now well and truly retired in Bracknell Looking for past mates esp George & Lucy Wingate Harry & Jean Saunders from Singapore plus all the others that put up with me.Pl drop me an e-mail

Malcolm Moran 1043

I served with 9 Field workshops from 1973-1976, 36 field wksp and 26field wksp in Dortmund 1076-1979

Alan(Barney)Barnes 1042


To anyone who knows me(1970 TO 1987)-HI. I was 24190141 Sgt Barnes A.G. REME and then RCT(V) from 84-87. It would be good to speak to some old freinds.

Robert Burnside 1041

Served in REME from 1959to1965 Far East and Germany I have just received an old photo Blamford 1959 with the following Willie Binns,EricMorgan Jock Breakey Colin Edmiston D Olphert myself Geordie Burlinson if anyone would like to contact me

Ralph Barlow 1040


1952 Honiton Barton Stacey there after Bunde

Geoff Hannis 1039

I would be interested to learn what became of any or all REME Medical & Dental Technicians and Artificers. Did you carry on with "electro-med"? What are you doing now? What is your story? meanwhile, Best Regards to all ex-M&D types - especially those who "kept the faith"

Larry Emberley 1038

Ex Carlisle 65B ,Served with,11/10th Hussars LAD, Welsh/Scots gds LAD. S.E.M.E., 7 armd wksp, Army Catalogueing Agencey. Be glad to hear from anyone who has the time.

George A Lamont (Jock) 1037


42B ATS B Chepstow before Phase 2:- RAC, 3rd Hussars (1945 - 1953) Post Phase 2:-(1953-'72) 2 Armoured Wksp; SWB; 22 Malayan Inf Wksp; Malta Wksp;11Inf Wksp; 9/12 Lancers; Scottish Horse; 65 RCT Sqn RCT; 562 Para Sqn; 1 Para Log. Rgt Wksp Sqn.

Ray Briggs 1036

Served in REME in Eygypt and india in 1942 to 1946. 887 squad. anybody out there?

Douglas Graham 1035

I was called up to do national service in 1954. Did basic training in Bude,Cornwall and Honiton,Devon. then went up to York. to finish.I was defered until 21 as I was a joiner apprentice. Please get in contact if you remember me.I went into the Methodist Ministry after leaving the Army,am retired now

Cpl.Peter Mercer 22731951 1034

My father (the above) passed away on Monday 19th April, Is there anybody out there that knew him?

Alan Fawcett 1033

Looking for anyone who remembers me, especially looking for Dave Richards (SADDAM)

Paul Wright 1032

I served with Royal Signals and REME between1964 -1986. I would be interested to hear from any ex collegues

Fred Selfridge 1031

Ex-REME Cpl. Left in 1982. Joined as a brat in 1967.

Frank Hanley 1030

REME from Sep 70 - July 03. trade was Gun Fitter. Units served with - 18 command Wksp, Royal Hussars (PWO) LAD, 39 Hy Regt RA Wksp, 13/18H (QMO), R A Range Hebrides, REME Wing RSA, BATUS Wksp, KRH LAD, RDG LAD. Trying to find Keith Arthur Thompson who served with 13/18H LAD.

L/cpl.Roy Peary.(PLUG) 1029

Hi I would like to contact any LAD members of H Sqn.5RTR, Germany 1960-1964

Mel Allen 1028

Any Rugby Playing Beer Drinking Ex Reccy Mechs or anyone remembering me from 1966 to 1970 4Arm , 2RTR, UN Cyprus.Shajar. 10 Inf Wksp. Please contact me. Taffy Reardon, Dick Cotterill. Arthur (MUD MUD Glorious MUD)

Malcolm Moran 1027

Would like to contact anyone who served with me in 9 Field Wksp Bordob 1973 - 1976 and Dortmund 36 Reg RA & 26 Regt RA 1976 - 1979

Tom Baker 1026

Looking for anyone who served with me at the following units:= 62 Station wksps .71 Aircraft wksp. 122 Tipper Coy LAD.Army boys trade school singapore. 25 Coy RASC LAD.or any one who remembers me

Peter Ttchener 1025

Hi, I served with the LAD attached to the 16/5th QRL in Germany during 1977 to 1980

Brian Leonard Hills 1024

58/14 Intake, Blandford.then Honiton Devon and served with 16LAA RA at Bulford and Shorncliff. Looking to contact old mates. Any out there ?

Martin Cadman - Scatman 1023

Hi, I was a Vehicle Mechanic 2 and am looking for a lost buddy. Name of Simon Carr- Vehicle Electrican Class 1 who's last known address was HQ 1 RECCE BDE LAD REME NETHERAVON WILTS SP4 9SF

Roy Philip [ Joe ] 1022

Served in Africa, Kenya, 1946, 1947. Looking for old mates, i.e. Sgt. George Whiting (X-VQ4RAW), Sgt. Blisham, Cpl. Jack Leach. My info: Roy Philip, 14459745

Keith Beadle 1021

REME 1957-1979. Maralinga, RAF Wildenrath, Terendak Camp Malaya, Catterick, MVEE Chertsey. That's just the highlights. Glad to hear from anyone who remeners me but don't tell me I owe you money

Roy (Curly) Johnson 1020

Looking for anyone who remembers me. Tranfered from Royal Signals(Catterick) in 1951. Served with 12 Armoured Workshops Benghazi from 1952 - 1954. Also Tel el Kabir during 1952 Suez crisis. Went back to Benghazi in 1956 and rejoined 12th Armoured Workshop for the duration of second Suez crisis.

Ray Wheat 1019

Trying to locate Bob Troup, last seen 656 Sqdn AAC 1972/73 or anyone that knows me from 73 A/C Wksp or 663 Sqdn Netheravon

Bernard Jury 1018

National service 1952-54 Lassi Bordon Attached 32 Assault Regt R.E

Cliff Calvert (Eddie) 1017


To all my old mates(REME Wksp's AQUABA 1954-56.Les Murphy, Harry Miller,Bob Charlton, Eddie Marshall, Frank De-Rosa, I cant remember the rest.

Ken Crump (one or two called me Dennis) 1016

Like to here from any one who served with me 3 Nov 1949 to Nov 1951.sSations, basic training Honiton,General Fitters course at Norton Manor, Taunton,Arbourfield on draft,hmt Orwell Port Said,workshops Larnaca,att 1st Oxford/Bucks LI Famagusta Coralos Camp, Dekilia,Goldensands Famagusta,then Arbourfield,last 11 Vech group w/shps Ashchurch Tewkesbury I got around a bit,but enjoyed most of my time as an, I will be at the RBL Week at Looe bay 17 april and vetrans week at Weymouth in June 2004 ALL OUT THERE GET in touch we are all 72/73 now so hurry up we have been waiting too long,I have never forgot the lads I was with and I have dozens of photos to prove it,All the best to past and present who have and are still serving in the best and smartest corps in the British Army.

Sydney Bryan Warrington (RSM) 1015

Trying to contact Barney Trett REME Sgt. If anyone knows the where abuots of Barney please contact me.

Victor Carr (Mike) 1014

I was with the 10th ARMOURED WORKSHOP(REME)stationed in MINDEN,GERMANY;1953-55. I am trying to find JACK (SMUDGER)SMITH,who was the blacksmith at that unit. I believe he lived in the GRIMSBY area. Would also like to hear from anyone with that unit at that time.

Dave Butts 1013

Trying to contact Ex Sgt Brian Dennis last seen in Hong Kong 656 Sqn AAC, wifes name Donna with children Brian Mandy and one other daughter and a baby.

Shaun Wixey 1012

It would be good to hear from anyone out there that remembers.Arborfield, Rowcroft bks.Jun78-Oct-78,S.E.M.E.Bordon(armr.course),Oct78-May79,Palace bks.Holywood N.I..May79-Mar82,7Sigs Herford Apr82-May85,1 Corps Tp Wksps May85-Jun86(then PVR)

Ronald Lampert 1011

My last posting was with 337 LAD, Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt, 1947-8

Chris Zubrzycki ( Zeb) aka A to Z 1010

Hi,I was a REME Electrician at Bordon 1979-1980 15 Field Workshop Munster 1980-1982 Love to hear from anyone who remembers me

John Sefton (Sef) 1009

I was in REME served with 7th Armd Wkps, Fallingbostel, 1959,then with QRIH's at Hohne,Aden,Sharjah, Ipoh,Singapore,Brunei and Wolfenbuttell. Any guys out there that knew me send me and E mail please

John (Willy) Williamson 1008

Living on the Isle of Man with my wife Eileen. Kids now left home (YES!) Served from 1977-1992. Took the money and ran. Love to hear from anybody who remembers us

Derek Reynolds 1007

I would be pleased to hear from any ex-REME personnel who served in Egypt and were stationed at Tel El-Kabir Garrison, during 1944/45

Ronald Davison (ron d) 1006

Served from 1963-71, A.A.C. Arborfield,21A&E Middle Wallop, 13Flt Aden, 13Flt Sharjah, 8Flt Plymouth, 660Sqn Topcliffe.

Peter Trevett 1005

Looking to contact David (Taffy) Self who I served with in Munster, Germany between 1967 - 1969

David "Dave" Searle 1004

Arborfield "49B" looking for Johnny Prince,Peter Barber and Brian Sylvester. Having served 3 years at AAS Arborfield between 1949 & 1952 I went on to serve a further 11 years with REME, with spells in Korea,Hong Kong (twice)and Malaya before being disabled out in 1963.If your out there drop me a line

William Tansley {Bill} 1003

Looking for friends from 1001 mobile workshops stationed in India from 1942 until 1946

Barry Salisbury 1002

I would like to hear from anyone in REME 1954-1957 Padaborne Germany basic training Blanford forum cheers

Gerald Ford (gerry) 1001

Anyone who served in 1 Inf wksp East Africa between 1961 and 1964

Bill Roberts 1000

Basic training Sept/Oct 1958.under Sgt Rimme & Cpl's Geordie Shepherd & Bruce.Remainder of service in Palace bks Holywood N/Ireland,CO Col Baber,Adj.Capt Fitzgerald,CSM Holmes.Now retired living in Spain

John Hawkins 999

I was called up for national service Feb 1955. Blandford 6 weeks,then on to Gosport to train as an armourer. Met Jim Cocker,Tooting and Mitcham,Norman Ramsbottom from Blackburn.I'm from Exeter.Lastly Warminster workshops