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Dave Allen

I left the Army in 1992 after serving in Belfast, Salisbury,Werl in West Germany, Duisberg, RAF Lancaster, Dortmund, Cyprus, Saffron Walden. Serving with the 1st Batt The Queens, The Black Watch, 249 Signal Regt, 19 Field Regt 16/19 Lancers.

Philip John Dickinson

My father is looking to find out any infomation ex ww2 sgt Bill Hoare reme 10 base w/shops alamadi India

Derek Hunsley (Curly)

Any one out there who remembers me please drop me a line

Lyn Prescott

Dear Sir I am hoping that among your names that you may have one John 'Doc' Holliday. We last saw him and his family in Aborfield approx 1976? We first met them at Larkhill in 1971 as we were next door neighbours in Lightfoot Road and I used to babysit his two children Janice and Anthony. John is (was) married to Maureen. John and my father, Brian Flack were great mates and very often would sojourn to Southampton where my aunt and her husband owned a pub, the Queensland in Clovelly Road. Although my father was in the RAOC, John was in the REME. It would be lovely to catch up on old times with John and his family. If you are in contact with him or know where he can be contacted, an email to let me know, would be very much appreciated. Yours in hope!! Lyn Prescott ( nee Flack) Tel 01208 880327

Eamonn Slowey ( Irish - Speedy)

Started the sentence @ AAC Arborfield 71A. Ex A Mech like most spent lots of time "over the road". Now resident in Lowestoft Suffolk. Any one still in circulation give us a shout for a beer Eamonn

raymond (pop)pennell

I would like to try and contact John and Marie Russell. last posting Iknow of was Colchester prior to that 3RRF lad Fallingbostel Thanks

Kenneth desmond Cooper


Trying to locate John Marshall, Les Pitt. Both at Gremandorf Munster W/Germany 1962-65. Also Ken Hislop Junior Leaders Arborfield 1959-62. Could you tell me the name of the REME corp tune. I think it was Lillie something. And where can I get a record/CD of the music? Thanks Desmond Cooper


I am using my daughters computer to help find anyone who served in the 2 Base WorkshopsREME in Egypt. 1953/1955 please get in contact I am trying anything to try and conntact anyone who served with me . Thanks,Brummie

donald william hargreaves

looking for anybody trained 2training regement honiton

Iorweth Jones

I am looking for my army pal and best man at my wedding, in October 1952. His name is Nick Emmett (CFN Emmett promoted to L/C). Army No. 2588778. We served together in Egypt 1947-1948, and East Africa (Nairobi) 1948-1949. Last known address was in Perth, Scotland. The last message was that he was going to Ireland, in 1968 or 1969. It would be great to get in touch again.

Syd Cranny

Anyone remember Bridgend, 19 Command Workshops Circa 56-57

Alan Press (Slim Press)

Would like to make contact with any one that knows me and any one that has any information as to the whereabouts of John Paddy who was also in my Div 56A Arborfield and a very special friend.

Paul Woodward (woody)


Does anybody remember me from 5 Armd Wksp 79-82,13/18th LAD Herford 82-85 or 12 Ad. Regt.Wksp Dortmund 85-87.

Robert (Bob) Hallsworth

Joined in 68 - sunny Arborfield. Tels training at SEE. Served with 1st Royal Anglians (Catterick and Londonderry), 20 field Workshops (Duisberg), 3rd Batallion the Parachute Regiment (Aldershot, Belfast, Singapore), 27 Command Workshops (Warminster). Already found Charles Harvey on this list - any more?

Dave Harvey

Looking for ex 58b Army Apprentice School Chepstow mates A Company or Corp of Drums.Mike Early where are you now.Bob Bliss and others? Also A Sqn LAD Queens Own Hussars 1962-1966 Spike Judd best sock darner ever.and many to hear from anyone who remembers. Regards Dave

Keith Mason

Looking for anybody who knew me from 5 Field Wksp/BFPO106 around 1973 was electrician possibly Bob Metcalf?

My number 24259926

Bob McLuckie

Loking for any Ex members of 377 Art Veh cse & does anybody know the whereabouts of Ex Sgt Chris Cairns VMB, last location 2nd Btn Coldstream Guards Munster 92/94

Steve Hartney

Served 1972-1986 Munster, Detmold, Arborfield (Depot) Bordon looking for any old RD mates out there or anyone who knows me.

Grant Coles

Looking for Paul "Taff" Lewis, tech storeman, served at 39 Heavy Regt Wksp 1988/89. He was best man at my wedding in August 89 but we lost touch when I re-traded to avionics tech.

Dave Hewitt

bin looking 4 Paul Baird(not 2 sure of spelling).He was VM did SMC together.I'm ex recy mech 79-91.No I'm not a captain its my handle on the CB as Im a BIG HAIREY ARSED TRUCKER now. Would b great 2 hear from anyone who remembers me.

William Bottomley (Bill)

Served in 12Inf. Workshops based Ipoh, Segamet. Did training Barton Stacey. 1955-1958. Later based Johore Bahru.


Bill (Taff) Clements

Served in REME 1953/60 - Clerk - Served in AAWksp REME HongKong and the LAD att HongKong Signal Regt (Murray Bks) fom 1954/57 then 19Comd Wksp REME Bridgend 1957/58. Formed unit 85 CommZone Wksp REME for service in Cyprus and Jordon 1958/59. Last unit was 3 Trg Bn Aborfield. Played Rugby for Corps and various teams. Known as Taff and would like to hear from any of my old friends, a few being Gary Raybould. Ben Wing. John Nesham and many others.

Robert Mc Cord (Rab)



John Radford

6'2", thin, ginger haired, now long past it all. 23012847 54.06, Basic training Blandford then VM course at Ellesmere?. First posted to Greenford, seem to remember a Capt. Vogel who was a bit of a "build your own" sports car nut. There were others whoes names I can't recall but were mad on cycling so I joined them on morning rides. The only name that I can recall is Ray Pinchen who was determined not to leave the country and had his own way of avoiding posting, I don't know if it worked. I was posted to to 40 Co. RASC LAD for a while (brilliant Christmas 55) then on to Station Wksp Moascar MELF 10. Never did much of note in my time but in retrospect I enjoyed it. If that rings any bells I will be happy to reply !

Alexandra Giles

Hi I am trying to make contact with my father. His name is Martin Reed Wardleworth, service no 241125ID, he was a Craftsman in the REME. We have unfortunately lost touch over the years and I would love to know more about him. He was in REME in 1969 but do not know how long for, where he served etc. I have been in touch with the Craftsman mag and also Lostcomm and have contacted all the listed Wardleworths on the Friends Reunited sit...made some new friends, but no-one knows Martin! Can you help me? Thnx Alexandra.



Alan Mackay

Looking for 215 Recovery Company REME (V)and 150 Recovery Company REME(V) specialists, or anybody else who enjoyed a pint in 'The Cricketers'....thinking of a reunion.

Roger (matt) Matthews

Looking for old friends Cyprus (Famagusta) 1958/61 REME/WK/SH Bielefeld Germany Reme wrk/sop 1961/63 Chalky Till Chalky White Scouse Chandley ect

Maurice Rippin (Rip)

I am seeking anyone who served with REME 31 Armd Wksps Rotenburg in 1952-55 for 50 years Special Reunion in September 02 at the Hilton Hotel Leicester. Many old pals have been discovered and it looks like being a good night!!!

Bernard [Bernie] David Wenham

Joined 67,trained at AAC Carlisle.First posting to Detmold,20 ARMD BDE LAD. 2nd posting to 5 FIELD WKSP Soest,HVY B section.Served in N Ireland,early 74,at Moscow & Bessbrook.Came to Australia in 76.Looking for Dave Stevenson(Stephenson) Or anyone one else Who can remember me from the mentioned units.

alistair douglas brown ally brown

ex 11 plt depot reme 1979 ex 12 armd wksp 81 84 ex 20 elect wksp 85 88 living back in scotland would like to trace dai battel also jonah 430 or anybody that remembers me hazel and kids

Hi there Does anyone know where Raymond Louden is now,last had contact with him around 83,he had been at Aborfield Ireland and Germany ;would like to know how life is treating him and his family now. Julie

Ted Trott

I served in Sigapore with L/Cpl Arnie Tromans, Cpl John Faulds, Taffy Francis and Micky Warwick (Haggis) amongst others. We were attached to 237 Signal Squadron at Tanglin and lived in Princess Mary Barracks for the period Oct 1959 to Oct 1962. Any body out there recognise us.

Colin (Ted) Hooper

Started at AAC Arborfield 70c. Spent too much time in the band and didn't make it as a tech, so they sent me to Bordon in '72 to be a VMB. Best thing they ever did! 1 Para Log Regt (1973) 22Sigs regt Lippstadt (1975) ! Arty Bde Hq & Sigs Hildesheim (1977) 3 Tk Tptr Sqn , Sennelager (1980) QRIH, Tidworth (1983) 4RTR Tidworth (1984)


looking to trace ex reme personel stationed at 8 regiment RCT workshops Portsmouth Barrack Munster Germany between 1977-1980

Mac McKechnie

Hi, I transfered from R.C.T. in around 1973, Storeman, trained at Deepcut, stationed at Nienburg, Colchester (A.A.C. attached) Training Cpl at Arborfield, Recruiting in Birmingham A.C.O. as Sgt. Finished at Middle Wallop in 1979. as Sgt. Anyone out there no me? - Give me an E mail. Mac.

Colin Wakefield

Joined in Jan '79, Discharged in Jan'01 in between served at 25 Fd Regt RA LAD, Paderborn 617 Tk Tptr Sqn RCT Wksp, Hamm 3 RRF LAD, Catterick 9/12 Royal Lancer's LAD, Wimbish (Essex) 16/5 Queen's Royal Lancer's LAD, same place REME att 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards 8 Fd Wksp/8 CS Coy(7 Air Asslt Bn), Colchester Also did tours at 46 NI Wksp Kinnegar and FI Engr Sqn Wksp, RAF Mount Pleasant as well as the obigatory unit tours in Cyprus, Canada, Bosnia/Croatia and Kosovo. Would love to hear from anyone out there who knows me.

Mark Dollery (Stan)

Served in 1 AAc Wksp in Hildesheim,between `89 and `92. Would like to find Adrian Catlin- last heard of at Heathrow Airport, and Ben Selby, and anyone else who can remember me.

brian johnson

joined in 1975 (75C). served in HQ 1 BR Corps Bielefeld to 1980, moved to 25 RA Paderborn till 83 on to 12 Armd Wksp Osnabruck and finished at 28 amph Wksp leaving in 1989. Got out of most of the dirty work by playing cricket and hockey. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Brian Cox known as Murff

Joined 05 pln '72 in the old popperinghe depot. Wasted time at SEE and HQ Coy Depot from 72-73. 5 Fd Wksp 73-75, 10 Fd wksp tidworth 75-77, 657 sqn aac & 1regt aac 77-79, 1DERR lad 79-82, 45 & 40 Fd regt RA 82-86, 3regt aac 86-88,Civ Det 4Armd wksp 88-93, 35Base Wksp 93-94, HQ 118 recy Coy (TA)94-95. Met lots of people through cricket, drank lots of beers through cricket and don't remember much about it now. Anyone recognise me and crazy enough to admit it please drop a line.

george green

looking for any one that knows me or any of the following .--stoppers ,ray kiloh, graham rouke,david burnette,eddy(paul) eld, roland langer and any one from my first unit 2 fld amb hohne which does not exist any more.

Sonia Bowsher

Trying to contact Doug McCABE attached to 40 regt Hildesheim back in 77

Pete Hair (Prof)

Anyone from 17 platoon (R e m e Depot) Nov 1972 or S e m e at Bordon 1973..........Give us a call. 24312487 Pte Hair P.

harry penn

VM(A), served from 61-83, mainly in Detmold ,4 Amstel, 1RHA,9/12L, Queers on Horseback, also at 5Armd Soest. Anyone who had the bad luck to know me can be reprieved by an email! Harry


Dave Brown

Hi, Whilst going through some old papers I have found my card for the REME Corps Sergeants Mess Life Membership. Membership No B137 dated 08/10/82. Anybody any idea what the current situation is on these membership cards ? Regards Dave Brown (ex WO1 (Supt Stmn) left Aug 88)

John Murphy

I would like to hear from anyone who served in the Army Emergency Reserve, REME LAD with the 2 Field Dressing Station RAMC in 1957/58.

Andy Riach (Captain Righteous)

Anyone from PMC Jan '90 to Dec '91, I'd be interested to hear from you.

Graham Neal (Grumps)

I'm looking to contact ex members of 112 Coy RASC LAD. based at Verden, and then as 12sqn RCT at Liebenau from 1960 to 1965. In particular Tich McCartney,Sid Rushtonn and Big Jim Burgess. I have already found Eddie Groody, Jeff Hetherington, Les Bell and Ray White. We look forward to making contact again. rg

Keith Doherty (Doc)

Tried contacting to catch up on times long ago. However if there are still people out there that remember me get in contact. Kas if you are out there Email me, I can't to you with the one you left. Doc c

Dave (skully) Lawson

Hi all I am trying to trace anybody who knew me in my time with REME. I was stationed at Aborfield,Bordon,7 Armd.Wksp. Fallingbostel or UK.Look forward to hearing from u all skully .Re

Elizabeth Lee

I am looking for Nigel Gowland age approx 33, 34. He is a sergeant in REME. We are organizing a school reunion and want to know if he is interested in attending. If so please get in touch a.s.a.p. Thanks Liz

Chris Letton (Merlin)

I served from 1968 - 1992 as a Ce Tech. Postings to Munster, Osnabruck, Detmold, RA Range Hebrides, Batus Wksps, KLT, UK Armd Regt Tidworth, Det 31 Dist Wksps Catterick. Looking for Al Duddy, Bob Holden-rushworth, and anyone who knew me.

23660084 Corporal Edward (Ted) Trott

I am still looking for anybody who served with 237 Sig Squad. COMCAN Singapore for the period Oct 1959 - Oct 1962. I am in touch with Arnie Tromans but would like to hear from any body

Oswald 'Ossie' (Taff) Morris

REME 1946 - 1948, Chilwell then 1 & 2 Base Workshops Haifa, Palestine. Looking for ex-pals Roy Parry, Roy Howton, Norman Naylor.

Chic Evan

Well I've been about a bit since I divorced in 78 jacked it in in 79 came back to Dundee went to Saudi for a few years got married again came back to Dundee for some more went to Uni working as a Desk Jockey behind a computer.

David P Carter

Hi There. I have been searching for a great number of years for a member of the REME we were great friends, Bob was last seen in Singapore In July 1966, he was a Staff Sargent attached to C squadron 4th RTR, we saw service together in Aden Malaya & Sarawak. He was known as Bob Gale,any info on his location would be greatly appriciated. Many Thanks Dave Carter 20.43 hrs 13-6-02

George Hugh Dawson Spark

I served in REME from 1951-1956 at the following places,11 veh depot wksp Tewkesbury,veh workshop in Witten-annen (Dortmund) and with the !st Bn Royal Ulster Rifles in Wuppertal.Id love to heat from any friends from that era.


trying to re-contact Rob (gus) Taylor from peterlee co durham.He was serving at 45 med regt , paderborn in 1975/78,then posted to bulford.Last heard as a Sgt.Family include wife jackie, son Andrew and daughter Katie.

Sid. Tissington

Hello to all ex friends at 2 Base W/Shops Tel-El Kebir

Reg Collings

Served in REME 1955-57. Trained in Blandford, sargents name was Dawson. Later trade training at Taunton. Served rest of time with LAD 1st Royal Horse Artillery in Munster Germany. Was attached to B Battery.

Major Bob Russell

169 Inf. Workshops (TA) are attempting to organise a reunion on the the 6th of July 2002 for members who served at the Wembley HQ during the 60s. To be held at The Arborfield Garrison on Corps Day. Confirmed attendies : Corporal John Wright, Peter Parker, Major Mike Evans, Captain Paul Brudenell and Major Bob Russell. Please join us and contact any other old comrades.

Tony Hamnett

I served in 4 Armd Wksp and 664 Sqn AAC from 1985-1989. I would like to hear from any of the guys i played with and guys I served with at 4 Armd Wksp.

John (Geordie) Sheen

Anyone who knew me at LAD 4RTR, 5 Armd Wksp, REME Wing RSA or 70 AC WKSP drop me a line

Steve Hartney ex 24285145 1972 -1986

Anybody know if they still have the RD reunion at the Corps Sgts mess?

Lee Meredith

Ernest Harris

I did not serve with REME but for many years I corresponded with Brian R.Unwin who worked in the stores at Monchengladbach. I believe Brian had served in the army but at the time I was corresponding with him he was working as a civilian for REME in Germany. I lost contact with Brian about 10 years ago and would very much like to contact him again. At the time he was living with a German girl named Angie and hoped at some time to return to the Morecombe are of Lancashire. If anybody knows his whereabouts or how I might be able to trace him I'd love to hear from them.

Dave (Geordie) Dickinson

Tq anybody who has total recall after all the "yellow handbags". I did my stretch with 4 RTR,FRG 7 ARMD WKSP,5 INNIS DG & 4 RTR (again).Now living in Aus.

Robert Proctor

I am trying to get in contact with an old friend Derek Moffat.We served in AFCENT together then met up again in N.I.When we lost contact he was a staff sergeant but i think he got promotion.I was in the R.C.T.


Alright, i'm looking for an old friend.We served together in Herford with 7 Signal Regt in the early 90's.He's called Chris Roadknight or Roadie.Any news or info on him would help. cheers Scotty

Christopher John Druce

Hi, everyone. I've been trying to contact some of my REME colleagues from the late '60s and early '70s with very little success. I served at AAC Arborfield from 1963 to 1966, then SEME, Bordon from 1966 to 1967. On completion of Aircraft Tech. training, I joined 70 A/c Wksp. REME, Middle Wallop from 1967 to 1969. >From there I was posted to 11 Flight AAC, Kluang, Malaysia until 1971, when I was made redundant. I would love to track down some of the people I served with, so I'm rather hoping that they will see this message. Very best regards to everyone, Chris Druce.

Chels Hale

Calling all ex BAOR REME Aviation bods. We're hoping to arrange a reunion dinner in Detmold for the 23rd November 2002. Come along and see old faces and what's happened to the old Hobart Barracks. More information can be found at our website

Richard (Taff) Jones

Trying to find Mal Conn who was at 20 Electronic Workshop around 1982-1985. I believe he left the Army a few years later and may have settled in the London area.

Richard Powlesland

Joined 'Brat' school as part of intake 74C (supposedly the largest one up to that time). After spending time in Dortmund, Minden, Warminster, Belize, NI and finally Fallingbostel I left in the summner of '88. Still keep in touch with friends made during the NI 'tour'. Would like to hear form anyone who remebers me.

Keith Bishop (Bish)

Looking for old mates Mick Robinson,Dick Clarke and (Slim) Jim Cooper who was in 5 Armd Wksp in 1977-1980 can anyone help us out?

James Wesley Radcliffe

Looking for B.R.King. Instrument mech. ex A.A.S.Arborfield 55B intake. Originally from Wrexham. ( nickname Queenie ) G.F.Knox vehicle mech. A.A.S. Arborfield 55B intake. Home Address J.W.Radcliffe, 19 Coleridge Place, Stoke, Nelson, New Zealand.

Peter Kelly

Hi Chris.I am an ex-Reme man 1953-75. Was an Art.Weapons (Course No.2 1959-61). Would very much like to contact ex course members. Try first for Lt. Col. Cyril Orchard Lt. Col.Clive Young Lt. Col. John Woods (all retired). Chris, so much appreciate all what you are doing. Best Wishes, Peter Kelly.


British Forces Reunited

Hi we are trying to trace on behalf a member Mr Stanley Bottomley we don not have much info except we know he was a craftsman at ADME North Mid Dist 1954 -55, not much to go on but we cant leave this to chance and are therefore trying every resource available. We would be grateful for any help Kind Regards BFR

Gary Squires

I joined REME in 1986 and left in 1995 I would really like to hear from anyone who remembers me, also would like to contact the following people. Dave Piggin Colin Hands Ronny Leese Phil Freeman look forward to speaking to someone

Allen Murphy (Spud)

Reccy mech 1973-1977 10 Platoon Arborfield, Martinique Brks at SEME and 13/18 Royal Hussars LAD Hohne.

Geordie Dodds

Anybody who served at Golden Hill Fort get in touch.

Michael Ryan

I Cyprus from early 1957 to end 1959. Attached to the Witshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburghs)at Aghirda and later with Cyprus Signals Regiment in Nicosia. Pleased to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Terry (Tez) Tozer (Sgt)

Looking for James (Dutch) Vanniekerk (Sgt) please who served at 8 Field Workshop REME Colchester aound 1986-8 Cheers Terry

Derek (Dell) Le Gall

Served REME Arborfield (60C) to 1985. BAOR, Borneo, Hong Kong, UNFICYP 1974, Art Veh 259 etc etc etc. Now living in Holland. Would love to hear from anyone who will admit to knowing me.


Searching for missing old boys from AAS ARBORFIELD 1952, especially K"Bob"Roberts, H"Ray"Starbuck, B"Blondie"Hilton, Dennis Chapman, and plenty more. Let's hear from you lads or anyone who can help. Many thanks.

Christopher Basil Higgins (Bas. or Chunky)

Looking for pals from 11, Inf.Workshop, Hong Kong 1954-1956 in particular Bill Smith from Moss Side, Manchester

Jim McQuillan

I did my national service from Dec.4th 1950 and was at Arborfield then Blandford. Was posted to North Africa and spent short time in Benghazi before posting to Tobruk where I served the rest of my time. I would love to know if any other members were there at this time and if they remember me. I was the recovery vehicle driver and was billeted in the Transport Compound along with a Scot called Sandy Edwards. Hope to hear from someone. Cheers Jim.

Garry Chapman

I would like to hear from anyone who I was friends with : Army Apprentices College Arborfield - 78C (September 78 ~ December 80)especially the band / Bramshill Hunt on a Friday night crew. Life Guards L.A.D - attached to A Squadron(April 81 ~ January 84). 18 Base Workshop - Lulworth Gunnery School Detachment (July 84 ~ July 85).

Robert Lipscombe

Ex 66C Carlisle, 4RTR LAD, 12Field wksps Osnabruck & 3Div Airhead Ord Coy. Would like to hear from anyone that I dont owe money to especially Mal Winpenny (ins tech), Brendan Gibson (storeman), Andy Graham (vm). I've lived in Western Australia for the last 22 years and am a bit out of touch!Not going to hold my breath but would love to hear from anyone. Rob.

Robert Eddie

I,m looking for Harry Reekie and others I served with. Harry and I went through basic and trade training together in 1970. Then he went to Minden and I went to Osnatraz. Cheers Rob.

Bernard Francis Winters-Jones(Jones)


Hi. I am trying to get in contact with Frank.Culross. We were in Bordon in 72/73, in 44 metalsmith. I last saw him in Osnabruck in 74/75. I have been out now for too many years "medical discharge". I would like to find him or anybody else that knew me. I was in Beilefeld 73/75, Ni 6months "HMS Ram's Head". Then back to Germany 75/76, UK 76/78, Germany 78/80 in "Schloss Neuhaus" stationed in Paderborn. I now have a wife + 4 kids 1 in the Corp, 1 to go in soon. Regards Bernie

Charles Ray (Chas)

I am searching for Graham(lofty)Walton ex REME. we served our National Service together 1950/52 and first met at Bordon Trade Training (Mech)Centre, Posted together to 2AA Group Workshops Dorchester,Sailed together 1st Jan 1952 on board the SS Atlantis bound for the canal zone were we split up as I was posted to T.E.K, Graham to Suez. His parents used to keep the Uplands Hotel in Handsworth Birmingham. Any news would be greatly appreciated

Tom McGarry (Mac)

REME NS - 1954 - 56, Honiton - Arborfield (AFV) - Arborfield Depot - December 1954-56 - BAOR LAD (ECE) 3RTR Detmold. Have contacted mate Brian Ray, are there any more out there. Tom McGarry, Hyde, Cheshire.

David Pitts

Looking to hear from anyone who was in falklands 5 platoon at arborfield from april 1987, just to see how lifes treating them . cheers lads

Geoffrey Milbourn

REME LAD with 17 SQN.RCT.Self employed in Germany

22965891 JONES EW (TED)

Sept 53 1 pln B coy 1 Trg Bn Blandford Nov 53 11 Trade Trg Bn Malvern Jan 54 13 Armd Wksp Derna Melf 8 Aug 55 Stn Wksp Derna Melf 8 Feb 57 113 Coy RASC LAD 2 Inf Div Bfpo 34 Aug 57 113 Coy GT HVY LAD Army Tps Bfpo 34 Jan 60 S,pore Dist. Wksp Singapore Jul 61 221 BVD RAOC Wksp Jahore Bahru Jul 62 1 Base Wksp Singapore Mar 63 22 LT AIR DEF RA Wksp Gutersloh S,pore Hubbelrath

frank connor

Trying to contact bob heaven sgt armourer kowloon 70s in suam shui po diving club

Dave Bryan ("Dangerous")

Get in touch.

Alan Lemarquand

I served 2years national service @ 1 command W/shops Piave Lines,Catterick. 1953/55.My service number was 22874718 and I was a CPL. Is it possible to communicate with any old collegues? Thanks.

Dell Le Gall

Served REME 60-85. Art Vehs. BAOR,Borneo, Hebrides, Hong Kong Etc Etc. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me

Paul Fisher

I served with 14 fld RA, 14 Lt RA, 29 commando RA, 23 Eng,25 Eng,UN Cyprus, 50 Command Wksp HK,5Lt RA,Rhodesia Monitoring Force, Anyone out there who remembers me. I am currently working in Italy for Foster Wheeler.

Tom Gee

Looking for anyone who was at 4th Armt Trg Batt Blackdown 50-51 and at Geneifa, Canal Zone,51-52 73 HAA W/Shops. Please fellows I don't want to be the only one left alive!!!

Dave Fox

Served in 4 RTR/5 Innis DG LAD in Tidworth 1982-85, then on to 7 Sigs LAD at Herford till 1987. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I can't find anyone I know on this site!!

Doey Richards (Martin)

Seved Jan 84 to present and still serving. 4Armd Wksp, 1 Queens/1RRF Tidworth, 22/16 Air Defence RegtsRA Wksps Dortmund, 237 Sig Sqn /14 sigs Wksp Brawdy, 14fd & 3fd Wksps 6 Bn REME Bordon & jolly old Tidders. Keen to hear from any old pals from all those years ago,especially Paul'pops'Greaves and anyone from FRG11 when it stood for Fattys Recreation Gang !!

Colin Bruce

National Service 1952 - 1955 Trained at Blandford , Dorset. Attached to Royal Tank Regiment Caterick

Andy Jones

Just seeing if any of 76C are around.

Gordon Goodison

Served in REME as a VMA from 1977 until 1989. Would love to hear from anyone that knew me in Catterick - RAC Trg Regt (77-79), Hohne - 14/20H (79-82), Detmold - 4 Armd Wksp (82-85) or Larkhill - RSA (85-89).

Steve Montgomerie (Monty)

Joined REME in march 1985 (42 platoon i think). 3ADTR in Duisburg during 86-88, then 38 Eng Reg in Ripon until 1990. So many faces I remember, but sod all names.... Anyone remember me?

David Hughes

Any one who remembers me. I retired in Jan 2001 my last posting was 6 Supply Rgt Workshop.

Steve Trigger "Trigg"

Does anyone out there remember me? Joined 1978, came out in 2000 VM-A. Units toured include: Life Guards/Blues & Royals LAD Detmold, 4 Armd Wksps, Scots DG & RHG/D Fallingbostel, 237 Sig Hullavington, SEME, Royal Hussars PWO, Def. Pet. Cen.

Steve Jones

24126548 67c AAC carlisle. 1969 to 1 Br Corps Bielefeld, 2 queens regt Werl, 32 AYT Arborfield (great posting), 1 fld wksps Munster,Cyprus, NI various others lost in the mists of time. Names to remember, Mick Smith, Brian Allott, Phill Coughlan, Jim Fox, Bob Cubitt, Bob Lacy, PAT Littlejohn, et al. i am now living in New Zealand, though on another posting at the moment to Moscow. Love to hear from you all.

Larry Jarvis

Robert Weeks

Looking for John Tulloch who served with REME in Germany 1960/62 he came from Bury St Edmunds where his father had a garage. 1969/70 John and his wife emigrated to Australia.

Peter Chatfield

My reason for visiting is to enquire as to anyone who may have served on Christmas Island between 1956-1964. I have a website covering this period, and sadly to date I have only 1 ex R.E.M.E.chap onsite. I know there were hundreds there over the years and would really like to have more input from you lads. Site address if you're intersted is, don't be shy lads, get involved. Yours in anticipation Pete (Chatty) Chatfield




Derek Read

Still trying to contact Eric Cole(VM), Paul Hannigan(Reccy Mech), Henry Pires(VM); Martin Grant(VM)ex marine; We all were at Bordon training during 1973 -1974. Anyone who knows these guys please inform me. We were good buddies. Also anyone who was at 6 Fld Wksp Munster 1974-1976; Brunei Garrison Wksp 1976-1977; and 7 Sqn RCT Wksp 1977-1980. Would also like to hear from Mick Thomson who was in Brunei and married a local girl Shanti. I was the best man.

chris stebbing (stebbo)

I am trying to make contact with Ian Handsford.I last "bumped" into him in Amsterdam 1975, prior to this we did basic and trade training 1972-1972 Aborfield and SEME Bordon.

frank johnson,beltrider

REME from 1960 to 70 Dortmund,Wuppertal with the RMA Aden 22.Eqpt wksp.52 Comd wksp Southampton 17 Port Rgt.

Robert ( Bob ) McKinley

I would like to make contact with Jim Morrison, who was attached to my unit ( 51 Sqn Airfields R.E. Waterbeach ) round about '74/76, we also went to N.I. with 48 Sqn, and met once more at Chatham - where I think he was on a CofW course. Hope someone out there has contact with him.


vm from 77-83 served with 12AD REGT DORTMUND 3RGJ AND THE MAGNIFICENT 8 FLD WKSP COLLIE would love to hear from ALAN MUNRO SPIKE GRAHAM RAY KING JOHN BECKETT MICK CROSS SPUD EDWARDS PADDY PASCOE or anyone else i've forgotten [thru alcohol



Alan Webb

Would like to hear from any of my old mates who was with the 9th. Infantry Wk/shops, El-Balla, Egypt, around 1951/52 All answered. Thanks..WEBB 474. (Armourer)

Keith Franks

HQ REME 1 Comwel Div Korea 1953-54 GHQ MELF Egypt 1954--55.HQ Tripolitania Disstrict 1955-56. HQ Northern Comd 1956-57. 6 Trg Bn Bordon 57-60. HQ REME trg Centre Arborfield 60-62. 14 Inf Wksp Berlin 1962-63. 7 Armd Wksp Fallingbostel 64 -67. HQ Tech Group REME Woolwich 68-71. HQ REME 1 Div Verden 71-73. 73-74 HQ Tech Gp REME Woolwich. Looking for anyone who is interested.

Barry Lowther

Be very pleased to hear from any old comrades. Served most of my time in BAOR - 60 SQN RCT Aden 65-67, 4 ARMD FRG Detmold 68-72, 5 Hvy RA Hildesheim 74-76, 17/21st Fallingbostel 76-78, 15/19th Paderborn (Wonderful Time), REME Tech Svcs Dusseldorf 81-83,Kuwait Liaison Team 84-86, and then 31 District Wksp golf society oops!! Now living in Doncaster.

Adrian Stainforth

I joined REME in 1981, in the first intake of apprentice armourers at the new Princess Marina college, Arborfield. Anybody out there from those days??

Brian Sidebottom


Trying to contact old friends who served in REME,19 Coy Tnk Tptr.Ranby camp,Retford Nottingham,1959-1961

Terry Godwin [Gogs]

Anyone from intake 62B [Arborfield], especially ACoy,who might remember me.

Stuart Shaw

ex 63a carlisle and Art Veh Cse 252 Bordon plus lots more. Pleaseed to hear from anyone who knew me.