Archive 11


Bill Cummings1973C AAC 1277


Looking for all 1973 pers. Also for friends I served with. Need picture of blue Landrover C/O 5 Hvy. Regt RA escape

Jason Townend 1276

Aborfield then 9 Reg.AAC,12 armd wksp/1 Battalion then 39eng at waterbeach if you now me get in contact first beers on me

Brian Hills 1275

I'm looking to contacting old friends. I was in the 58/14 intake, then posted to Honiton OC training then stationed with 16 LAA RA at Bulford and Shornecliffe

Donald Turner 1274

My father, Donald Turner served as a radar mechanic in the REME between about 1953 and 1956. He was stationed at Delmenhorst attached to 5 AGRA. If I remember correctly he worked alongside heavy Ack ack units on the ranges. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or was stationed there at a similar time

Stephen Youngs 1273

I am looking for my father,Christopher Robert Youngs,who served in REME at Chepstow and was also based in Germany. Date of birth is 04/08/48 so probably served in late 60's 70's. Anyone who knew him or knows of him

please contact me.Thanks

Brian "Tug - TOS" Wilson 1272

REME-VM A&B,from 1960-69. Blandford,19 Tnk Trp Coy,Bordon,24 Inf Bde Kenya. Aden,Catterick-42 Coy RASC,School of Sigs,School of Inf Warminster,27 Cmd Wksps,Aden Bde,Oman,Trucial Oman Scouts,Oman,SEME & BAMA Rally Team,Bordon.Love to make contact with any old Buddies from way back.

Keith Sanders 1271

Ex-REME 1957 5720 Platoon Honiton to August 1960 then five years in TA 2Lt.

John Gilmore 1270

Trying to find Mick Shepherd.Played rugby with him at Bordon for SEME in 1965.if your out there Shep. Give me a call.

Bob Fox 1269

Im looking for Scouse Morgan and Gordie Lee both served with me at 10 Inf workshops,Pandan,Johore Baru,Malaya 1957/59

Paula Chidester nee Newman 1268

Looking for Mick Scott from REME. He was based out in Hamelyn Germany in 80s, married to Carol Scott. Together they had 3 kids: Lisa, Damien and Karl. They moved to Belize and then Co. Antrim on postings, and then moved to Blackpool - this is their last known whereabouts. Would love to get back in touch if anyone knows where they can be reached

Paddy Lang 1267

Inst Tech REME 1965 until 1979 like to hear from any old friends.

John Cooperwhite 1266

I was a VE from Jan 86 till Mar 03, looking for any old froends, also a contact for access bands for the REME bar at the Armt Navy game on the 7 May 2005

Terry(josh)Coble 1265

I am ex Chepstow AAS 48A. we have contacts with Mick Bailey,Don Bradley, Dan Buck,Dave Craddock, Norman Shaw, Vic Wardale but would like more chaps from 48A B Coy to contact us with a proposed re-union about Aug/Sept. Good Luck All

John Campbell (jock) 1264

Servered in REME 6 Amoured Workshops 52 53, Recover transport, anyone in the football team or anyone who servered from 1952-53 please get in touch. John Campbell (jock

Peter Wight (Chalky) 1263

I served from 1953 to 1956

John Mansfield 1262

National Service between 1953 and 1955. Completed basic training at Honiton. Trade training at Gosport as Armourer. Then served at Fayid REME W/Shops until near end of 1954, under S/Sgt Dunn. I remember "Taffy" Mansfield, the unit Postman, and ..? Moran - Vech Mech. But not many other names at present. Was then based in REME unit in Aqaba, Jordan during 1954 for 9 months, being the only REME Armourer in Jordan at that time, so far as was aware. I Remember a "Ginger" ..? getting a 3 tonner stuck in the sand, and self nearly writing off a jeep in the camp on my first drive. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who served at these units/dates, especially Aqaba

Alan Kerr (george) 1261

Hi to anyone who knows me. I served a full term in too many places to mention, starting off in 76a. Would love to hear from any old mates in the corps Cheers Swampies

Peter and Joy Firth 1260

We are trying to contact John and Ann Bradley. They were good friends of our but we lost contact over the years. John was electronics and we would be grateful if we could find an address or e mail for him.

Gordon Hall AKA Knobby 1259

If anybody out there remembers me or Diane and wishes to drop us a line then please do so.Served in REME as tech stmn from 1966 to 1990

Patrick (mong) Barry 1258

I would like to contact anyone from 69a 'C' company Arbourfield boys school. Particularly Mick (Hump) Crook

Graham (Dinky) Cochrane 1257

Intake 74C AAC Arbourfield, 16 AD L.A.D. Kirton in Lindsay 77 - 80. 9 FD Wksp Bordon 80 - 82. 3 Armd Div HQ & Sigs, Soest 82 - 86. 110 Provo Coy RMP, Sennelager 86 - 88. Civvie Street 88 to present. I would love to hearfrom anybody that knows me.

Micky (Nobby) Noble 1256

Want to hear from anyone that remembers me from Argylls in Minden, 71 Aircraft Detmold, 6 armoured Munster, 15 Fd Catterick and Bosnia in 95 attached to 3 Field...Scotty, Rob, Ivan,Taff etc. Long live the Fat Raccoon Gang !!

Jim (ginger ) Morton 1255

Is there anyone who was in the 20 Inf Wksp at Tidworth Aden and Kenya 1957 to1958 I was the coachtrimmer.The workshop was Weyhill

PeteThompson 1254

looking for old mates who did training on intake 56/02 at honiton thereafter to gosport for trade testing. was armourer 2nd class and sent to 5th infantry WITTEN ANNEN

Alan Illsley(Sam) 1253

Any-one serving with REME between the years of 1969-1991 who knows me please get in touch

Trevor Stubberfield 1252

Searching for S/Sgt Stubberfield (no relation). Last heard of at LAD REME, 4 RHA, Delmenhorst around 1958/59. Any information greatly appreciated.

Alan (Winston) Churchill 1251

Intake No 5707. 1957-1959 Blanford and Cyprus

Nigel Clayton 1250

Class of 83c at Pricess Marina. Served at 71 A/C Workshops from 1986 - 1989, including a stint in Cyprus with the UN Flight in '88. Looking for anybody who may remember me to say hi

Graeme McIntosh (tosh) 1249

Looking for John Bruno and Alan Hunter who served with me in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards LAD REME between 1989 and 1995

Harry Finnegan 1248

I did my National Service in REME from October 1956 until October 1958. I had thought I would get into the Education Corps but ended up in REME I am very proud of having been in REME.I learned a great deal about electronics and met some really terrific guys. I still remember with affection many of the people I trained with Roy Stevenson (originally from Barrow in Furness),John Wilkinson (originally from Pudsey-Len Hutton was born there!) John Wall ,John Hall and many more. As I am now 71 I think a few will have died of old age. My number was 23343258.I did basic training at Honiton in Devon and then l went to Arborfield in Berkshire for specialist training. I ended up in Fallingbostel in North Germany. I retired as a teacher about 16 years ago and am trying to learn German and French just now to keep my brain from shrinking! Best Wishes to everyone out there who is serving or who has served with REME

Pearson Edward, Edd. 1247

REME 1958-1967, Cyprus, Middle Wallop, 1st batt MX regt [lydd, gibraltar,tobruk], BR corps w/shop Bielafeld Germany. Now located in Middlesbrough cleveland.

Colin Beeston Groves 1246

Anybody out there from Detmold Germany 1954/56 get in touch!!!!! attached to 9th QR Lancers REME LAD Hobart Barracks 1955 Derek Michael Swansea? Brian Hulse Stoke on Trent?

Maggie Shore 1245

We are looking for David Gilmour who served with us in Munster Germany in the 70s then Tidworth Hants also Soest Germany 5 Armoured workshop 1982 1983 any information email above

Gerry Pilling 1244

I started my sevice at AAS Carlisle 61A then served with various units, 15 Inf 7 Armd, 1 Gordons, 45 Med Regt, RSDG, QO Hldrs, Gren Gds, 26 Engrs, 6GR among others. I left the army in 1987 and would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew me from those days.

Baz Slator 1243

Does anyone know were Steve (geordie)Winterburn is ?

Victor William John Freegard 1242


This is to inform everyone that victor died on the19/02/05 aged 85 years.He served with the REME in the Suez Canal Zone and returned to uk 1956 He served in Bethlehem Palastine and Egypt in Nazzas army. Can anyone help with tracing Army and Military records.I am his youngest daughter.My dad was born in Birmingham.

Llewelyn Davies 1241

Hi, is there anyone out there that served with my father (named above) in REME 1943-1959. He was stationed in Germany many times, also Suez and Korea. Was with the Trucial Oman Scouts in the Persian Gulf. Was diasabled out in 1959. Sadly passed away a few years ago. Would be great to hear from anyone who may have served with him.

Dave Butts 1240

Trying to contact ex Sgt Brian Dennis and his wife Donna and children.

Jim Wilberforce (scouse) 1239

Would like to hear from anyone who served in 3 Inf Wksps REME, Shandur & Fanara Egypt, and Limassol Cyprus 1954/1956

Gareth "paddy"lynch 1238

AAS intake81b2(June81)served with 5 Armd Wksps in Soest 83-86 any old mates out there,love to hear from you.

John Gilmore 1237

Looking for old pals from SEME Bordon namely Mick Shepherd and team mates from the SEME rugby team 1965. and SEME football team.We reach the English final of the Army cup 1968.Some of the team are Joe Ramsden. Steve Moreton .Scouse Whetnall.Sammy Mckay.Flash Cordner.and others.Love to know how you all have been

John (ginger) Ross 1236

Hi to all of you ex REME guys out there. I am not going to bore you with my sevice record from 1959 to 81. I served in many units especially BAOR; Munster, Soest, Bergen Hohne, Celle and Hameln. Anyone who remembers me From 15/19 Hussars, The Armoured Engineers or 5 Armoured Wksp REME, Please get in touch. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Dave Whitehead please let me know, he was my best mate through our basic training as VM's at Taunton Somerset.

George Staples 1235 r

Anyone stationed in Gibraltar, 1953 to 1954 and stationed at REME Governor's Cottage Camp or Monkey's Cave, REME Headquarters please contact me.

John Carruthers (jock) 1234

A.A.S.Arborfield 54a 5 Armd.w/shops Hamm 1958 15 Inf w/shops Paderborn RAOC Detmold att. 10 Inf w/shop Singapore demobbed Nov65

Bryan (Bill) Boyd 1233

I served in the REME from June 1954 till July 1957 After basic training at Blandford in Dorset and Trade training at Taunton in Somerset I went to Malaya for the balance of my three year service.I was based at the following campsites during my stay. 10th Infantry workshops at Pan Dan in Johore Baru, Then on to Sungie Besi attached to the 410 plant troop. I also served with the 410 troop Royal Engineers at Ayer Hitam, and then on to Seremban attached to the Military Police force. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Malaya and would love to hear from anybody who might remember me.

Christopher Hawkins 1232

I served 56b to July 1959 Chepstow and I was in the Corps of Drums I would like to hear from any one who remembers m

Gerald David Adams 'Seth' 1231

COMCAN unit at RAF station Eastleigh Nairobi 1961 - 1964. Best posting in the British Army !! Anyone remember ? Officer was Captain Perks

Mike Merriman (Cpl Zoom) 1230

Anyone out there remember me. Basic Training Blandford !958), Then Barton Stalag, back to Blandford on the Bordon (HQ AER REME)short trip to Gillingham (9th Inf Bg W/Shop) finished 34 Base Wk/Shop Donnington. Still working (self-employed) anyone remember me!! please contact, perhaps a reunion could be arranged.

(Raymond) Paul Neal 1229

Ok you lot. looking for Mick Haliburton, Alan Whittle, Mick Holding, Ken Rowe, Martin Hacon, keith Eaton and Terry Shreeves. Had to be with this lot for our Art course at Bordon(1974). Remember the drill?? Anyone with cotton on their stripes was a gonner. Love to hear from anyone. regards Paul

Karol Cartwright 1228

Hi, I'm trying to find out any details of my Grand Uncle Dennis Lionel Hobbes. He was a Staff Sergeant in the R.E.M.E. at Saighton Camp Chester when he died in 1953. Family history has that he had been a Japanese Prisoner of War. I would love to find out any details at all about him.

Alvin Pettitt 1227

9 Platoon intake 1972? Arborfield Hants,looking for my dads old mates for major booz up.

John Houghton 1226

Was 56B (C Coy) AAS Arborfield, after leaving there served with the following: Royal Horse Guards (59-60), 42 Fl/Med Regt RA (60-65), SEME - Art Wpns Course (65-67), 7 Armd Wksps (67-69), FVDRE (69-71), Sch of Arty (71-74), 28 In Bde Sp Wksp - S'pore (74-75), Wpns Br REME (75-82), REME Tech Srvs - Cyprus (82-84), 30 Dist Wksps (84-85). Would like to make contact anyone with whom I served

Bryan(Bill) Boyd 1225

I served in the REME from 1954 to 1957 Starting at Blandford where I did my basic training. I then moved on to Taunton in Somerset for my trade training as a vehicle mechanic.After this I spent the rest of my three year service in Malaya my postings were at Pan Dan Johore Baru, Sungie Besi,Ayer Hitam, and Seremban. I would love to hear from any one that may know me

Egon Taska 1224

Trying to find people who were at 8Fd Wksp,when we did the landrover display teams,i.e.we drove them into an arena then stripped them down to wheels-chassis-engine and body.I am talking about 74/75

Joe Haynes 1223

National Service 1955/57, basic Honiton, course LAS26 Arborfield,87Tels workshop Minden,would like to hear from friends from this time.

Bill Cummings 1222

Looking for anyone I served with also looking for pictures of the blue landrover we stole on a escape evasion at 5 Hvy Regt RA Hildeshiem 1978 it was REME pers captured by the Regt when we nicked a lanny and escaped cheers bill c

Mick White (chalky) 1221

Served REME 1955-57 att 4th Armoured Hannover.

Eric Arthur Trueman 1220

I have just found a photo of my father with No 1 Trg R.E.M.E Blandford, December, 1951, `A` Company, No 5 Platoon, under SGT SEWELL, R.W. Sadley my father passed away 11 years ago but I would like to hear from any one who served with him.

Mr Robert Salisbury 1219

Hi, l know this is an long shot but l`m trying to find anyone who knew my father Ronald Maurice SALISBURY, all l know is that he served in the REME sometime between 1939-1945[l don`t know the unit], he would have lived in the Croydon/Tooting area at the time of signing up.

George Staples 1218

I served in REME 1953/54 stationed at REME Headquarters, Monkey's Cave. Any who knows me or was at Headquarters at that time please contact me.

Wilf Simms 1217

1957-1959, REME - Honition then Barton Stacey, Bordon and Buller Barracks Aldershot attached to R.A.S.C.

Jon Lewis 1216

Hi, This is a bit of a long shot and not sure if I can post here,but I am the grandson of Sgnt Jack Edward Owen, who served in the REME during WW2. His army number is 10541314 and he was in the 8th first army to Egypt and 14th army to Burma. He is now dead and so is his wife. I am looking for anyone who may have known him or can tell me how I can get more info about his life in the army.

Keith Henry Rogers 'Henry' 1215

AAS Arborfield intake 58B then AAS Carlisle, passed out 1961 and posted to 12 LAD Delmenhorst, then to Malaya, Borneo with same unit. Returned to Hubblerath Germany 1966 and was subsequently posted to El-Adem Libya with RAOC unit. Further postings to Bahrein,Bulford Camp-Salisbury and 5 Inf Wksp Plymouth from where I was demobbed in July 1970

Ian dockerty (Doc) 1214

Hi Just found this page,I am trying to find Del Draper,he was last seen att to the R.E at waterbeach,any help would be grateful

Harold Glaves 1213

Served 1949 to 1972. Interested in anyone still around from those days

Robert Curran 2nd Lt. 1212

Searching for Les Heiser (I have forgot the correct spelling) 2nd Base Workshop Kure Japan 1946/7. I was at his wedding

Maurice "Brummie" Broadhurst 1211


National Service basic training in Honiton 1957, then posted to L.A.D. REME 5 Inf. Bde. Group Iserlohn 1958-59. Would love to contact Roy "Vasser" Waters (Isle of Man); Bill Williams (Bradford); Emo Emmett (Halifax); Geordie Mufford (Newcastle)

Noel Swift(swifty,wally) 1210

Ex 59c AAS Arborfield,11 Inf wksp,Minden.SEME(courses).15 fld amb,Tidworth,Borneo.40 base wksp,(course).20 LCT sqn RCT,Persian Gulf,Gosport.lets hear from you rugby players.

Ernie Donlan (big ern) 1209

Did the REME thing from 1973-81,was at 7 Armd Wksp in Fally 74-77,then Royal Scots Dragoons,77-81,with a brief QOH lad for Canadian Army Trophy in Grafenwehr. Would like to hear from antbody that knew me,(esp).Tony Pitt,married to jane,Bob (master) Bates,Peter Bradley,married to Regina (was his bestman),Gwylim Wyn Evans (taffy),Pete (lucy) Lockett,Pete Noble and Barry (geordie) Henry,married Gail Hogben

steve(corrie)corrigan 1208

Anyone from 25 Platoon Poperinghe bks Arborfield 1972? surely someone must still be alive

Mike (shep) Shepherd 1207

I am trying to contact anyone from intake 65c (especially B company) AAC Arborfield and any REME serving 1968 - 1970 at LAD 2div signal reg. Birdwood barracks, Bunda Germany, with a view to organising a reunion at the BAR I OWN in Crete

Bernard Jury 1206

National Service Jan 1952- Dec 1953 Borden 1952 Lassi course Attached 32 assault reg RE Tidworth

Nige Ritchie 1205

Hi, Anyone out there know me.. PLease e-mail me...

Albert (wally)Waller 1204

I joined REME in1946 til 1949 then re-enlisted in 1954 at Blanford/Barton stacy--27 Cmd/wkshps Warminster--i1/12 RSME Giillingham--5 Fld RA--Ist RTR in Hong Kong & BAOR--9/12 in Osnabrucke + Recovery camps in Munster(with the infamous Jock McCall) & lastly Bordon leaving 1969/70 Lets hear from all you Recy.Mechs I am now living in Canada. I was also involved in REME & SEME football with Maj.(Jack)Smith Q.M.

Brian Roberts 1203

Anybody who knows me from SEME 70 - 74 42 Survey Eng Regt 65 - 69 9 Sq RCT Wkshps 69 - 70 6 Field Wkshps, Munster 74 - 76

Maurice "Brummie" Broadhurst 1202

Trying to find ex-service pals who served with LAD REME 5 Infantry Brigade Group 1957 - 1959; particularly Bill Williams (Bradford), Roy (Vass) Waters (Isle of Man), "Geordie" Mufford (Newcastle) and "Emo" Emmett (Halifax.served in Iserlohn, Germany

Charlie (Paddy) McMullan 1201


Member of REME 1964 - 1976

Wilfrid (Bill) Adams 1200

My Grandpa served in REME during WWII. He was near Vesuvius when it erupted in 1944 and was injured and sent home when bombed in Caserta. He also fought at Monte Cassino.

Arthur (ginge) Heap 1199

Would Like to Hear From Anyone Who New Me at 4 Div Sigs L.A.D.Herford or 9Sqn 10 Reg R.C.T.L.A.D. Bielefeld, And S.E.M.E.

Clive Allen 1198

For Derek Brown(Klinkers) and Smudger Smith.Have been trying to contact for long time and if your out there please contact me at the above e/mail address. Aqaba Jordan 1956/7 should ring a bell. Where the heck are yoooooooooo.

Robert Salisbury 1197

I am trying to trace any friends of my father who served in the REME. His name was Ronald Maurice SALISBURY dob 04/08/22. He was living in the Croydon area at the time, l do not have any other details. I know it`s a long shot but any help would be very much appreciated. Kind Regards Robert Salisbury

Tony (Digger) Head 1196

Hi, I am an ex Arborfield apprentice intake 46a. Served firstly in RAOC then from 1952 in REME until retirement 1970. Part of my military service was with airborne forces in the Canal Zone 1952/53 and later with 44 Indep Para Bde (TA). Recently an Airborne REME Old Comrades Association has been formed. If you are serving in, or have served in REME and been attached to airborne forces and would be interested to receive information about the AROCA, please contact me and I will send you details.

Maurice "Brummie" Broadhurst 1195

I am desperately trying to find servicepals of my brother (above) who served in L.A.D. REME 5 Infantry Brigade Group 1957 - 1959 in Iserlohn, Germany - in particular, "Geordie" Mufford(from Newcastle) Roy "Wasser" Waters(from Isle of Man), "Emo" Emmett(from Halifax), and Bill(?) Williams(from Bardford). Please contact me at the above e.mail address or on this website

Max Kitcher (kitch) 1194

Looking for long John Lister last heard of in Kingsbridge Devon

Bill Cummings 1193

Looking for mates from 73c B Coy. Also anyone who served with 5 Hvy Regt R A.1978. Looking for a picture of our blue Landrover we escaped with from a weekend escape evasion ie REME v 5 Hvy. Reg cheers Bill Cummings

Clive Allen 1192

Looking for Derek Brown (Klinkers)served in Aqaba with him. Also Smudger Smith was there with us also. Sure like to contact them.

Robert Bassett 1191

I am trying to find any information about my grandpa's (Bryant Bassett B:1918, D:2004) time in REME during the 40's. He was at Dunkirk and later served in India.But that is all I have, any thing else would be appreciated.

Don Bowman 1190


I was a Telemech [Field] serving in Chillwell depot [Long Eaton] then India, Saigon, Java and Malaya 1945 to 1947 laterly 23 Indian Inf. Division. I would like to contact Blly Marr

Reg Bennett 1189

Lke to hear from anyone who remembers me.served Blandford late 54,Taunton 55 for VM training.Sudbury near Derby,2nd Gurkhas Malaya 57.

Cliff Harrison 1188

Ian Rennie, Trevor Lomas & Cliff Harrison would like to hear from anyone who was at 35, Base W/Shops REME Old Dalby 1957 - 1959.

Ronald Kelton (Ron) 1187

Joined at Blandford Aug 1955 Drill sergeant Sgt. Thompson. After basic Trng. on to Malvern Trade School(Elect.)Posted to Carlisle with 32 Med Regt R.A, and then to Shorncliffe with LAD to 22 LAA RA. Whole Regt. moved to Pembroke Dock where I finished my time in 1958. Loved the place and the people. Would like to hear from Don Yates, Colin Radcliffe, John Mulcair, Taff Turley, and anyone else who knew me. I get so nostalgic thinking back to those wonderful days

Alan Stockhill (wakey) 1186

Big hi to anyone who knew me just get in touch joined REME in 78 and left in 87

John (stu) Hinson 1185

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from,Fallingbostal, Munster,Trng Depot, Catterick, Minden. I would like to make contact with Colin Schofield if your out there

David Leigh 1184

Trying to find the where abouts of Chris Newton who I served with at 6 Inf wksp REME in 1971-1973

Edward F Watts(Steady eddy-Falcon eddy) 1183

Ex Ssgt Art weapons served from 1969 to 1991, mainly in BAOR. Looking for any old freinds in particular Dave Harford,Fragile Griggs and Sean Parry

Andy (Midge) Ure 1182

Armourer 1983 - 1988. If you know me drop me a mail, if you know someone who knows me get them to mail me

Kim Wilson 1181

Looking for Sgt Craig Muir REME. Last known serving in Warminster 2002.

Desmond Beeby (1944 - 1947) 1180

REME from 1944 -1947, many postings in UK, India, Malaya, Singapore, Japan. Looking for anyone who may have served with him or knew him during this time, or anyone who can help with research into the REME in Asia during the post war period. Have many anonymous photographs from Malaya and Japan. Craftsman Beeby is currently too ill to assist in this project. If anyone can help or point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Linda Jacobs 1179

I am trying to trace Ann Cutler whose husband Dave was in the REME. We met in Hong Kong in 1974 / 75. We used to go bowling together and had great fun. Ann and Dave had two sons and after Dave sadly died Ann and her boys moved to Portsmouth. My husband served with the Royal Hamps and we settled in Dover with our two sons and daughter. I understand that Ann went to Spain for a while and that one of her sons joined the RAF. I would love to get in contact with Ann again.

Dave Holmes 1178

Hi ! Is there anyone about who served in KHARTOUM. SUDAN. in 1955 to 1956. Please get in touch.

Andrew Pearce 1177

I served in the REME 8th Field Workshop Colchester, anyone who remembers me and wants to get in touch please contact me

Derek Ward (des)(wardy)(jock) 1176

Looking for anybody from intake V91b at PMC especially Marc Wheeler from Boro

Mike Fryer 1175

Served with the REME from 1967 ( aac Carlisle ).to 1978. Attatched to 12 LT Ad REGT Workshops,3 RGJ,2 R Anglian, R Scots,1 Cheshire Regt. I would like to make contact with Alan Figgins and Dave Wright.

Ian Codling 1174

Went from Taunton as mechanic to Dhekilia area in Cyprus 1959 worked at an LAD near beach,which I think was associated with Command w/shops at Dhekilia.Any one remember that lad????Had a platoon or company of pioneers in same site

Pete Radford 1173

I think it is a forlorn hope but I'm an ex V&P electrician and was in the REME from 1945(September) to end of March 1948,my last posting was to 12th Heavy workshops in Hannover(BAOR).since I was demobbed I've lost touch with everyone.

Arthur bell [dinger] 1172

Hi anyone Did I dream it, or spend two of the best years of my life, with some of the best blokes you could wish to meet?1954-56. LAD 26 Fld reg can anyone help

Arthur Vernon 1171


Any friends who served in 52 Locating workhops Larkhill 1955-1956 or in the attached RA Regt.Please contact

wally stammers(mt storeman) 1170

Enlisted Oct 55-sept 58.If anybody can remember me at No1 Trng BatA&BCompany Sgt's Self and Rimmer,Barton Stacey,11 Command Wksp(SE London)or13 LAD School of Artillery Larkhill Salisbury Hants

David John Duke 'Dukie' 1169

I was in REME attached to 6RTR, B Squadron on NS as VMII from Sept '53 to May '55.

Lawrence King 1168

Iam trying to find old comrades of my father . He served in R E M E to about 1946 mainly based in Sussex on search lights and radar. I have not much more info but his name is John King but was known as Jack King. if there is anyone who would have remeberred him please get in touch .

Robin Harvey (ROB) 1167

Would like to hear from anyone who served Blandford C coy Taunton trd.trng.Stn wksp Polemidia @Episkopi 55-58

John Kitchen 1166

I joined as an apprentice in the intake of 79A, anyone who knows me feel free to e mail me

Paul (Scouse) Worsley 1165

Served from 78-94, mostly in BAOR as a metalsmith. Would like to hear from any old friends that may want to drop me a line.

Christopher Cook (cookie) 1164

Does anybody remember me from the Depot 14plt 68 or permstaff at AAC Arborfield (junior coy storeman) and then on staff At West Court Offs Mess and lastly at 4th Armd Workshops 72/73

Peter Kerr 1163

Ex RD, served 1971 - 1993.

Cfn John Jackson ( brummie ) 1162

I was in HQ Platoon at 32 Armd Wksp Liebenau , Germany , 1956/57 .

Cfn John Jackson ( brummie ) 1161

I was in HQ Platoon at 32 Armd.wksp.Liebenau , Germany , 1956/57 . anybody else out there

Brian Paton 1160

AAS Arborfield 20/2/52 to 3/2/55, 23 Base Wksp Donnington Shrops 4/2/55 to 15/10/56, 2 Inf Wksp Taiping Malaya Oct'56 to July'58, 12 Inf Wksp Tidworth Hants Aug'58 to Demob Dec'61. If anyone remembers me please get in touch.

Caroline Davidson 1159

I am looking for Jules Snoxell, last I heard he was serving with the SDG's in Fallingbostel. I am also looking for Rob Richards from Camborne in Cornwall who I believe was last serving with 9 Supply RLC in Chippenham.

Clive Allen 1158

Looking for Derek Brown (Klinkers)who served in Aqaba Jordan attached to RAOC 1956/7 together with Ray Checksfield and myself. Derek we think originated from the Isle of Wight.. Klinkers where are youoooooooo...

Gopalan Somarajan 1157,sg

My father serve in 40 Base Workshop in Singapore as a Crane Driver from 1952 t0 1977.Pls contact me if there is anyone who served during this period.

Gerry Cahill 1156

I was in REME from 1967-69 and was stationed at SEME, Bordon, Hants. Would like to hear from any of my old mates.

Dom 'Doc' Doherty 1155

I was stationed at the following places and would love to hear from anyone that knew me! '77-'79 47 Fld Regt RA (Colchester) Martin 'Billy' Hill, Stevie Woods... '79-'82 4 Div Hq & Sigs (Herford) Taff Colley, Bri Fellowes (Detmold Sig Sqn) '82-'85 61 Ord Coy (Gutersloh) Geordie Maguire, Martin Wizocki, Barry Richards '85-'87 2 Div Sigs (York) Scotty, Alf Greenwood, Andy Andrews etc.

Leonard Gibbs 1154

Based at Bicester, 1953 to 1957. anybody remember me. I lived in Wisbech, cambs at the time

Seb Kenyon-May 1153

Hi, I am looking for any information on my father Capt. Maurice Kenyon-May who was in the REME possibly during the 2nd World War. He served in Ceylon. He died in 1992 when I was 21 and I would like to find out more about his life. Would anyone know how I can get access to his army records?

Alan(Winston) Churchill 1152 r

Looking for David May and anyone who traind at Blandford intake No 5707 1957 to 1959

Chas McCoy (Mac) 1151

I've been trying for years to find Chris Rowe ex REME.we served together in various units finishing up in Arborfield as driving instructors circa 46/8. he came from Ilfracombe in Devon. Anyone know of his whereabouts?

Tom Spurs 1150

Ex 53B Arborfield. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers