Archive 1

Tony Neave

Anyone who knows me and wishes to get in contact(except those I owe money)

Pete Hutchenson

Would love to make contact with any old mates from the following units and places.1965- 04 platoon REME depot, mid 65 -66 SEME, 66-68 47 Light regiment RA at Barnard Castle, Aden and Newton Abbott, 68-71 1Div HQ Sigs at Verden, 71-75 Queens Own Hussars at Hohne, NI and Canada. Feel free to contact me at above email or on 01429 291959

Tony Neave Jnr.

Any one from 93 Charlie, or any one that knows me from the shot or Osnatraz, drop me a line.

Steve Henshall

Anyone who served with 1st Btn Irish Gds LAD REME or 4 Armd div Transport regt wksp REME between 1974 to 1979 or who knew me I would like to hear from you. (Steve Henshall 24332677)

Mick Lowe

I am trying to make contact with Nige Carter,I knew him from 3RTR LAD, but I also know he was at the RMP`s in Bulford Also trying to find Mick Halliday,Who I knew from 10Fld Wksp, and Scots D.G.s LAD in Sennelager. Any info gratefully received. Mick

Martin Byrd

Ex REME tels tech looking for anyone who knew me. PMC 86A (D Coy), REME Wing RSA 88-91, 16 fd wksps Belize 90, TTU153 Arborfield, 20 elect Bielefeld 91-93 BATUS summer 92, 1 BN REME Osnabruck 93-94. Especially Paul Preece, Tony Bolt, Andy Dunn,Rob Mcinnes.

Keith Greener

Looking for Sgt/Ssgt "Wally" Wallington who taught me to shoot and win lots of cups and things! We met at 3RTR Wolfenbuttel and moved with 3RTR to Fallingbostel 1970/71. It would be great to make contact again. Regards, Keith (Cpl then!)

Kev Stott

I served in REME as a gunfitter from 1980 till 1993. I served in Germany, BATUS, Warminster and NI with: 7 RHA, 4 Fd Regt RA, 1 RTR, Royal Hussars, BATUS WKSP and 45 Fd Regt. If anyone who remembers me would lie to get in touch please do at the email address given. I am particularly trying to find: George McKee, Tony Ingarfield, Sean Lakin, Charlie McNulty, John Staple and many others whom I apologise to for not mentioning here. send = Send

Steve Montgomery (Monty)

I joined the REME in September 1974 at the Army Apprentices college,Arborfield.Otherwise known as 74C, I was in A company. I went to BAOR in 1976 attached to the RCT in Nienburg and then Munsterlager. I regretfully left in August 1979. I have been a policeman on Merseyside since 1982, it would be good to hear from some old friends. I still keep in touch with Kevin Wood, we joined on the same day and travelled from Southport together. He is now a police sergeant in Surrey.

D K (KIP) Berryman

Hi, any one out there now the whereabuts, of George Wilson and Willy Harle,ex Tiffy

Edward ( Ted ) Sabat

AAS Carlisle 1960 - 63. Automechanic, Hockey player. Only black kid in camp. Looking for Dave Mills. Jonny Farell. Ted Borda and others. 6 inf Wksp. Munster. 63 - 64. George Ambrose from Antiqua. and others. 40 Lt. RA. L.A.D. Borneo 64 - 65. Mike Shanlon.David Mills. Terry from stores. Jerry armourer. Lofty. Jock. and others. Where are you now ?

Peter Godden (AKA Horace)

Any one who remembers me from 1979-1991 94 Loc Regt Wksp,QDG-9/12L LAD,UNFICYP,HQNI or NORTHAG/2ATAF drop me an e-mail or come and visit me in New Zealand

Steve Brook (chinny)

Anybody who knows me please get in touch.

Dave Billmorw

To anybody out there who served in the Blues & Royals LAD Detmold, germany back in 1967-69 and in Sharjah 1970. Please give me a call or E mail message.

Brian (Jonah) Jones

Would like to contact anyone who knew me (and I don't owe money to) at RHG LAD,1959-42 Regt RA LAD 1959-63,20 Coy/Sqn RASC/RCT 1963, 3 Inf Wksps 1965, Sig Wing School of Inf 1965-66, 50 Comd Wksp 1967-70, 10 Fld Wksp 1970-71, 5 Lt Regt RA LAD 1971-73. Or anyone from the Stoke Area who is not a member of the Potteries and District Branch, REME Association.

Eddie Paviour

Any members of LAS 9 Telecoms course at Arborfield from march 1954 to April 1955. I would love to get in touch. I am in contact with Alan Maude and 144 J.P.G.Jones at Christmas card level but would like to contact all the others.

Brian Hibberd

Looking for old pals from Station Workshops R.E.M.E. Episkopi Cyprus 1957-59. Chadwick,Vokes,Wilton,McBean,Micallef,Hartley,etc. Anyone who knew me,be pleased to hear from you,E Mail or phone 01246234043,Come on someone must be out there.

Peter Ruddiman {jock}

just to try and contact any members of mt.section command w/shops,ashford kent. 1953-54,or victoria brks. hong kong1953-55.will elaborate more later.

Doug (Dinger) Bell

Late of AAS Harrogate (52b); late of 13 Command Workshops, Aldershot (1955-1957; late attached Royal West Kent regiment and now late on parade (again). Id be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Chris OUNG where

Tels TECH 1975 - 1981. A name you cant forget ? Get in touch. k thes ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (2451595773)

Des Bittles [Paddy]

I joined REME on 12/09/1965 and was discharged on 18/01/1979 having served at Minden Hildesheim Windsor Cyprus Caterham Munster Lippstadt and NI. I would love to contact anyone who knew me and be able to share some of the great times we had. Are you out there Chris Moxley Dick Pienaar Vince Smith Ken Wilde John McConaghie to name but a few.

Rogewr Davis "ginge"

would like to meet anyone fron71Ac Wksp, 18Flt AAC,661/654 Sdn AAC between 1960/1979.


Geordie"G"......Bill glendenning 24364137 or

I am tyring to find 24364044 Palmer C. J.Llast known Minden 80's 1 LI, 2RGJ also trying to find old freind from 2 fld RA,(not REME) any pointers would be helpful!! thanks Bill

Frank Connor

I served with bob heavan who trained me in sub aqua in kowloon 1970 also Dennis Pritchard both Sgt armourers its been a long time also Roger and Lyn Stansbury at Munster.How is life treating you all?Any one a member of Sham Shui Po Army sub aqua club?

Kevin Leonard (Leo)

Anyone out their from Arborfield intake 74C, 1 Field Workshops FRG Bielefeld (76 - 78) or 5 Armoured Workshops FRG, Soest (78 - 79)?

Bob Brunton

Hello out there. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me. 6 inf. wksp. Munster.69-74. 11 fld. wksp. Minden. 74-76. or anyone else who remembers me from anywhere else.

Steve Spink

Just trying to trace anyone who may remember me, joined the REME Nov82, served at 1ADTR in Bunde, 1st Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders at Minden, then at 10 Field Sq. Royal Engineers at Guterslough before demob in 92. Trying to find old mates, Martin Wick (Wicky), Mark 'Jock' Skene, and Mal Anderson. Anyone with any info please pass on, Cheers, Steve Spink.

Derek Burton (el capo or bodger)

served with R.E.M.E 1966 to 88 now living in Yorkshire, any old friends Tish and myself would love to hear from.



Keith McCalister

79-94 service, came out as WO2 (AQMS) Art wpn, now working in the computer industry, anyone out there who remembers me drop me a note to say Hi. Keith.

Andrew Tidbury (tids,tiddles)

Richie Manning ( scouse)

Hi all, I was at 4 Armoured Workshops, Detmold 86/88 in the MT section. I am trying to trace old friends can you tell me where the following are Harry Price, Vince Davey, Rudi Fleming, Shane Smith, John Bater or our old O.C. Lt Col Mike Selby. I would be pleased if you could send any information to my E-mail address. I would be made up to hear from all who remember me. Cheers, Richie.

Keith Kirkcaldy (Geordie K)

Geoff (Jumbo) Jones

Ex 72C, Tels tech. Looking for "Jake " Thackerey, ex 4 Armd 79-83 or anyone who knows me.

Phil Pattison

Trying to contact Sgt Pete Baker REME Tels Tech with D Troop Q (Sanna's Post) Battery in Dortmund 85/87. If you are out there Pete drop me a few recycled electrons. Phil (Sgt D Survey/Sound Ranging Troop

Dave Peck

Anyone that I met along the way: - Arborfield AAC, A Company, Intake 67B - 27 Medium Regiment RA, Lippstadt, 70-72 - 3rd Commando Brigade, Royal Marines, Plymouth, 72-73 ..please send me an e-mail. Cheers, Dave

Norman Webster

Searching for colleagues from Sergeants Mess, Garrison Workshops,Gibraltar from my time there June 1956 to February 1957 especially Lofty Warling and Joe Chalmers REME,and Eddy Carr Catering Corps,with whom I had many a glorious night out in Gib. and La Linea


To anyone who remembers me and cares to get in touch. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Darren 'Nobby' Hall (armourer, we lost touch in Bulford 1991) i'd be grateful of a message

Jim Wilberforce (Scouse)

Looking for anyone from 3rd Inf Workshop Egypt & Cyprus 1954-1956

Alan Drane

Before I served with 1 Div.HQ & Sigs,BFPO 32,Verden, I served at the apprentices school Carlisle, 3rd Ind Field Sqn RE Tidworth, School of Artillery Larkhill. I would like to hear from anyone who served with me, in particular Iwould like to trace Peter Soltysaik, Joe Roberts and Taff Ebley.

John Bosher

Anyone who served with me in 52A at beachley, Garrison Wksp Gibraltar 56-57 Old Dalby 58-59 and 47 GW Wksp Napier Barracks Dortmund 59-63 please get in touch.I now live in Bridport Dorset and am Treasurer for the REME Assocation in Bournemouth.

Bernard Mills aka Bert or Barney

Looking for any one who was at Hohne 1960, 4 RTR LAD. Lemgo 1961-65 ASqn 4RTR & 1 RNF LAD. Especially Cookie Twins, Brian Robson (robbo), Al Spence (Clerk). My 23 years were spent, (skiving) 56b Chep. 6 Bat Bordon, 4 RTR, 1 RNF, 192 Art Veh finished mid 1966, UNFICYP, 36 Hvy Wksp Dortumnd, 16/5 Lancers, 15 Fd Wksp Catterick, SEME, ATDU Bovington. Left 1980

Jack (john) Croucher

im a relative of jack-john croucher wishing to find any army mates with information and photos.we think he was presumed missing 1940s in action.blonde hair.had girlfriend called daisy clarke. was based in london REME in june 1941.

Mal McWhinnie

Started AAC Arborfield 70B retired Sep 94 from R.Mon.RE[M] Wksp REME[V] as PSI. Now residing in Western Australia welcome contact with old friends from the past,Denise still in tow Daniel married off


Mel O'Connor ( Geordie )

Looking for Fred Milne,Ron Milner,Nick Nunn or any other old boys from Hadrians Camp , Carlisle,65a. Reunion at Carlisle The Lakes Court Hotel, formerly the Cumbrian. On Sat 29 September 2001. Also Would like to hear from K.E.J. Smith Ex S/SgtReme.Last seen at Osnabruck Germany Att RRW.1970.

Darren Slater (Quoz)

Captured Aug 12th 1985. Escaped Nov 91. Found wandering, 20 gin and tonics workshop, minden then Bielefeld. 5 Armd Soest 7 Armd for the gulf expedition. Would like to hear from any bod who remembers me. names i'd like to find Jake malcome (pen pusher) Bri-dods (self confessed great guy) i can find stevey lard holden, gaz ward, ian (handbag) crummey, lofty loftus, Dave (he who will be obeyed) Campbell.

Ron Trevelyan

Served as a VM in REME from 1972-1993 with 18 Command Wksp. 7fd Wksp.RSA Larkhill.4/7 RDG. & 4 Arm'd Wkps,If you knew me drop me an email.

David Walley

Trying to find an old friend I served with in Celle in 1982-85 called "Bommer" he was a REME Sgt. Love to hear from anyone else from that time (except a Stg Woodward). called "Bommer" he was a REME Sgt. Love to hear from anyone else from that time (except a Stg Woodward).

Charles Harvey

Joined in 68 as tel's served with Scots Greys the carboniers & greys70-71, 20 fld (elect) Duisberg 71-72, 35 eng LAD 74-77, and RA range He brides 77/79 escaped 80, Like to hear from old friends

Mel Nettle

This is a long shot, but I am looking for anyone who may have served with my grandfather, Gordon "George" Ribbands during WWII. He served in Malaya and also was amongst those who liberated the concentration camp Belsen. Any information would be gratefully received.

darrel lindley (yorkie)

Looking for any members of 12 platoon 1980. Basic training at Arborfield Sep - dec 1980. Especially looking for my mate Cfn Barry (Geordie) Graham

cecilie - cille - feddersen

Hi! I don't know if you will accept me; being a civilian and Norwegian...... I'm looking for an old friend not easy to find. His name is Pete Lockitt, he is REME capt.WO1. I just want to know if he's all right! Regards Cille...

Paul Norman

Tony Vickerman, Mark 'Smudge' and Pam Smith, Jon Yates John Eastland and anyone else, all Kirton Lindsay MT 1981 please get in touch it would be lovely to hear from you

Ian "Dickie" Barton

Hello to anyone who I may have served with at the following:- 17/21st Lancers LAD Tidworth 92, Amoured recce troop 17/21st Holdfast and 16 field wksps APC, Belize 92-93, 1 RTR again at Tidworth 93-94 and 321 EOD Sqn HMP Maze 94. In particular where are you Dandy "the mail king", Muzz "No f#~k you", Mick "Ochi minging", Scammy "Ming", Mitch "Mong", Al "Brush strokes", Steve "Moustachio violent one" who were all at Holdfast Camp late 92 early 93.

Roger Bateman

This may seem an odd request but I am trying to trace my father's service history. His name is Arthur Stephen Bateman. After my mother's recent death I have found out that he served in the REME during the second World War. He died in 1951 when I was only six years old and have only just found out he served with you. Could you help me to find his service number? I did find out that he was on board HMS Lancastrian which was sunk in the Channel in 1939, he was one of the few survivers. Please could you help or point me in the right direction. Kind regards Roger Bateman

Bernard Pilcher

Hi Looking for any one that might remember me or perhaps more likely I remember them, Blandford july 1956 basic traing under Sgt Rimmer, Taunton until January 1957 vehicle Mech, Germany Hohne ATTACHED 4TH QUEENS OWN HUSSARS WHICH AMALGAMATED WITH THE 8TH HUSSARS I WAS ATTATCHED TO "B Sqn released July 1959. Some names from beginning to end, David Jennings, Ray Carthew(think that I have already found) Ron (taffy)Payne, from Pontipridd, Ray Bishop west country, Peter Mills Tony Hunter long thin tony, fleebart narbet, he would know, Busty Worthington then a Sgt John Wassell a special person as were all then a Staff Sft.In fact anyone from those dates and places.

Pte Fred Webster

Lost friend trying to contact you Mr. John Green.Gainsborough.

Ron Francis

I would like to contact Mick Buckingham, last seen at Lydd Camp , Lydd, Kent, 1955.May be in USA. Any news welcome. Also, anyone who remembers me from Blandford, Honiton and even Malvern.( Storemans course February 1954). You can't all have popped your clogs!

David John Evans

Anyone remember me from the AAC Arborfield. 1977b2intake. Played in goal for the college and also cricket.Also the RSME Workshops Chattenden Barracks1979-1982. Would be great to hear from anyone!!!

Chris Davies

Served as a VMA, from april 1972 until Dec. 1982. Regt. No. 24285681, Cpl. SEME(PS), UNFICYP, 9/12RL Detmold , QOH Detmold & N.I., & ATDU. Now living in the States. Would welcome hearing from anybody who remembers me.

Wilf Day (Geordie/George)

Hello, anyone out there from 68C or 68B who knows me? I've only just discovered this site. I was in C company until my transfer to Liebenau (12 sqn. wksp) in 1970. Hope to hear from you!

George Moore

I joined the REME in Oct.1942 when it was first formed. I was posted to the RAOC depo in Chillwell, Notingham. I was then posted to 6th Armoured Div (CREME HQ)and then went to BONE, North Africa and then onto Italy. If anyone knows me please get in touch. George.

Chris Horton


Started life in the Army as an the early 70's and got posted to Osnatraz in 73 for all my sins. There I stayed, initialy with 23 Eng Regt Wksps and then with 2 Arm Div Engr Regt Wksps after the amalgamation of 23 & 25 Eng Regts. In 79 got posted to Waterbeach, 39 Engr Regt Wksps and in 80 transferred to R.E.M.E. After Waterbeach came 3 Arm Fld Amb in Sennelager in 82 and then Maidstone 36 Engr Regt in 85, then left the army in 87. Would like to hear from any one who remebers me. Many thanks.

Alistair Diamond

Ex brat school 77A intake looking for old friends to see how they are coping with civvie street. No INSURANCE SALESMEN NEED REPLY.

gordon marshall

conscript 50/02 group. Initial training Honiton.Served 19 command Aldershot and 2 base workshops Tel Lelkhbir. Interested to hear from anyone who remembers me, particularly Ken Marsh

F.Raymond Purchase

I wondered if anyone would have remembered my Father who passed away on Sept 24th. He served with the R.A.O.C. and later R.E.M.E during the War. He became a commissioned officer and saw service in the Middle East where he was seconded to the RAF. He gained the rank of major and extended his tour of duty in Egypt and Cyprus and London. He left the sevices in about 1949. At that time he was in stationed at Greenford, London.

Del Griffiths

1980 to 1988 Any one who remembers me I served with 71AC WKSP,1 div RCT LAD, 13/18H LAD and 48 CYP WKSP.

jo turner


Hi.I'm looking for anyone who was with me at corps troop wksp in Bielefeld and ARRC.Looking forward to hearing from you all.JO

Graham Kennith Turner (born in Manchester)

Did anyone knew my father who past away six years ago? He was a REME in the late sixities. He went to Swaziland and was finaly stationed in Minden (Ger.) He made the rank of Srgt.

George Lee

Like to hear from anyone out there whose paths crossed mine. I did basic training Arborfield 65 then onto Bordon till 66, doing VM. 3 Queens Lemgo 65-70, 10 Fld Wksps Tidworth till mid 72, Singapore Anzac Wksps till 75, Genadier Guards Chelsea till 76, PSI with 101 Fld Regt LAD(v)till 78 then 1 Div HQ & Sig. Regt Verden Till Demob March 80. There must be a few pints owing somewhere along that road.

Geoff Foggin

Iam trying to locate a S/Sgt Mick Compton (wife Cathy).He served with me in 3RRF Hemer and the Gulf War. Last seen in 1991. Regards Geoff Foggin, Ex TQMS 3RRF.

Frank Middleton (Midge)

I am not a member of REME but a past serving memeber of the Leicestershire Regiment. However I am trying to trace Bob Westbrook who was an Armourer with REME stationed with myself at Glen Parva Barracks Leicester 1948-1950. Bob and I were great friends but unfortunately lost touch. I have searched for many years but with no success even visiting your musuem at Aborfield where we found a RD Westbrook No10543045 who joined Aborfield on 18.3.41 but no further clues. I was told he may have worked at Woolwich Arsenal and had family in Bournemouth. Any help would be great. Many thanks.

Anne Bryszkiewski w/o Ssgt Jan Bryszkiewski

I would like to say that Jan sadly passed away almost a year ago on 20 November 2000. If anyone was serving in 1Fd Wksps BFPO 39 from 1970 - 1974 I would love to get in touch or knew us both in Bordon around 1979. please get in touch it would be lovely to speak to old mates from those days Thanks

Ian Rabson

I Served as a Tels Tech 1969-85, Started AAC Arborfield 69c, posted to 1 RTR LAD & Scots DG LAD Osnabruck, 4 Fld Wksps Detmold, NIEW Kesh, 9/12 Lancers LAD & 13/18 Queens Hussars LAD Cyprus, 12 AD Regt RA Dortmund, REME Tech Svcs BAOR Dusseldorf, A&AEE Boscombe Down, Reme Data Ctr Woolwich. Trying to locate ex REME Sgt Tels Tech "Joe" Joseph Edward Turnbull, last know post SRDE Christchurch Hants in 1976. Wife Pam, children James, Gay & Joy. Anyone know where Joe is now?

Phil "Brummie" Graham

Looking for any old mates from Arborfield 71c A Coy intake, and the band.

Brian (Jonah) Jones

42 Regt RA LAD. I am hoping to arrange a re-union of all ex members of 42 regt RA LAD ,particularly those who served between 1959 and 1963 in Plymouth, Cyprus, Pembroke Dock and Germany. I am in touch with 11 including the old OC Capt C. Contact me if you are interested or know of anyone who may be.

Jon Berry


I served in REME from 1971 - 1989 as a Gun Fitter, I am currently serving in the NZ Army in East Timor, and would like to contact anyone who remembers me from the days that I played rugby for thr Corp

Alan Austin (Aussie)

Hello Anyone from Arborfield(65A) 4 Armd Wksp,656 Avn Sqdn would love to hear from you.Looking for Johnny Crawford, Mick Stone et al.

Mick Baker

Hello, Radar technican 76-82. Only served in Larkhill and Arborfield. Interested in contacting anyone who can remember me.

Ken "Bud" Abbott

Service 1957-1982 1 Trg Bn Blandford 7 Bn Barton Stacey Aden Wksp 15 Inf Wksp Paderborn HQ 4 Div Herford Depot REME 10 Inf Wksp Borneo 5 Fld Wksp Dortmund & Catterick SEME Bordon SEE Arborfield RA Range Outer Hebrides ACIS Wales Llanelli & Pontypridd

Charles Richard (Dick) Gibson 23449584

Joined NS 23/1/58. Blandford Officer training (failed) Honiton Leading Artisan Sgt, No 5 Trg Battalion, Arborfield. Signed on for 3 years. Demobbed April, '61 In Army sergeants' team on TV quiz show "Pencil and Paper" with Shaw Taylor. Anybody's memory go back that far!?

Kaspar (Kass)Coward

Would like to hear from the many dear friends that I have made while serving with 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards,and 2Bn Coldsream Guards ,LAD , in Munster between 1968 and 1971. Also with 1st and 2nd Bns LI,in Lemgo. 71 Aircraft Workshop in Detmold,in 1971 (71 for 71) 7 Sqn RCT, in Tidworth and Aldershot and finally 5 Fd Ambulance RAMC, in Munster.

Edward(Eddie) Foster

I`m looking for anyone who knew me from my National Service days at District Workshops Singapore during 1957-58, particularly Don Ford who I was with from Basic Training at Blandford, Charlie Bradford who I played with for the Corps and the British Army in Sigapore.

Gary "ossie" Osborne

I would like to get in touch with some old friends,from FRG Delta,based in 12 Armoured workshops in 76/77.Some of the names I remember,are,Alec Hone,Elvis Baker,Pete Cook,Charlie Williams,Robbie,Hymie Hirsch,Rab Cowan,Mick Phillips.It would be great to hear from any of you.There were others but I can't remember all the names off the top of my head.

Hugh Mc Manus

Doing this on behalf of my Mum & Dad trying to trace George and Lilly Rickard ( not too sure of spelling) served Gibralter 1950's any news would be appreciated Frank

Ian James

Dave Pearson are you out there? You served in NI circa 78-81 as a Tels Tech and married Marianne. Would like to get in touch again. Ian James.

Egon Taska

Joined AAC as 66C 'C'coy one of the chosen few.Left in 69 to Middle Wallop,failed electrics so was re-trained as an auto electrician.Posted to 38 Sqn RCT,with 6 months in Cyprus with the UN.Posted back to UK to 8 Fd Wksp in Colchester(don't you love that type of posting)still got another 5 months in Cyprus out of it.Asked to posted overseas so got sent to Blackpool with the Glorious Glosters(6 months in Belize and 8 weeks in Wainwright in Canada)Achieved the dizzy heights of Corporal,but decided to call it a day in June 77.So if anybody out there knows me get in touch and we will reminisce.

Gez Thornton

Looking for the following,Pete Joyce (VM) From Bradford at AMF(L)Wksp, REME 1988. Any memeber of 1 Green Howards\1RRF LAD 1991-1995 in Catterick especially JD Walker (RecMech). Also any member of 8 Platoon 81c PMC.

John Raymond Watts

My Dad John Watts is looking to find a friend of his ROY BUSH [known as Gubbie] Army Number 7595105 served during second world war originally RAOC TA. Last seen at end of war very keen to find him again. At beginning of war was 4 corps. and was Col Lillywhites driver/batman. Thanks Robert Watts.

Ken Hislop

Hi, I served in REME between 1960 and 1984. I made lots of friends (too many to list) so if any of you out there would like to get in touch, please do I will answer all mails. I served in Fd Wksps, RA Wksps, LADs and RE Wksps.

Mrs Jan Dodds (nee Lewis)

Search for Lt Col John Edwards and wife Rose. Lived in Arborfield during late 80's - Stephenson Road. Will remember me as Jan Lewis. I believe John and Rose are now at CISES (8) wherever that may be. I obtained this information from Nigel Davies who also lived in Stephenson Road and was also in REME. If anyone knows where they are please pass on my e-mail address.

John Bird


JOHN BIRD (22403328) would like to get in touch with ALAN WATKINSON, who served with John in National Service from !950-52 in Hanover and Paderborn. Alan lived in Chadderton, near Oldham, Lancs., and was keen on scuba diving and motorcycling. Please contact via

David John Hayes

served in reme 1953 to 1956 attached to 157 locating battery royal artillery Hildesheim BAOR Sept 1953 to Jan 1956




Bill Weatherilt

n/s Honiton REME 24.4.58 LAD Amphib.Trans.Fremington nth devon to 15 .5.60 anyone out there from this time

24016361 L/cpl Rogers B.G. [midge]

Find anyone from 161vmb or REME from 11 Hussars or 16/5 Lances

Graeme Jones (Taff or Boyo)

A Coy 74B Arborfield. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Some names that stand out, Pete Bozcko,Steve Harding,Bonk,China and loads more.

Graeme Jones (Taff)

Anybody from 74B intake out there? I went on to serve at Prac Reps in SEME, then with the RMP's in N Ireland for 4 years (77-81),4 RTR Munster, QRIH Munster, 38 Engr Regt Wksp Ripon, 12 Armd FRG Osnatraz and then 31 Dist Wksp Catterick!!!!!!. Would love to hear from anybody.

George McKenzie

Allan Pitt

Would like to hear from anyone who know me. I was with the REME from 3rd quarter 1971 (Arborfield - Basic training) till 1975. Was Detached to Falling bostal / Mindon and Osnabrock during my period of service

Paul (Hammy ) Hammond

Anyone who remembers me (AAC Arborfield 73C; 5 Armd Wksp 77-78; BATUS 79; Scots DG LAD 79-81; 39 Engr Regt 82-83; 2RTR LAD 83-

Jack Anthony Armiger

I am trying to contact my best man from way back in 1966!! His name is 'Jock McAulden Dick'. I lost complete contact with him shortly after my marriage to Edith, but before I did, he sold me a Life Pension scheme on my stag night!! We were at the same location in Dortmund, Germany at the time, he being with the R.E.M.E. workshops attached to 47th Army Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery, and me being with the R.E.M.E. workshops attached to 27th Army Missile Regiment, Royal Artillery. The last contact I had with him was my wedding after which he returned to Scotland to peddle his pension schemes on the unsuspecting Scots!! Hope this is enough info. Jack. ic

Stuart (Bev) Beveridge

I would love to hear from old friends ex 49B A Coy AAS Beachley, 18 Command Workshop REME, REME Workshop Khartoum, LAD REME 40 Coy RASC MELF, LAD REME 91 Car Coy RASC BAOR, 1 (BR) Corps Workshop REME Künsebeck! Please do not hesitate, I am living in Düsseldorf but am in the UK often and my fax Nr is: 02825-90726 - give it a try! r




William (Jock) Smith

Joined as an apprentice in 71A, served with Blues & Royals in Windsor, 4 Fld Wkshps in Detmold, 29 AYT in Borden and 15 CTT in Aldershot. Finished up at the Depot where I taught on JMC/SMC. Joined the Police in 83 and moved back to my trade with an Insurance Management Company in Nth London. Now working as the UK Warranty and Quality Manager for both Renault and Nissan in Rickmansworth. Still married to a girl I met at Arborfield and I have a 25 yr old son. Just seeing if there is anyone out there from brat school or the various places I have served.


looking for colin powell armourer sgt 18 Signal Regt 1963-1965.

Raymond Saunders (DUSTY)

Hi, I am looking for an old mate,who was an A-mech. His name is 24341404 Stephen Charles Till and joined about 1972 He served severall times in BATUS, and also served in 47th Dragoon Gaurds Detmold, 28 AER Hameln, 7 Field WKSPS, 5 HEAVY RA, I think he might have got out of the Army whilst serving in Dortmund and mayby still in Germany. I also served in most of these Units as a Recovery Mechinic and would like to here from anyone who would like to contact me.