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Alan Reginald Jarrad 1724

Looking for Tony Male who I served with at Portsmouth training camp as welders and then at NL REME at Sudbuey in the mud Darbyshire from March 58 to May 59 then lost all contact with him due to my discharge .My Regimental number is 23449144

David Williams 1723

Anyone who served at 7 Armd wksp REME BFPO 38 between Jan 80 and Sept 88

Alexander Wilson (wullie) 1722

I would like to try and contact Eddy Hirst who left the KOSB's about 1972 to join the REME. He previously served in the military band of the KOSB before joining the REME.

William Woodhead 1721

Looking to contact members of REME / 8 Recce flt AAC serving at BFPO 52 from 1957 to 1959

Salim. A . Almazruee 1720

Here I am again with more accurate details looking for a S/sgt or may be W/O I cant remember 1970 we met in SEME Bordon Hants we also served together in T.S.O 1965-1968 I am from United Arab Emirates I have done basic and Art weaponat SEME Bordon for replay tel 00971506346644 po box 4433 Sharjah U-A-E

Rodrick Hall 1719

Joined in 1967 and would like to make contact with the lad I stood next to on that first day. His name was Richard Dickinson and he came from Somerset. I remember the platoon Sgt was called Hayes and one of the Cpls was a lad called Willis. We both went to Bordon but then lost contact. Also trying to find Dave Symmonds we served together in the 10th Royal Hussars and 3rd Carbineers Air Squadron.

Sandy Anderson 1718

Was in 75C trying to get in touch with Phil Brill and Graham Horne I served with Scots DG, 27 Fld Regt, 2 RTR, 7 Armd Wksps, 16 Tk Tpts Wksps, Scots Yeomanry, 39 Heavy Regt Wkps, the e-mail address is my sons

Gary Turner (Ginge,Tina) 1717

Hi ,looking for anyone who knows me,I served in REME as a VMB in Bulford,AMF(L)\Wskp, 28 (BR) Signal Regt, and 2 Armd Fd Amb Osnabruck.

John Styles 1716

Would love to hear from anyone I knew from intake A coy 62B Arborfield. 94 Locating Reg RA Celle between 1966 and 1970 or anyone I worked with in 3Div Hq LAD at Bulford from 1970 t0 1974.

Mike ( Tanky ) Muir 1715

I am trying to find all members of 59A intake at A.A.S. Arborfield. In particular I would like to contact the Tels guys I trained with, notably John Watts,Brian Kemp,Alan Johnson,"Boris" Forrest and Martin Jones.

Denis Woodward (woody or Sparks) 1714

I am an Ex REME Army Apprentice from Beachley/Arbourfield 1958-1960. We are looking for donations,for a memorial to be built at the National Arboretum. Please donate through your Old Apprentice School Association (AAS/AAC)

Cliff Hodson 1713

AAS Arborfield 1955/1958 EALF 1Inf Wkps.Nairobi 1961/1964

Paul Kerr 1712

At Arborfield Jan`87 (Borneo platoon)then S.E.M.E til Jan`88(course 408)served in Lippstadt Germany with 22Sig Reg LAD REME then Aldershot with 27 Reg RCT 8Sqn Workshops REME.Would like to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Alan (Jack) Dent 1711

I served with REME in Hong Kong 154/1956 attached to 27th HAA Regt.RA and I am looking for anyone who remembers me. I did my basic training at Blandford Nov. 1953 with the No. 1 Training Battalion REME. the platoon Sergeant was called Sgt. Woodward.

John Joseph Wilson (Joe) 1710

Trying to find ppl that know me from AAC Arborfield intake 75B.

Trevor (Trev) Rousseau 1709

I started at Carisle 1962 intake 62B. Then 6Inf.wksp Munster, 32 AYT Arborfield,3 Fld.wksp Tidworth,3 Tank Trpt Sqd Sennelager,2 RGJ Tidworth,8 Fld Sqn RE Perham Down, finishing Rheindahlen Wksps (68Sqn RCT)1987, would like to get in touch/hear from anyone who remembers me.

Kenneth Mote 1708

Ken Mote was my father, now deceased. He served with REME in WWII in North Africa and Italy. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. I've got photos of the following taken in Italy 1944/5: Joe Starling, Eric, Piggot-Smith, Davis, Grimshaw, Syd, Tony, Bruno, Peter, George, Jimmy. Many thanks.

Michael (Rock) Howells 1707

Craftsman Rock Howells, A Squadron, 17/21st Lancers, 1956 Blandford, then Taunton, Munster, then '57 Paderborn until 1959 Barker Barracks. Would love to hear from anyone. I have many photos if anyone is interested.

Alan Watkinson 1706

White hair and loads of grandchildren. looking for any old mates from 20 armoured brigade detmold 66/68 or 1 inf workshops sharjah 68/69.

Alan(geordie)Elsy 1705

Would like to chat to anyone who knew me 1961-1973

Tony Neave 1704

Looking for Bob Thornewell., Was with 3rd Royal Green Jackets (Berlin )1975 - 1977. Dave McKay and Paul Boots 49 RA (Hohne)1977 - 1979.Terry Riley 11 Field Wksp,REME. 1970 - 1972

Vinny Clews 1703

Last posted in 2006, would be great to get in touch with old mates from time in germany, especially Kev Rafferty, Pete Gibson and Trish Williams/Williamson.

Allan Patterson 1702

Hi to all my old 4 Div Fld Amb (1975 - 78) colleagues would love to hear from you.

Mark Watson 1701

Hi I'm a mature student and I'm looking for details on the REME base, in Charminster Dorchester 1940 - 47 any help would be great. Best Wishes Mark Watson

George ` Geordie` Bell 1700

My father George `Geordie` Bell from Newcastle served with REME from 1942 to 1945. Was in Nijmegan, Eindhoven and Arnhem amongst other postings. Any contact welcomed

Trevor(Ricky)Roberts 1699

Hello I dropped on this site and wondered if anyone is out there who was at ADEN WORKSHOPS 1956/58 and may remember me,I was a reccy mech and spent most time up country with Tods Amner Ben Jefferson and Scouse Burns to name a few.Be great to hear from someone to chew the rag with. Best regards to all.

Cpl Ted Trott 1698

I have posted details before but all addresses are now defunct, this is the correct one. I am looking for anybody that served in REME attached to 237 Sig Squad Singapore.

Debbie Jacob (was Hancock) 1697

Hi I am searching for Dave and Sarah savage, they have 2 children, Christopher and Hannah. I know their only address as AAC Flight, Batus, BFPO14. I think Dave has left the forces and is a civillian now and I get a christmas card every year but I dont have their current address so cannot get in touch or send a card in return, if anyone has any information I would be very grateful, of if you can send my e-mail address to them(especially Sarah who I became friends with when they were based in Arborfield.Many thanks in advance.

Dave Milton 1696

Looking to see if anyone remembers me

Hilary Niblock 1695

My father Joseph Mcmurray served in Egypt in the 1940's after world war two I know he was in Alexendra and at the Suez canal. I am trying to find his service number and about his time in Egypt. I have a few photos of his time in Egypt. My father passed away 10 years ago and I know he loved his time in Egypt .My husvand and our family have holidayed there and love it too!!!

Tony Drake 1694

REME 1953-1956. Basic training at Blandford followed by trade training at Arbourfield (radar) then across the road to transit camp. 6 weeks on the "Lancashire" troopship en route to Singapore. Briefly at District Workshops before being expelled to BLAKANGMATI island to serve the remainder of my sentence. Must have been the best posting in the world ! Now retired to Sydney, Australia. Would be grear to hear from any of the boys at Blakangmati, 1954-56. Chick Young, Dave Gwinett, Ken Davis,Brian Hemy, in particular.

Michael John Stanyer 1693

AAC Arborfield 1969. Dortmund Germany and N.Ireland.

Robert Lavallin (Bob Raggie Tasche) 1692

Any members of B Coy 61C AAS Arborfield.11 Inf wksps Minden.12 Coy RASC Leibenau.Cre op crown Thailand.4th Field RA Munsterlarger.Also Alec Chisholm,Keith Jenkins.Derek(TUG) Wilson,used to live in Felixstowe.Get in touch.

Jim Mitchell 1691

1958-1960 Blandford Trg. 20 Inf wksp. Kahawa, Kenya. HQ Coy Arborfield

Jim Thomson ( Jock) 1690

Hi I served in REME at 8 field workshop Colchester from 1967 to 1971having been at Bordon on the VM course from 1966. Then BFG to 1973 then back to 8 field until my demob in April 1975 interspersed with a tour of Ireland ( Long Kesh) from Nov 73 until May 74 If anyone remembers me and wishes to make contact , please DO Jim

Stanley Forkings 1689

I served in REME from 1960-1969 during that time I was stationed from 1961- 1968 with the 7th Armoured Brigade at Fallingbossel and Badoutnr and would like to get in touch with some old friends

Graham Mead 1688

I am trying to find 2 friends who were with me at the 1st RHA lad(1973/6), They were Derek Bailey and Terry Rosenburg. I am also trying to find a friend from 40 Army Spt Reg Wksps (REME)1976/78. called Phil Hatton. If anyone knows of them or where they are could you please drop an email.



Looking for S/sgt I met with 1970-1971 in SEME-Bordon when I was there for armourer basic course and art weapon he servied in Trucial Oman Scouts workshop Sharjah also any of the soldiers who were with me in the same course and can remember me I was the only Araibian with them my fax 0097165242839

Terry Watson 1686

Trying to contact John Woods. In 1967 was a staff sergent with 26RA at Hohne BFPO30

John Newlove (Spanner) 1685

AAS Chepstow 53B REME 1956 to 1964

Colin Smith 1684

I would like to make contact with anyone who served with 9 Inf WKSP. R.E.M.E. AT Hoath Lane, Gillingham and Cyprus, up tp 1957, especially residents of Tent 4.Also any information on Terry Springel, who cut his hand in the dinning tent. Colin Smith. (VM)

James Barry Pitchers 1683

24332266 Cpl/Sgt Pitchers. Looking for Jim Levio,BAOR(We met at differnt Units) or anyone who has his E-Mail Addr. I served from 1972-1985. I miss the best jears of my life.

Colin(TAFF)Norris 1682

Looking for anyone who new me between 1958 and 1980.

Robert Lavallin( Ragge Tasch ) 1681

I am the REME representitive of CRE OP CROWN.If you served between 1964 and 1968 please get in touch.Also have managed to have made the Op Crown workshop cloth badges Cost 25.00 plus postage.Look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Peel 1680

Frank Sellman (Slim) old REME comrade

John (scouse)Ryan 1679

Started training Blandford April '54 then Barton Stacey then Gosport finally 3 base Wk/sp Dec.'54-April '57. Anybody out there remember ?

Wayne Jackson 1678

Hi looking for anyone from 1986 qlr intake {winter}streensal basic training.NI,Germany,had some good times out in York,Christmas 86

Leslie Scouse Court 1677

Joined 80B Looking for anyone who remembers me from 6 Armd wksp fwd platoon 82-85 Taff jones, Dennis Bradbury, Frenchie, and Andy who lived in Bradford lost touch when we were posted after basic

Gerald Hockley Rimrock 1676


Any REME Regs Blandford 1956 Army no 23467169 no 6Trg Bn. 8 Trg Bn. 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars LAD Luneburg B

Robert Leonard Farmer [ Bob ] 1675

I was one of the last National Servicemen, joining REME in 1960 as part of intake 60/10 at no 1 Training Batallion at Blandford. I was sent to no 9 platoon A company under Corporal/ Sergeant Derricut. The next stop was Depot where we learned to use an SLR, Sterling and Bren gun. In October I went to Aden and was posted to the Independent Armoured Squadron Workshop in Little Aden [Falaise Camp]. The next excitement is that we were rushed up to Kuwait to help repel a threatened invasion by Iraq which included the gaff of arriving at RAF Khormakser without our rifles and someone was sent back to camp to get them all. I wasn't long in Kuwait as I contrived to cut my thumb on a rusty screw which went septic and I was casevacked first to Bahrein and then to Aden where I spent a very enjoyable two months on the balcony at Steamer Point Hospital while they put my thumb right. Wounds do not heal in Aden so after six weeks it was realised my thumb would not buck the trend, I was again casevacked, this time to the UK and the Royal Herbert Hospital at Woolwich. After this I went to the LAD at 24 Signals at Catterick and finished my time there. If anybody has them, I would love to have some photographs of the Falaise Camp as all my luggage failed to arrive in the UK when I came home. Bob Farmer

James Barry Pitchers 1674 replyema.

(Wail = REME-Gun Fitter,1972-1985 Anybody out there ? Jim Levio,Bill Wilson, Bob Beer, Jan Christoffersen or anyone who can remeber me from BAORssil ?)

Jack Flory 1673

58B Arborfield and Hadrians camp 23675056 would be great to hear from my old mates.

Graham 'gelly' Claridge 1672

Looking for some old mates.National Service Feb 55 Blandford.Active service Cyprus.played footy against Niccosia.Please get in touch.

Colin Smith 1671

My Unit;- 9 Inf WKSP R.E.M.E.Nov 1955/Oct 1957. Would like to trace, Ken Robinson, Johnny Meadows,and anyone who was posted to Gillingham and Cyprus.

Tony(eli)Ellis 1670

Sorry about the change in email address.I served as a storeman from 1979-1992.served with 652Sqn AAC,1 Regt AAC,7Armd Wksp RWRSA,25Flt AAC&12Armd Wksp.would be good to catch up with old colleagues.

John M Laird (jock) 1669

I joined 29Bde HQ LAD near Tokchon around June 1952. Q Coffin was in charge at the time. Later there was Capt Vic Moore and last one I had was Lt Rose. Around July 1952 I was detached to Bde HQ where I stayed until Oct 52 before going back to Kure.

James Barry Pitchers 1668

Trying to contact any of my REME mates,1972-1985. Jimmy Levio,Bill Wilson,Jan Christofferson and so many more that ai can't write them all down.

Peter Davies(Now Hawkins) 1667


Kevin Mills 1666

REME soldier from 1976 to 2004

Tony(Eli)Ellis 1665

I served as a storeman from 1979-1992.units include 652 Sqn AAC,1Regt AAC,7Armd wksp,RWRSA,25Flt AAC&12Armd wksp.Look forward to hearing from anyone that remembers me.

John Brown (paddy) 1664

Looking for some guys who joined Feb 1990 rhine17, especially corporal Ray and Hale and Sgt Curry.Have fond memories of them guys, also Cfn Black aka blackie, big booker and co. any news would be greatly acknowledged John Brown rhine17

John Vincent 1663

Looking for Albert Edward Smith,Henry Knights and Fred George Barnett all at colchester 1950

James(Jim)Mitchell 1662

1958-1960 Blandford Barton Stacey Kahawa - Kenya HQ Arborfield

Dara Bacon nee Noor 1661

Would to hear from anyone that served in Miri Sarawak 1965-66

Geordie Mensforth 1660

Looking to contact anyone who knows me and also looking for Mitch milligan I served in REME from 1975 - 1998

Trevor Stubberfield 1659

For Frank Terry, message 1658 Tried to send you a message Frank but so far no luck. Is your email address correct? Plenty of contacts for you from Arborfield if you can get in touch with me. Trevor 52A

Frank Terry 1658

Interested to hear from anyone who knew me from 52B Arborfield, 228Art Veh or any of the various units I served in

John Blair 1657

Fancy a 10 Field Workshop Tidworth reunion?

Peter Watson 1656

Served total of 7 years(1956/59)(1961/65)2years of which was served in Hong Kong, Command Wk/sp.(1957/59) Any one remember me or served at same camp

Gary Cooper 1655

I am trying to contact anyone who was with 11 platoon at Poperinghe Barracks in Arborfield in 1965 or attached to 1Lan R (PWV) in Aden, Catterick, Malta or Northern Ireland 1966-1970 to arrange a reunion or meeting.

Gary Murray 1654

I would like to contact anyone who was at 66 sq R.L.C Tidworth from 1987

Denis O Riordan 1653

Served in Army 1974 to82 Deilinghoffen in Germany with 2nd Bn RI Rangers LAD also 4 Field RA Aldershot 10 Field Workshops Borden plus Belize, Cyprus, Medicine Hat , Denmark, Ireland

Geoff Johnston Ginger 1652

Looking for any old mates from 30 Coy Gurkha ASClater to become 30 coy Gurkha Transport Regiment.Stationed at Tidwoth in the early 60's the Singaporefrom 64 to 66.Some names i re call are Fred Goffin Jock Parker Eric Garside or Gartside Terry Atkins If your out there lads give me a call

A.N.Forbes 1651

Anyone from 1 CTW REME that knew me when I served there 1980-1983 ie Reg Holt,Mick Abbot,Geordie Cunningham,Simon Knock RAOC and many more from this fantastic unit.

Ivan Hill 1650

I am trying to trace my brother Ivan Hill who was a boy at Army Apprentices School Beachley Chepstow in the 1950s then went on to serve in REME at Park Hall Oswestry, Old Dalby, Gosport,South Uist Missile range in the Hebrides, Korea and Malaya. He died in early 1970s. Cannot give his number, may have made Corporal. Any help or recognition gratefully received. Charles Hill (brother)

Afu Ture 1649

Looking for Peter Robinson REME served in RAOC App Coll as REME also Sept 1972 to Dec 1974 and where he served afterwards?

Duncan Wolohan 1648

I am looking for Bill Morrison and Chris Storr who served with me in 3 Queens LAD at Fallingbostel 1984 -1986

Stuart Fox (foxy,stu) 1647

Does anyone remember me. I started at brat school in 76 and finished in Holland 2000. would love to hear from old commrades

Mark Cresswell 1646

I am mark cresswell's wife, and writing on his behalf to find any past Rechy Mech soldiers that he served with. Please contact via e-mail, if you knew mark. Thanks

Leon "Fletch" Fletcher 1645

Looking for members of V87C Intake from Princess Marina College, Arborfield. Can you help?

Alfred Spencer. Alfie 1644

Hi, anyone who can remember me, feel free to contact me. Devon and Dorsets 1972 -1975. 4 field / Armoured workshops 1975 -1978. 25 Field Regt RA 197 - 1980. 50 Command Workshop Sek Kong Detachment 1980 - 1982.

Victor Wells 1643
Looking for Peter Fenton, served in Brunei in 1966/7. Think he may be the fifth man of a card team - others being myself REME, Stephen Parslow RAVC, Peter Walker ACC, Denis Jackson RAOC.

Phil Townsend 1642
 I was a member of the MT section at HQ RTC based at Langley House Arborfield from 1957-8. I would welcome contact from anyone who was there at the same time. My memories ar a bit hazy, but I remember the names Pete, Les Cutler, Boris, Dave, and Jock who was the C.O's driver.

 Derek Beech 1641

 I did basic training from Aug 8th. 1956 Blandford. Then 6 com. workshops til Apr. 1957 then St. Neots Hunts followed by 15 months at cent. com. ammunition depot  Kineton. Anybody remember me?

Cliff Hodson 1640
I seved @ 1 Inf wksp Nairobi 1961/1964 we lived in quarters @ Kenton Camp many friends the Purdys, Jaggers & Dalzells any one out there???

John Warmeant (skip) 1639

Hi every one from Australia,

                                                                    Bob Clarke ( Geordie) 1638
Hi, any old mates out there. served with 1 Div HQ & Signal Regiment LAD, 3 Field Wksps Airportable, 46 Command Wksps, Force Wksps Belize between 1967 - 1978

Paul Cummings ( taff ) 1637

Trying to find friends who I was with at Wolfenbuttel in 1992 to 1993.With 13/18 Hussars then the Light Dragoons LAD. I was the store sgt.





Stephen Barclay (Pommy) 1635

If anyone out there remembers me and wants to catch up on old times please contact me.


Garry Kelly 1634

I trained at Carlise 67c, VM, was with 1 Sqn RCT & 29 Comando, now a Baptist Minister

Alan Brewer 1633

Nov 55 intake Blandford C Coy 2Pltn. Trade Training at Malvern to Jun 56. LAD att. Cyprus Dist. Signal Regt. to Oct 58. Are there any others still drawing their pension?

Tony Casbolt 1632

Ex Bordon then 4 sqn LAD Bunde next to 33 sqn both with RCT.Late 60's early 70's Later became 2 div wksp. Our workshop dog was MOTT. Played in Army group Blues Condition trying to find our singer John(scouse) Flynn. Can anyone shed light on John's where abouts as we have now found the lead guitar Dennis Addey, Me Rythem. Terry Roper Bass, Stuart (ricky) Rickard drums.Here's hoping.


George Blair (Paddy) 1631

Served 46-68 , 46-51 Hamm WestFalia 317 Tank trans. , 51-53 Fallingbostel 312 Tank trans. , 53-57 East Africa Nyrere, and Nakuru, 57-61 Army Air Corps, 61-63 Bahrain att. 2nd Batt Coldstreams, 63-66 Bielefeld 66-68 Lisburn REME inspectorate.... would love to hear from anyone who remembers him contact via sons e-mail

Richard Martin 1630

Trying to trace some family all served with REME. Major Eric "jack" Moore, who I believed died 2005. Trying to find his two sons Kevin Moore and Robert "Bobby" Moore, who are my cousins. I think both are living in Germany now any info please

Dave Sweeting 1629

URGENTLY trying to contact ANY 79A intake Arborfield AAC REME. A "group" is being formed on Facebook at present. 18 members so far from 1,2,3 and 4 squad J.Coy. Take a look and come join your "old" mates.

Nige Ritchie 1628

Looking for anyone from 11 Armd Workshop 1989-1992. Also Steve Smith 5 Armd Workshop Soest, wife called Petra.

William Fox 1627

Trying to trace anyone who served in 9 Inf.wkps.Hopin Cyprus May 56-Oct 57. I was a national serviceman no 23192885.unit based at Famagusta

Thomas Riley Hall 1626

Would like to find an old friend Alan Demelwick from Ashchurch Reme workshops.

Andrew Ashcroft (JOCK) 1625

Was in REME (LAD)as Cfn elec Iserlohn.munster, Yorke barracks,,1957/59 ATT C Squadron 3 KOH later QOH S/sgt Fred Gee in charge, would love contact with any others , Graham (TITCH) Watts,, Ken Sinclair, Scouse) etc.

Stanley Forkings 1624

Served in REME 1960 - 1970 spent most of service based in Germany would love to make contact with anyone who remembers me. Whilst in service lived in Liverpool remember especially Taffy who I believe lived in the Cardiff area Address is 2 Oak Way,Caerwnon Park, Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3SN unfortunately until after 13th May can't get online at home email above is wifes workplace.

David Burden (lofty) 1623

REME Beachley boy 55b served S.H.A.P.E Paris,37Regt RA.Woolwich,Outer Hebrides,Lancashire Fusiliers HK,50Comd HK,Reme Tech services Dusseldorf,5 Armd Wksp Soest back to AAC Middle Wallop for demob 1979 any one out there???b Dave Swift paris please get in touch

Denis (Paddy) Doyle 1622

Any old comrades from 07 Platoon Arborfield March 68. PWO att Cyprus.

James Turnbull 1621

Hi All, Looking to get in touch with guy's that served with the Reme at 12AD REGT WKSP, in Dortmund 87 to 90

Jim Wilson (Geordie) 1620

Hi. Although I was not in the REME I was in 3 Inf wksps stores section with the RAOC from Nov`67 till Jan.`70 I served with the unit on their tour in Northern Ireland and on their jolly to Camp Wainwright in Canada. Do any of you lads remember me?

Robert John Elliott (paddy) 1619

REME 1956-59 Blandford-gosport-Gt.Malvern-40 Basewkps Singapore-2 Inf wkps Taiping Malaya-Naka alor star-Arborfield-Lisanally-Omagh-Hollywood bks.

Dave Yeoman 1618

Served from 1981 to 1999 before moving overseas. Served in too many unit to mention. I hear people are looking for me. email mail valid during 2009.

Danny Burns 1617

23885064 Cfn Danny Burns Bordon 62/63 Dortmund 27 Missile Reg wksp 63/65 Singapore 30 Sqn GTR 66/68 anyone remember me ? 07951332814

Len Halcomb 1616

Looking for any one from 57 fitter gun in 1980. I have already been in touch with Paul Mash ( Masher )and would like to meet up with the rest.

Lisa Bray 1615

Hi,was just wondering about a relative,David John Payne,D.O.B 5/12/38.Joined the REME in ?1957 and was stationed initially in Farnborough.I would be grateful for any info.Thankyou

George Barker 1614

Would love to hear from anyboy in 6 Coy RASC Sembawang 1957-1959

Kim Peacock 1613

I served from early 1972 to late 1993, with postings as follows: Glosters/Cheshires in Minden; 50 Missile in Menden; 38 Sqn RCT in Muelheim a.d. Ruhr; 19 Field Force in Colchester; Bordon (big deal!); 3Bn RGJ in Celle; 47 Fd Regt in Gutersloh; 48 Cyprus Wksp in Akrotiri; 2 Irish Rangers in Lemgo; REME TDT in Arborfield. On de-mob, working for GKN Defence/Alvis Vehicles/BAE Systems, I worked in Oman with the Piranha fleet, then on MRAV with ARTEC in Munich. I eventually moved to General Dynamics in South Wales to work on FRES, retiring at the enf of 2007. Would love to hear from any old comrades.

Michael Coutts (Ghost) 1612

Hi, I served in the REME between 1987 and 1994 at 12 Armd Wksp Osnabruck and 2 Armd Fld Ambulance Osnabruck. I also did an eight month tour during Op Granby and am looking to try and find a Paul Wayne and a Myles Grason who I served with.

Tony Truluck 1611

AAC 61-64. Send a message if you know me.

Bob Lincoln 1610

Hi I served in R.E.M.E 16th ind para w/shops El-Kirsh 1952-1954 as an armourer and vehicle electrician.I would like to hear from anybody who served there. All the best Bob

Bob Varley 1609

Hi, I would just like to advertise the fact that D Anti Tk Bty RHA is holding their annual re-union mid May this year in Mojacar, Spain.If any one was attached to this unit between 1978 and 1984 in Hohne and would like to attend , or even just to get in touch, please don't hesitate in contacting me !

Stephen Paul Bradley 1608

Trying to contact Barry Tolfrey or anyone else stationed at 5 Field Workshop, in Soest in 1972/73.Barrie 'Horace' Horrobin 1607


Hello, I joined the REME Junior Leaders Unit in March 1959 and moved to BAOR in January 1961. First stop was at Duisburg, with 4 Infantry Worshop and then,at the end of '61, moved to 4 Armoured Wokshop at Detmold. If any body remembers me get in touch

Tony Knott 1606

REME Cap Badge with J.R.GAUNT B'HAM engraved on the back pin, I wondered if you could help me find any details of the soldier

Dave Patterson 1605

I joined 08 Platoon 1972 at Arborfield. Looking to catch up with anyone who remembers me and particularly Geoff White and Jim Easton.

Trevor Biggin 1604 reply

Anyone remember me? 23236106 Cfn Trevor Biggin, joined REME March 1958,Basic Trg at Blandford in No2Platoon under SgtCooper & Cpl Neary Lost my squad photo! Was attached Cheshires in Berlin & awful Barnard Castle! Then with 57HAA Regt RA at Grays.

Michael (Mike) Stapleton 1603

Blandford 56 B Coy No 3 Pl Sgt Rimmer Cpl Neary, 5Inf w/shops Witten-Annen Germany,REME att.RAOC Vehicle Park Dhekelia Cyprus, Aden W/shops demobbed 58, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or who served in these w/shops.

Ian Winterbottom 1602

1964--1986 regular service, 1986 --- 2006 NRPS REME. service in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong,Berlin,Cyprus,NI. and BAOR. Trying to find members of 4ADTR Minden who served in Moscow Camp NI 82-83

Nick Daniel 1601

Trying to find Patrick (Paddy) Heffernan He served with me in the 16/5 Queens Royal Lancers L.A.D in Wolfenbuttel 1975 to 1977

Tim Decker 1600

Served in 4 Field Regt RA LAD (Aldershot) C Bty RHA LAD (Gutersloh) SEE Arborfield REME Data Centre Woolwich

Mike D C R Pavitt. (PAV) 1599

Been in the REME since 1989. I've been posted to Dortmund,Sennelager, Paderborn,Cambridge,North Luffenham, Catterick,Chester,Edinburgh and Currently in Liverpool. Ive been Attached to mostly Infantry units and Artillery Units with 1 spell with the Signals. Who's left out there? Pav.

Paddy Ingram[John] 1598

Does anyone out there remember Hoath Lane camp or the tea hut behind the central hotel?1958

Arthur John Tidey 1597

Does anyone remember me, would love to make contact, details as below. 1952-55 Army Apprentice School Arborfield. 1955-77 REME 1955-56 Burscough 21 Command Workshop. 1956-59 Malaya 1959-63 D & MS School Bovington. 1963-65 Tidworth. 1965-67 Bordon (Artificer Vehicle Training). 1967-72 1st Queens Dragoon Guards L.A.D 1972-75 UK/Canada 1975-77 Catterick & Tidworth. Anyone who can remember me or who knows of me or people who knew me please get in touch as it would be delightful to make contact or hear about those I used to know.


Ian Parker ( Pinky) 1596

Tyring to contact anyone from 74C at Arborfield, and Kevin Ratcliffe an armourer I was together with at 2 Fld RA 1977-1978

Phil (luigi) James 1595

Hi guys, started life in 18 Platoon,Poperinghe barracks, Arborfield in aug 1966. Done normal stint at Bordon until sept 1967, when posted to 12 Sqdn R.C.T, Liebenou as VMBE. 1971 saw me back in blighty to 60 Sqdn R.T.C. workshops, in Tavistock until we all moved to Ripon. Sept 1971, we were attached to 1 Bn Para, Palace barracks,Hollywood,Belfast until Apr 1972, then it was back to Ripon.Demobbed in nov 1972,(worst move of all)

Andy Martin 1594

I am trying to get in touch with Michael Eric Yewdall. D.O.B. 29th March 1943. Served in 1st Division Engineers, L.A.D. R.E.M.E. B.A.O.R. Somewhere near Hanover, West Germany, in and around 1963-1965. If any one out there know's of his where about's can you pass on my e-mail address and ask him to drop me a line. Many Thanks.

Robin (Bob) Botting 1593

I'm looking for anyone who served with me from 1957 to 1960 18COY AMPH TPT WKSP REME, Fremington N.Devon

Brian Temple 1592

Looking for Dave Mitchell and Pat Blessing from tiffy weapons course 83/84 call me 07877048286

James Mitchell 1591

1958 Blandford Basic Training B Company 1958 Trade Training - Clerk 1958 - 1959 20 Inf Wksp Kahawa Kenya 1959 - 1960 HQ Company ArborfieldDean Kimber ( Dino ) 1590

Dean Kimber ( Dino )1590

I would be happy to hear from anybody that knew me during my 13 year service with the REME. Cheers!

Billy Black 1589

Served with REME from 1965 - 1985, Uk and Germany.looking for 2 guys in perticular Davie Proudfoot and Derek Warswick ( worswick)served with them 4th Arm workshops, Anyone else who knows of them, or remembers me.

Donald Allan Jacobs (Jack) 1588

I am tyring to locate Jim Haaris ex -AAS Chepstow 50A Group. Electrician in Corps probably from 1952 - 1960. Worked for IBM in UK and USA

John Warmeant (SKIP) 1587

D Blandford March 59, Taunton, Borden,11th Hussars Aden, Guided Missiles RA Piddletrentide, Equiptment Trials wing Bovington. lots of old mates so now I live in Australia, but would like to hear from anyone.

Tony Neave 1586

I would like to make contact with Bob Thornewell (LAD 3RGJ) Dave McKay,Paul Boots (LAD 49 Fd.Regt.RA) John Jones (12 Armoured Wksp.) and anyone else who knows me and would like to make contact.

Phil Quy 1585

I served in 215 Rec. Coy. in the late 80's and send best wishes to all ex REME and especially anyone who remembers me. If you do and want to get in touch I would be pleased to hear from you.

Doulgas Salter 1584

Hi. I'm trying to find info. on my uncle, Douglas Salter. He was a Warrant Officer in REME in North Africa and Italy in WW2. I know he was with 1st Army in N Africa and also served at 750 Base Wksp in Italy but not much more. Anything gratefully received. regards, Tony Siddons.

Michael Green 1583

I was posted in fallingbostel 1982-1986

Alex Aitkenhead 1582

Joined apprentice school 65A left 1991

Geoffrey Johnston Ginger 1581

Hi everyone out there i'm looking for old army pals who were with me in 30 Coy Gurkha ASC WORKSHOP REME stationed at Tidworth.We later be came 30 Coy Gurkha Transport Regiment and went out to Singapore stationed at Nee Soon garisson.the years being 1963/1966.The names of some of the lads are as follows Eric Garside, Fred Goffin, Jim (jock) Parker and Mike (Geordie)Gorham.If you know any of them please let them know i'm looking for them

Harold Wright (Showman) 1580

Any information on Harold Wright (REME) born in Lancashire. If any one has any information or served with him during the second world war I have very little information on my grandfather as almost all of his possesions were lost in the late 1960's when his home was destroyed. I know he served in Italy as I've managed to find out the medals he was awarded from the SPVA. 1939-45 star,Italy star,War medal1939/45 I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or has any information. Thank you


Kenneth (dolly) Gray 1579

1951-56 trained Blandford, 1 Trg Batt, D coy,7 platoon, Cpl McGregor,RSM Emett Dunn. driver test Barton Stacey,VM AFV 6 Bn. Bordon, perm staff AMT School Borden, Korea, 625 Ord depot and Comzone w/shops Pusan, Fayid transit, LAD 17coy RASC Famagusta Cyprus. demob Arborfield. love to hear from old comrades especialy Doug Leader

Norman Baker 1578

I joined AAS in Jan 42 D coy Block J6Afterwards I served in Palestine,Egypt,UK and Osnabruck I left the service in 1958 if anyone can remember me iwould love to hear from you.Number 2547138

Alan Walker (taff) 1577

I was in the REME November 5th 1959 to November 1961. No.,23647208 I would like to hear from anyone who was at no.,1 Training Batt.,Blandford (Sgt., Priest's platoon) or at LAD Oswestry March 1960 to March 1961.especialy I would like to here from Cfn.Ian Hall at Ashchurch

John Pocock 1576

Hi, anyone out there who served in Egypt at moascar garrison 1951/53 I have some photos of xmas party52 if anyone interested and trying to find old mate Arthur from Brum

Bob(Ginger) Surridge & Geoff Stringer. 1575



Graham Blake (sexton ) 1574

Looking for anyone in the R.E.M.E. attached to the 3rd Carabiniers in Osnabruck 1953 to 1955

Patrick Mckeown (paddy) 1573

Served in REME 57 to 63 blandford - Taunton .Then to 19 Coy REME( Tk .Trans.} Coy RASC. Upgrading at York Command Workshops then 238 Sigs at / Hounslow also at White City Vehicle Inspection demobed there in 63 then into R F A (NAVY} now retired.

Chris Giles 1572

HI to all who remember me. Basic 371VMA in 86, 7 Armd Wksp Fally, 5 Innis DG LAD Paderborn, BATUS WKSP 94-97, 3Bn REME, 35Engrs to name a few. Now living in Ecuador, South America, soaking up the sun. Who knows where I'm gonna be next.

Phil Bibby 1571

I served in REME from 1973 till 1992 in 3 Field wksp, 3Div HQ & Sigs, 1 Corps Tps wksp, Bordon, Soest, Bielefeld etc. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me and would care to get in touch.

Ian Richards 1570

Greetings one and all..... As one of the elite band of REME Technical Storemen I served with the following units from 1972-1994..... 36 Amb.Sqn.RCT Wksp, 10 Regt RCT Wksp, 2 Armd Div. RCT Wksp, 12 Armd Wksp Det.(Munster), 4 Armd Wksp (FRG), 14/20th KH LAD, SEME Regt.Bordon, 14 (Berlin) Fd.Wksp, 5 Armd Wksp (Civ Det), 1 Corps Tps.Wksp, 101 Bn(V).... After leaving in 1994 lived and worked in Putney, London for ten years, then in 2004 saw the light, listened to my wife Joyce(for once) and relocated to North Hykeham, a lovely place on the outskirts of Lincoln...We are just 1 mile from the A46 Lincoln by-pass.... so anyone who remembers us are most welcome to drop in...

Edward Watling 1569

Hi all, I was in the R.E.M.E. from June 1979 untill April 1990. I served with the following units, 36 Engineer Regiment (Maidstone), 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers (Aldershot), 1 Armoured Field Ambulance (Hohne), 1st Battalion The Queens Lancashire Regiment (Paderborn), 49 Field Artillary (Lippstadt) and finished my service in the Faulklands. Im looking for people that knew me

Fred Trout 1568

Hi I was cpl Instructor C Coy R E M E Honiton Devon 1954-1957 Is there anyone out there who remembers me

Barrie(specs)Parker 1567

Trying to contact any 65c B coy Arborfield

Adrian Michael Burden 1566

I am trying to contact persons that served with my father, Thomas Michael(Mick) Burden in Detmold Germany I think around 1951-1953. I have no idea where to start so any help would be much appreciated, I have booked a surprise visit back to Germany for him on his birthday in 2009, so mum's the word!

Clive (Brummie) Roach 1565

11th Annual Reunion LAD REME Attd.Queens Royal Irish Hussars 1960-1970. 13th-15th February 2009 in Loughborough Leicestershire.

Geoff Stringer 1564

Blandford camp, 54-55. Gosport St Georges Barracks, 55-55, 4th Armd Wksps Hannover, 55-56. 3 Armd Wksps, Kunsebeck. Anyone want to chat?? All REME. Give us a click!!!!

Allan Lewis (Jerry) 1563

SVD REME 1960 - 73 . REME CLK. Last posting CC E Wing SEE &! -& Any bew me in particular from 48 Cond Wksp Dhekalia Cyprus 64 - 67"

Frank Evans 1562

L.A.D ATT ARG Shandur 1949-1951 L.A.D ATT 35 Eng. Regt 1951-1952 A.S.M Miles i/c any memories give me a call.

Brian Brooker 1561

Looking for Graham Barret. Based at Arborfield 50s to 60s

Colin Knight 1560

Any contacts from, FRA Workshops 3 Inf Workshop Tidworth

Charlie Simpson 1599

I was in 12 Field Workshop in Osnabruch 1970 to 1975

Kevin (Sandy) Sanders 1598

Joined in 1971 as a boy soldier in Cutforth Platoon RAOC Apps College at Deepcut, served at 7fd Wksps Fallingbostel, 658 Sqn AAC. LAD Minden and 7 Fd Force HQ Colchetsre as BEME Clerk, left army in Dec 1978

Gary Pickersgill 1597

Any one who knows me and misses me give me a shout lolol

John McPherson 1596

Served the corps 1957-1963.Middle East Far East.34.LAA Regt Wksps.Looking for James(Jock)Cowan.Or anybody that served with me at Sheerness-on-sea or Hong Kong/Neesoon Singapore.

James Tench (Jim) 1595

Joined Arborfield in Dec 1965. SEME until 1967 posted to 3 Infantry(airportable wksp) Tidworth until 1970 then off to Ordenance depot wksp Bahrain for a 9 month stint then to 28(br) Signal regt(Northag) Krefeld before final posting to 1 RHA LAD REME Detmold. Anybody out there who remembers me get in touch. Also spent from 1978 to 1996 with 241 NAT Wksp TA


(Raymond) Paul Neal 1594

Just checking if any of the following are still breathing. Keith Eaton, Martin Hacon,Alan Whittle, Terry Shreeves,etc who were all on a tiffy course '74 -76 at SEE regards to all Paul

Martin Lucking 1593

I am an ex Gunner. I'm trying to get in contact with ex REME Sgt Taff Thomas. He was an armourer with 20th Med RA in Devizes and Hong Kong in the early to mid seventies. Any new would be greatly appreciated

Duncan Wolohan (wogglehoggle) 1592 uk

I served in the REME from 1973-1986 My postings are Bordon,Bunde,Belize,Benbecula and Fallingbostel anyone who wishes to contact me do so at the above e-mail address

(Raymond) Paul Neal 1591

Just checking if any of the following are still breathing. Keith Eaton, Martin Hacon,Alan Whittle, Terry Shreeves,etc who were all on a tiffy course '74 -76 at SEE regards to all Paul

Ron W Francis 1590

Bill Simpson from the Newcastle area. National Service 1953-1955.10 week NCO course Blandford posted out about October 1953. I would like to make contact if possible. Any news welcome

Ian Logan Tilson 1589

Calling all ex 62 ers from AAS Arborfield. Trying to get more together for 50th reunion in 4 years time or anyone who knows me . Get in touch.

Denis Woodward (woody) 1588

Hi looking for old friends from School of Artillery Manorbier,16/5 Lancers.Queens Own Hussars,Royal Green Jackets.MTS Iran limited.

David O'Neill 1587

Any one who remembers me from Royal Hussars LAD,1Fld Wksps or anywhere else.

Gordon (Bill) Bailey 1586

Hi, I served at School Of Infantry 65-66 13/18RH Lad 66-70, Anzuk Area Wksps 70-74, 5 Fd Wksps 74-76 and 15/19RH Lad 76-77 as a Reccy Mech

Brian Sweeney 1585

Looking for Keith Addison served with him at 5 Field workshops Soest 1973-76 also any members of our football team

Eric Lance DAvies 1584

Just wondering where everyone fron 65c D Coy or Art Veh 301b got to... currently in Canada myself

Ernie Green 1583

Started out at AAS Carlisle 62b then on to Germany on and off until 1986 it would be good to hear from old friends especially my best man Cookie!!

Jim Foster 1582

Trying to contact old friends from Middle Wallop from 1960---1978. Would also like to hear from anyone who served in Gib. early sixties and Aden 1966/67. I would appreciate it if anyone can put me in touch with Dave Holderness who served with me in Gib and and Aden.I will be in Wallop for music in the air in July this (08) so I will keep an eye out for any of the old faces. Before closeing can anybody put me in touch with Greg Cookson a legend from wallop. Many thanks Jim Foster

Richard (Dick)Hamer 1581

Trying to trace the whereabouts of a guy I joined the REME with in 1966 by the name of Dave Forster

Lloyd Davis 1580

Any out there or left with history on WW 2, 582 Coy-408coy-674 coy \ 591GHQ COY W\SHOPS did Egypt\Cairoanyone know W\Sgt George Davis 00441296331755

Derek Breeze 1579

Visited REME Museum at Arborfield last week, sturred old memories. purchased "The Arborfield Apprentice" book its awsome, and brought back life in 1953 -56. there must be some 53b-ers out there?.

Norman(pincher)Martin 1578

Was in 1 Training Battalion REME 87 Tels workshops BAOR 29 doing national service 1957/1959 After basic training went to Kingsley Barracks Minden Germany,would love to meet up with Malcolm Alcock,Mike Sherwood and anyone else who may remember me.Iam 72years old and time for finding my long lost friends is running out.

Brian William Taylor 1616

In 1957-1959 I served in the REME at BATU contonment in Malaya and Changi in Singapore the latter I was REME LADto th 1st Battallion 22nd Cheshires with whom Ihad many friends one I often think about was a Corporal Johnny Eddows Iwondered were they are now another I saw in the sixtes rideing pass me in a lorry was Tony Griffin

Richie (SCOUSE) Manning 1615

Hi trying to find Harry Price, Vince Davey, John Bater, Taff Henson, Budgie Baird LT Col Mike Selby. all ex 4 Armd WKSOP REME DETMOLD 1985 to 1989

Derrick Reeves. (Lofty) 1614

Anyone at 2 Base Workshops Tel el Kebir Egypt 1947-1949.

Peter James Smith (Smudge) 1613

I am trying to find any 9/12 Lancer or QOH LAD REME stationed in Hobart barracks 1975 to 1979 Gary Pickersgill, Karl Fletcher, Trev Williamson, Dave Mc Loughlin.

George Mitchell (Mitch) 1612

I am trying to regain contact with Dave (Dai) Wood. Stationed with the QOH between 1967 and 1971. Wife called Avril and daughter called Karyn and son Paul.

Mike Payne 1611

Any soccer players from BFPO 10 1961-64 and 7 Armored,Fallingbostel 1965-66.We are all getting older but we never forget our youth.Please contact, I have already 2 past mates

Don(scouse)Gardner 1610

Anybody out there remember 5 Inf wksp Dortmund Recy section 1961-1964 then a stint in Wuppertal then to 10 Inf wksp Kuching Borneo from where I was demobed some of the best times of my life be glad to hear from anyone Sgt Paddy Daly, Cpl Ladd, Pete Wilkins, Jock Cameron to name but a few.

Simon Wilde 1609

Hi served 8 Fd. Workshop 89/95 good to hear from anyone

Jack Huggins 1608

Searching for anyone who knew my father ALFRED FREDERICK HUGGINS at R.A.O.C.depot BURSCOUGH in 1940, from where he married EDITH NAYLOR 11:5:1940

Paul Pickup 1607


If there is anyone reading this who was stationed in Bulford with the 3 Div LAD section and played in the LAD football team and who won the Junior Cft cup final at Arborfield in 1976 please make contact.

Phil (Taff) Moran 1606

Ex-Arborfield Apprentice (64A) Art Tels Course 1974/1975 SEE Arborfield Denis Barrett (Sailor) 1566

Denis Barrett 1605

Anybody remember me 1953-57 from Blanford Camp, Trade Training Ellesmere Oswestry, or REME LAD attached (BN ROAC at the C.O.D. Donnington), etc looking for old friends Jeff Myers, Kelly Fletcher or anybody (have posted this message before but now have different email address see above)

Maurie Vickery (Cpl.) 1604

Basic training Blandford 1957. Names remembered Sgt. Addison, Cpl. Ben Braine, and Cpl. Stinchcombe. 7th Inf. Workshop, Hoath Lane, Gillingham 1957-60. Major Fletcher OC., Capt. Bent, WO1 Head, Cpl. Bob Roberts, Brummie Hughes (upholsterer). Scouser Thompson, and Dave Pitt (metal worker). Also in Cyprus based outside Nicosia.

Alan (Flash) Hunns 1603

I joined up 1953 and did basic training at Blandford Forum, following which I went to Borden to do further training on vehicles. In September '54 attached to the 10th Royal Hussars at Tidworth where I stayed until I went out to Ma'an in Jordan Jan '56. I travelled out to Jordan on the 'EMPIRE KEN'. Whilst at Ma'an I ran the cinema on camp until I demobbed in '57. Would be good to hear from anyone that served at that time and remembers me. You can email me via my God-daughter (I haven't quite caught up with the technological age yet!!)

Raymond Ball (Bally) 1602

Served in REME 1950-51. After basic training in Blandford was based in Aldershot, worked in the workshops. Went to Egypt, Suez canal, in 51. Had a fabulous boat and train journey back home, Swiss Alps, Germany, etc. does anyone remember that? Does anyone know me on this site? Would love to catch up with anyone I served with. Lionel (taff) Wright 1562

Lionael Wright 1601

Korea 1952 to 1953 29 bBd. LAD1952, A Squadren LAD1953 and Shandur camp Egypt 53-54 looking for anyone who served or remembers me

Chris Parker..aka PAKA 1600

Ex vm1 from 280 NATO HQ WKSPS REME TA.Served from 1980 TO 1993.. stationed at Bordon..unit now disbanded...met a great bunch of people through the years and had some laughs..where are you all now

Rob Murphy 1599

Hi all, was wondering if there was anyone out there from my days, I joined in 91, Rhine 22 arborfield, went on to QOH LAD Munster, 47 RA workshops Thorney Island then 1 Para, left in 99, I'm back in now alL be it in the M.P.G.S. What you all up to now, drop me a line and let us know.

Tony Murphy 1598

Any one remember me ? 1957 Blanford & Norton Fitzwarren-1958 Borden-1959 Iserlohn. Like to hear from someone,anyone!

Peter Hartley 1597

Would love to hear from anyone who I served with 76 - 93.

Cliff(Brian) Hodson 1596

55a intake Aborfield various postings big one 1961/1964 1 Inf wkps Nairobi. Anyone out there?

Charlie (Chuck) McGilchrist 1595

Would like contact with anyone:- ECE Course Lydd 1949 Gibraltar 1951-1953 I am in Canada.

Jane and Steve 'Sid' Voak 1594

Hi would love to hear from anyone who may remember us... we were in Fallingbostal with 2nd Btn Coldstream Gaurds from 1981 to 1984, then Hildesheim Apr 1984 to Nov 1984 then RA at Dortmund 1985 to 1987

Bob Clark 1593

Served 64 79 Green Howards 65-69 40Fld Rrgt RA 69-70 Queens Lancs 70-72 Trucial States72-73 16Lt Air DefenceRegt R A 73-77 42 Survey EngRegt R A 73 -79. Looking for Dave Carpenter.Last seen with 16Lt Air Defence Regt Soest 1977.Had a wife Amy and one daughter.

David James 1592

I was a National Serviceman from February 1958 to 1960. Service No 23455478. Basic training at Blandford and the remainder of the time at 6 Veh Trg Bn Bordon as a Draughtsman. That is almost 50 years ago!

Reg Bennett 1591

I was in REME from 1954 to 1957. Blandford Nov 54. Taunton 55. Sudbury 56. 2nd Gurkas Malaya 57

David( Lofty) Gwynn 1590

As a Sapper I served with 65 CSS RE ( REME Wksp) 68-73 Hameln. Any REME or ROAC personnel who remember me please get in touch.

Chris Zeil 1589

Hi, I'm looking for any one who remembers me. Ex-Recy Mech from 1970-1992, 5 Fld Wksp Soest, 4 Div. HQ & Sig. Regt LAD Herford, 10 Fld Tidworth, 8 Squ. RCT Aldershot, FRG Juliet 12 Armd Wksp Munster then 6 Armd Wksp, 18 Base Wksp Bovington, 4 Armd Wksp Detmold. Also 4 years in the TA from 1996-2000, again Sgt Recy Mech with 105 Btn. REME and 104 Btn. REME

James (Jim) Cahill 1588

Army Apprentices School. Chepstow.48B Group.60th Anniversary Reunion 19th-21st September 2008 at Chepstow in conjunction with BOBA Reunion. Contact Jim Cahill for details of separate dinner arrangement on the 19th of Sept.

Paddy Lang 1587

Any old friends from AAS Carlisle, 12Inf Wksp, Tech Services(BAOR), 7 Armd Wksp,love to hear from you!!

Anthony Hall (LOFTY) 1586

Anybody still around from 11.6,21 sqn RCT workshops then went yto 4 Div wiorkshops dortmund duisberg 1965 1969 Tom Thaker Geordy Carsetitch Bower etc

Ken Meyer 1585

Ex Brat!Arbourfield 50a.Woolwich.BAOR.Kenya.Gillingham.Hong Kong.BAOR.UK Demob.Jersey 3years.Canada 67 Wow 40 great years

Patrick James Windsor 1584

I`m hoping to find `Ginge` YEARSLEY. 55B `A` Coy Chepstow. No 2325.... If anyone knows of his whereabouts I`d love to hear. We were mates in boys service but I went to RE and he REME. Nearly 50 years since we last saw each other.

David Wilkinson 1583

REME from Jan 1959 - Jan 1964 Blandford, Malaya (6/59-2/62 (Kluang - 13 Inf Wksps, J.B. then Malacca, LAD to 1/3rd East Anglian Regt. Returned with them to N.Ireland and demobbed at Wksps Colchester.

Edward LIDDLE 1582


I am trying to find information about my dad, Edward Liddle or Ted or Eddie. He was born on 14-02-1907 in Gateshaed. He was in the REME and had his number was 7651526 543 Workshop Reme. I know he served in Palestine and Iraq but sadly he died in July 1982 nand I was unable really to obtain, for ever,some history of his service life. I do have several photographs of him in his uniform, but nothing else. I was born on the 21st. November 1940 and Christened Edward but always had the name Teddy or Tedy. Is there anyone out there that can point me in the right direction to get a bit more information.

Stuart Simcock 1581

I served in REME 1969-1994 (Tech Stmn)Served in BAOR (many postings) Hong Kong and UK.would like to hear from anyone who I served with, especially 5 Arnd Wksp 1984-89.

Jimmy Manderson 1580

I joined REME in oct 1975 at Poperingie bks in Arboufield.names I rememder mMlcy Smith, Nobby Stiles and a few more. Posted to 16 Lt Air Def Reg, Soest,lI then went to 14/20 Kings Hussars, Hohhne then back to UK att to Signals in Tidworth, then up to RCT in Cattrick back to Germany 45 Fld Reg RA Wksp and out Oct 85. I was a tech storeman other people Iremember Sgt Pete Higgins,Sgt Jim Rogers, Gordie Borthwick, Phil Jones, Rory Gallagher and many more would love to hear from. You can send email or phone 01383 853364 for a chat

Simon "SI" Edwards 1579

Hi all Si Edwards here, only 2 years to push. Anyone who remembers me drop me a line.

Eric Smalley 1578

Trying to find Allen Mercer from Liverpool, and Eric Willey from Lincoln in the REME 1950s at Ashford and Feltham Middelsex

Matthew Newell 1577

Hi anyone who knows me from 1 D&D 1 LI,1 DWR or 29 Cdo between the years of 1990-1997 feel free to drop me a line. be good to hear from you

Roy Sharkey (fergal) 1576

Served from 80-90 REME/RCT Blackdown80 Bordon 81- 12 Armd wksp 81-84 16 Tk Tpst 85 7 RHA Aldersot85-86 3 Fld wksp 86-88 Tidworth 88-90 25 FRT Sqn Bicester anyone who knows me I'm still around and driving trucks around UK love to hear from any old friends

Scott Masterson 1575

83A PMC 16 tk tptr sqn wksp, 1 Gordons, 1 Royal Scots, UNCYP,Like to hear from anyone who can remember the strawberry blonde sex kitten, though I'm white now

Charles Harvey (charlie) 1574

Joined in 1968, went to Aborfield for my training eventually left the forces in 1980

Derek (Dell) Le Gall 1573

Ex REME 1960-1985.

george humphreys 1572

Arborfield, Middle Wallop, 657 Squadron, 71 AC Workshop, 658 Squadron, 3 BAS Yeovil. Interested to hear where people are now

Sean Prankett 1571

Served 3 Tank Transporter Sqn REME Wksp Sennelager 87-90 vmb

Andy Flatters 1570

Joined REME in 78 till 88, served at 35 Eng, Regt Wksp Hameln, Ist Irish Guards LAD Munster, 16 Tank Transporter Regt Wksp Sennelager and 17 Port & Maritime RCT Gosport. Would like to hear from anyone who served with me.

Alan Jones 1569

Attached 12lt AD Regt 62/67

Ernest Frederick Reynolds (Fred / Freddie) 1568

Does anyone remember my father Fred / Freddie Reynolds 22129321 from Birmingham. Unfortunately he died 8 years ago and I am trying to trace the family history. He was enlisted at Honiton 21 Apr 1949 - and was discharged from 14 Command Workshops,Ashford, Kent 06 May 1951. I would like to find out about his movements between these years, the only things I know was that he served for a time in Malaysia where he contracted Malaria and returned back to Little Bromwich Hospital in Birmingham where he was quarantined for 6 months. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please drop me a line if you can help me with my search. Jayne Rose (daughter)

Bob Stephenson 1567

Arborfield 71B, 7 Sig Regt LAD, 15 Fd Wksp Catterick/Munster,40/47 Fd Regt LAD, HQ REME 4 Armd Div, UNFICYP Sp Regt Wksp,35 Engr Regt Wksp, 14 Berlin Fd Wksp, 15 Fd Wksp. Looking for anyone who remembers me

Richard Gray 1566

Trying to contact: re: Captain Gray and message "I have recently come into the possession of a Samurai sword with a brass plate on the scabard which reads: "Presented to Captain R. Gray R.E.M.E. by H.Q.8. M.A. Malaya 1945" Can anyone tell me anything about Captain Gray or the presentation of this sword?" I am the Grandson of Captain Ross Gray, and would like to make contact.

Laurie Megson 1565

Any one who knows me 1977 to 1986

Bob Anderson 1564

I am still serving in the REME and quickly approaching my 22 year point.

Dave Roulston-Bates 1563

I'm searching for any ex corps cricketers from the 80s and early 90s, Phil Mist, Paddy Swann, Laurie Flinn, Paul Smith, Mike Sargison but to name a few

John Law (Jock) 1562


10 FLD Wksp, 2Platoon, Air Mobile, 1976,REME att.1Back Watch 1979 LAD REME 1 Black Watch,BPPO 106 1983 FILOG, 2 FLD Wksp, 1983 28(BR) Sig Regt, LAD REME

(Jim)Adrian John Corbett 1561 tradesman

Apprentice tradesman Chepstow 1939 1942 REME 1942 TO 1964. I am 83 so maybe there arnt any left to remember me, WO 1 (ASM)

Darryl Moore 1560

I am trying to track down darren ware or "bob" as he was called at batus, cos it was short for kate lol. He was my best man and would be good to catch up. Anyone help?

Egon Taska 1559

Trying to get in touch with Jim Stewart, last known to be with REME Att. 1st Glosters in Weeton Camp in '77. Any help greatly appreciated.

John Law Jock 1558


NI 1975 uk 1976 canada 1976 belize 1979 BAOR 1979 F.I 1983 Baor 1984 UK 1984-1989

Cfn Justin Pether 1557

Princess marina colledge 84c, Borden 86, Pirbright LAD 87, 8Fld Workshop 87-90. Would like to hear from Jason(George)Stubbings. Ian Poyner, Taff Williams, Adrian Holland, Wade Piercy, Dave Barker. or anyone who Knew me. E-mail me!!!!!!!

Alan robert Munro 1556

Trying to get in touch with Bill McClean,24264105,was originally a clerk and retrained to VM(B).was at Bordon from 73-74.He was attached to 3 Queens when I last saw him in the Spanner Club,Sydenham,Belfast in 75.Last sighting of him, he was driving a bus in manchester area,but not confirmed.

SGT Bob Solway 1555

Hi, I am ex Aircraft Technician. 68C Army Apprentices College, Arborfield. 70 Ac Wksp, Middle Wallop. 651 Squadron AAC, Verden, Germany and finally 655 Squqdron AAC. Topcliffe. Yorkshire. 1968-1979 Would love to here from any of my past mates or even people who know me.

Mel C 1554

Hi hope you can help, I am looking for a Lance Corporal Peter Sandals, DOB 2/10/46 - believe to have been with 11th Hussars, Germany, 1966, would definitly been around R.E.M.E in 1965

Mark Walker 1553

Looking for old mates from 79A-81A Arborfield and any from 1CG LAD Caterham

Jim Mitchell 1552

Friends who remember me 1958 - Blandford Basic Trg 1958 - Barton Stacey -Trade(Clerk) Trg 1958/1959 - 20 Inf Wksp Kahawa Kenya 1959/1960 - HQ co Arborfield

Mark Chambers 1551

CE Tech 1977-1988 39 Fd, 2 Fd RA, 4 Armd then out. :ike to hear from anyone who knew me especially any members of 46 SFS ( You know who you are !!!)

Jeff Williams ( taff , taffy , druid ) 1550

ex.12Armd Wksp Osnabruck 77-79,P.E.E Shoeburyness 79-85. Like to hear from antone that remembers me. Especially Rich Sambrook from Chesterfield

Edward McIntosh (Mac) 1549

I served in the following units and wonder if anyone is still around who knew me, 25 & 26 Command Workshops REME 401 Command Workshops EAEME, Nairobi 58 Coy RASC, LAD REME,Fayed, Canal Zone 443 BAD RAOC, LAD REME, Singapore My REME service was from 1949 to 1960, previous to this I Was in The RASC, Workshops Platoon, of 576 Coy RASC in Norwich 17 & 980 Coy RASC in Hamburg, BAOR I would be very happy to hear from anyone who served in these units as I am getting on in years, in my 82nd year, so I am no "chicken" but still young at heart

Malcolm Farrell 1548

Anyone who has served at 20 Electronic Workshop REME or NIEW may like to attend a gathering at a great location, hotel with attatched pub. The next reunion will take place on Sat 22nd Sept, at;

Pete Burtenshaw 1547

I am looking for John Pickering or Quinny who were in 01 Platoon in 75 at Popperhinge.

AL KIRK 1546

I was a REME VM between 1988 & 2003. Drop me a line if you remember from Dortmund, Celle or Hohne

Roy Dowling 1545 r

4 Armoured Workshops 1953-56 (I think)Germany - I used to be dispatch rider

Norman Martin (pincher) 1544

After basic training at Barton Stacey and Blandford went to Kingsley Barracks Minden Germany between 1957/1959.Was with 87 tels.Would like to meet up with old pals such as Malcolm Alcock/Mike sherwood or anyone else who may remember me

Brian Clark (Taffy Clark) 1543

Searching for a John Campbell or anyone else who served in REME in Malaya 1951-53. I served from 1951 to early 1953 in the 12th Infantry Workshop. We were attached to the 10th Armored Gurkha Brigade in Mentikamp (sp?), Malaya.

Richard Stewart (Richie) 1542

I served in REME from Feb'79 to Oct'94, mainly in LAD's: 2 Gren Gds Munster 1980-82 15 Sqn RCT Osnabruck/Catterick 1982-85 7 Sigs Herford 1985-87 8FD Colchester 1987-88 I Royal Anglian Colchester 1988-90 RARH 1990-93 LD Hohne 1993-94 Currently working in a safety role with a Glasgow based construction/shopfitting company and live in Alloa with my partner and my 8 year old boy. Would be great to hear from old mates.

Alan Bown 1541

Any one remember me.65 Stn.WkspREME Bahrain and LAD REME47 DG

Charles Hill 1540

Trying to get info on my brother Ivan Hill 1950s Beachly apprentice, REME was in South Uist (Blue Streak?) Korea and Malaya. Also Crookham Camp. Died early 1970s, came from POrtsmouth

Bob Surridge & Geoff Stringer 1539

Anybody out there who remembers 3 armd wksps kunsebeck in 1957 at the disbandment, Give us a call re: old happy times

Heather Hodge 1538

Can you help. I have just purchased an old set of Whisky glasses that have the REME Badge with LAD 2nd Battalion Scots Guards printed on them in gold. Can anyone supply me with more information on when/why these would have been made. I assume the REME LAD were working alongside the 2nd Batt Scots Guards but when and where(which conflict, country etc) and why would they have had these made...

Phil Maher 1537

Looking to contact any people who remember me from the numerous Units I served in, especially 1RRF Catterick,1 Royal Anglian Regt Londonderry, 40 Fld Regt LAD & QRIH LAD Germany.

Frank Rigley 1536

Looking for old mates 58B Arborfield,13Armd Wksp,1RTR LAD,ARMD ENGRS LAD

Helen Sleeper 1535

Hi I am trying to find people who have served with my father Barry Sleeper. I have some info in 1954 he joined the boys school at Beachley on intake 54b, left there in 1957. first posting was to Wolfenbostle near Hanover in Germany . in 1959 posted to Cyprus. 1960 posted to Northan Ireland. 1963 (ish) posted to Bicester. 1967 (ish) posted to Borden. left the army in 1968 (ish). some names Bill Gordon (Germany) Jock Taylor and Dave Kilbride (Ireland) Jonney (frog) Sporne (Borden). Jack Frost from Diss. any body help?


Joseph Platt 1534

Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.joined 1964 at Poperinghe barracks .Trained as a metalsmith Bordon.Served 9(Borneo ) Inf wksps,*Inf wksps Colchester1965 1st and 3rd RHA Colchester,HQ Brunei garrison .Queens hussars LAD

John (Stu) Hinson 1533

Hi I'm looking for Colin Schofield. if your out there please get in contac

Rodger Oakley 1532

Looking for ex comrades of intake 64B Army Apprentice COLLEGE CARLISLE

Tony Murphy 1531

Trying to locate mates from LAD REME to The Royal Ulster Rifle-Iserlohn circa 1958/9...including Tom Cunningham,Johnny Allan,Barry SpeddingMick Crowther 1530

Mick Crowther 1530

1980-1988 Bumped into an old buddy at the Arborfield Corps got me thinking....anyone there from 19 platoon, 1 Kings LAD Osnatraz, 1RRF/1 Cheshire/2 Gren Guards Ballykelly, 1 Queens Bessbrook, QDG/17-21st Saffron Walden? Also any old timers that knew my dad ASM "Joe" Crowther 1942 to 1965 71 Armourer

Cliff (Chalky & Sparky) White 1529

Served in Cyprus (1957-59)station workshops EpisKopi, where are you all now, please contact

Brian (Paddy) Bayliss 1528


Anyone who served between 1960 and 1965 in 3 Armourd Sqn Wksps Aden or 15 Inf Wksps Paderborn who remembers me. Love to hear from you

Steve( corrie) Corrigan 1527


Looking for 25 platoon intake 1972 Poperinghe barracks

Michael Vincent 1526

I am looking for anyone who served in REME at Colchester in 1950 have some photos from Roman way camp Colchester

Janine Rose 1525

Hoping to find someone who knew my father his name was corperal Cerial Howitt he was based in Germany Rinteln 1956 and I was born at BMH Rinteln

Ken Meyer 1524

Hurry I'm getting old.AAS Arborfield,1AAwkp,att Royal Berks,att KSLI 7inf wkps.Command Wkps Hong Kong.att 32 LAA."The End" SEME Bordon.Now retired in Canada

Terry Pointing 1523

Anyone remember me itransfered to REME in 55 3&5 Bns Arborfield 36HvyAd Wksp Duisberg 52CmdWksp Aden AAS Carlisle 8Fld Wksp Colchester And all places in between

James Foster (Jim) 1522

Trying to contact any old mates who served at Middle Wallop from 1962--1978 especially Greg Cookson, Johnny Harcourt, Ginge Crump, Major Wastey (ex D and T) and many more to many to list here. Many thanks in anticipation

Norman Martin (pincher) 1521

After basic training at Barton Stacey and Blandford went to Kingsley Barracks Minden Germany between 1957/1959.Was with 87 tels.Would like to meet up with old pals such as Malcolm Alcock/Mike sherwood or anyone else who may remember me

Richard Stewart (Richie) 1520

I served in REME from Feb'79 to Oct'94, mainly in LAD's: 2 Gren Gds Munster 1980-82 15 Sqn RCT Osnabruck/Catterick 1982-85 7 Sigs Herford 1985-87 8FD Colchester 1987-88 I Royal Anglian Colchester 1988-90 RARH 1990-93 LD Hohne 1993-94 Currently working in a safety role with a Glasgow based construction/shopfitting company and live in Alloa with my partner and my 8 year old boy. Would be great to hear from old mates.

Cliff Harrison 1519

Where are all the ex REME who served at Old Dalby in the fifties? 35, Base W/Shops REME Old Dalby Leicestershire We have been trawling the 'Old pals' sites for years now and the progress is very slow. We? are Cliff Harrison,Trevor Lomas ("The Rev"),Ian Rennie, John Berridge,Gordon Lomas (no relation to the rev), Mick whereton, Eric Culshaw & David Newton. Where are Brian Newby, Dave Winstanley etc?

Trevor Dyke (Dickie Dyke) 1518

23845190 Ex Pte to SSgt REME 1960 to 1979 Served in Blandford (VM Trg),Bordon (SEME),Carlisle (App Col)',Hameln (Amph Engrs),Colchester (Fd Wksp),Maidstone (Royal Engrs),Fallingbostel (7 Arm Wksp),Honiton,Arborfield,4 tours NI

Les Brummie Davies 1517

Where are you Mal Monk Cuningham and Sam Henderson. Last seen LAD 8th RTR 1957. Please get in touch.

Mrs VJ Webber 1516

I am trying to find my father who served with the 2nd world war 30th Armoured Brigade W/S PRIVATE T TAYLOR 3707477 any help would be much appreciated

Neville Henderson (Nev) 1515

Would like to get in touch with former colleagues of Artificer Radar 28 course.

Brian (Jonah)Jones 1514

Looking for any old pals from 42 regt LAD (1960-63), 3 Inf Wksp (1965) 50 Comd (67-69) 5 lt regt LAD (70-73)

Frank Adams 1513

Hi I was on 14 VMA,1971-1972, I served with 5Innis DG Munster, 5Innis DG Berlin,12 Armd Wksp, 2 ADS Hamm, Blues & Royals, 48 Cyp Wksp and 32 Armd Eng reg (26 Armd Eng Sqn) I would like to hear from people who served at with me

William (Bill) Leppard 1512

Bill Leppard served in the REME during WW2. He celebrated his 30th birthday on D Day. He remembers being transported in a collier and that when the guns started firing he says every grain of coal dust was dislodged and covered them! Now at 93 years of age he wants to contact 'Jock' Horne of the 27th Armoured Brigade who came from Stirling, Scotland - Dad describes Jock as not very tall, played the harmonica and a polite man. Any information would be much appreciated.

David Trescowthick (young pop) 1511

I was a recovery mech, I cant remember where I was last stationed,but I can remember we had a Buddy Holly Group,also remember a photo of a centurion on it side ina photo plus the 32 wheel tralior upside down,would love to see the buddy and outher photos,lost mine in a fire years ago, I would love to hear from any one

Darryl Moore 1510

I am trying to track down darren ware or "bob" as he was called at BATUS, cos it was short for kate lol. He was my best man and would be good to catch up.

Phil "Taff" Reed 1509

Just to ask if there is anyone who can remember me. Joined 1966, left SEME, joined 1LF REME Att, after returning from Far East posted to 36 Amb Sdn RCT in BAOR

Gordon Shannon 1508

To any of my old friends who were in the REME along with me at Blandford in late 1959/60 doing basic training. Boredon shortly after doing vehicle trade training then on to Homs and Benghazi mid 1960 attatched to 2RTR. I was discharged whilst home on compassionate leave so had no time to say goodbye the the guys I left behind and I lost touch with everyone. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

P."Mike" Mitchell (ex-Cfn) 1507

ex-Cpl Ken Whittaker died a couple of years ago. We served together in Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt. I took photos of him and Cfn Bernard Mills and sent them to Ken some years ago. Bernard died some time ago and his sister has contacted me and would like copies, but I have lost Ken's address. His widow (I believe) lives in the Bengeo area of Hertford. Any info appreciated

Dave Holmes 1506

I decided to post again to see if there is anyone still alive and kicking who saw service in the SUDAN 1955-1956.

Martin Palmer 1505

Whilst I never served in the REME I had a good friend who transfered from the Queens Regt to the REME who I am trying to trace. His name is Martin Lyons, I believe he has now left the Service and is living in the North of England. His wife`s name is Sue. If anyone knows Martin or anyway I can find him your help would be appreciated, pse feel free to email the above address direct. I appreciate security is important so if you have a contact address for Martin pse feel free to pass my email address onto him, just tell him it is from Martin and Carol, 3 Queens. Many thanks

Bill Ashby 1504

I served with 13 Infantry Workshop REME in Malaya - firstly at Kluang (near the airstrip)and then Ulu Pandan (in what used to be a pineapple canning factory) near Johore Bahru. Does anyone have any photos or maps of these areas?

Pete Gloster 1503

Ex-REME Clk. I was in REME from Sep 72 until I escaped and joined CSLI in Jul 1994. Would like to hear from anybody who may remember me. Spent most of my time in Germany (Detmold, Munsterlager, Herford, Minden, Soest. Had 3 postings to AAC Units as well as other Units.

Shaun Fenton 1502

Served in REME from 1983 to 1995 at the following LAD/WKSP, Irish Guards (Munster), Force WKSP (Belize), Grenadier Guards (Munster), 3 Armd Div Tpt Regt RCT (Duisberg), 3 R Anglian Regt (Colchester), 1 R Hamps Regt (Colchester), 1 PWRR (Colchester), 66 Fuel Sqn RCT/RLC (Tidworth), Support Weapons Wing (Netheravon

Mick Cooledge 1501

Alf (Scouse) Whittaker youve changed your email address. Whats your new one. Or anybody ex 17/21 L LAD HK, Aden or Sennelager who wants to contact.

Brian (Paddy) Bayliss 1500


Anyone out there who served in 13 Armoured Sqn.Wkps REME Little Aden 1961-63.Please make contact.