You can open any magazine or newspaper,look in packets of cereal,twist of bottle tops,read junk mail etc.,etc. and you will find one.Competitions are everywhere.The newest medium for them is the internet.It seems that every site you visit there is a prize to win.This is great if like me you enjoy doing competitions.

Competitions come in many formats.

1.Straight forward draw.

2.First out of the hat wins.

3.Question and slogan/Tiebreaker.

4.Instant win.

5.Word find.

6.Scratch cards.

7.Lottery Photographic.

8.Crosswords and word puzzles.

Entering Competitions.Some useful Tips

The golden rule in entering any competition is to read the rules.If you send an incorrect entry,no matter how small the mistake,it will be discarded.You must remember that the person responsible for running the competition may have thousands of entries to process so the more that can be discarded at an early stage,the easier their task will be.If the rules say put your details on a postcard or a blank sheet of paper exactly that.

Always use block capitals unless told otherwise and write as neat as possible.If you have hand writing that looks like a doctors prescription,try and get someone else to do it for you.I have trouble writing small which is a real pain when I attempt to fill in those forms you get in magazines.There never seems to be enough room.

If you enter a 'phone in' competition then speak clearly and slowly.If your message cannot be understood,you have no chance.

Enter in good time.For postal entries,a week before is a good rule of thumb.

If you intend entering many competitions it is a good idea to have some sticky labels printed with your details.It saves a lot of writing but make sure the rules do not insist on hand written entries.

A good idea for postcard entries is to use old Christmas or greeting cards.They are colorful and stand out.You could also make your own colorful postcards out of empty cereal boxes.

If you are sending a plain paper entry,decorate the envelope with some bright colors or pictures.The idea is to make your entry stand out and catch the judges eye.

Did you know that Instant Win Competitions can be entered without buying the product.On the wrapper you should find the address to send your details.Someone at the company will open an item on your behalf.However,if the product is cheaper than a stamp it makes sense to buy it.

A good source of competitions is the local press.The prizes are often small but a win is a win and they seem to have low entries.

Many shops,stores banks,garages their own in store competitions.You need to find the entry forms,fill it in and put it in a box provided.Entry forms should be near the product related to the competition if you cannot find them,ask an assistant or at the customer services desk.

Anything that may give you the edge is worth trying as long as it is within the rules and of course legal.

Remember,You have to be in to win.

Don't give up.Most compers have lean spells.Take no notice of the skeptics and doubters.They will soon change their tune when they see you winning lots of nice prizes.





1. Renault Sport Spider car/Nescafe coffee.---'Powerful flavor,dynamic display,stunning performance,drive of the day'

2. Football/washing powder---'Always on the ball,they sweep clean through all opposition'

3. Mountain bike---'To summit up,its great"gear",why saddle for less'

4. Fruit/Leading store---'A peach of a prize from the stores leading branches'

5. Coffee/Motor racing---'Blend 37 is a formula one just can not beat'

6. Holiday/Sweet company---'Perfect for a'sweet'escape! or (Product)---ideal for the chosen chew'

7. Holiday/Football/Softdrink---'in"thirst"position It'll "outglass"the opposition'

8. Any Product---'There range is designed for peace of mind'

9. Holiday/Shoe maker---'Its the 'shoe' way to comfort'

10.Holiday---'Walk-I walk s-miles of comfort'11.Holiday---'Bar-B-Cue .....for perfect barbecues,served up a treat.'

12.Holiday---Jewellery--- 'A'Gem'of a prize;every'facet'is a'clear-cut'asset'

13.Football---'washing powder---'Always on the ball they sweep clean through all opposition.'

14.Holiday---foodmixer---'Product only mixes'in the best circles'

15.Holiday---Sweets/confectionery---' Perfect for a'sweet'escape'

Chews---'Ideal for the chosen chew'

16.Football---'Exciting experience,crowd cheers,lifting world cup,memories for years'

17.Unknown---'It beautifully "re-cycles"where ceiling meets wall,covering joins,cracks and all'

18.Football world cup---'When product"links"with store,"putt"together,bargains galore - who"wood"need more'

19.Mountain Bike---'To summit up,its great,"gear",why"saddle"for less'

20Cuddly tiger/Sharwood pickle---'Authentic flavors,chinese spice,"takeaway"new Tigra,twice as nice'

21.Bar-B-Q/visiting chef--- 'Heinz granted my three wishes/Bob,barbecue and saucy dishes'

22.Hotel/Cloths shop with cash---'With your range ,I reached target weight,need new look to motor-vate'

23.Furniture/Argos---'(Product name)is tender and kind,keeping nature in mind'

24.Any product 'Their range is designed for peace of mind'

25.Holiday Island Resort---Tropical paradise,water sports,too,heavenly paradise,dreams come true.

26.Holiday too Hong Kong/Lee Kum Kee sauces--'They're a great sauce of insperation'

27.Spice Island Beach Resort--'Tropical paradise,plenty to do,glorious Grenada,dreams come true'

28.McDougalls/Holiday voucher---'When uppercrust meats with sensible price,they transport my tastebuds to paradise.

29.Luxury weekend break at health farm---Healthy eating and care combine,ensuring I look and feel devine'

30.Weekend in Paris---GOA-geous flavours,PISA toppings.FRANC-ly mouth-watering.

31.Pit stop/Nat West bank/Weekend break---they lead with ease in the race to please.

32.Boddingtons beer/Football---'Boddingtons wins the champion-sip league.

33.Superstore/Car---'Motor-vated to win your bumper prize'

34.Vehicle manual---'Step by step,illustrations to view,expertly written,makes job easier too.'

35.Trip to Australia/Cheese---'And is best eaten in Australia with fishes.'

36.Holiday in California/Pasta and Pizza---'It's my pasta-port to Italy!' or 'I've a learn-ing for pizza!'

37.Island water sports resort---Sunshine sands,water sports,tropical paradise,my first resort.

38.Bank/£5000---'I'm "bank"-ing on "interest"-ing ways to "pep"up my savings for retirement days.'

39.Superstore/Childs bicycle---'Maxi taste,mini size,filling little"inner tubes"plus a lovely prize.'

40.Superstore/Pizza---'Ready to serve,toppings on view,only decision,which one to choose.'

41.Weekend break in Amsterdamn---I'll Nether-land a better brand to pass my tu-lips.

42.Superstore/Fridge--With (name of store)range you discover one good name preservers another.

43.Superstore/Night out with friends/Greenery peppers---'Quick,easy,cooking's done,"thyme"for leisure,"peppered"with fun!'

44.Superstore/Pet food---'Purr-fect product receives a"lap"of honour!'

45.Cryola--'Dragons and dinosaurs come to life in beautiful colours without any strife.'

46.Superstore/Computer---'They"absorb"riseing costs,"computing"premium quality "data"day.'

47.Superstore/Holiday/Movie stars---Star performer steals the show! or Lights,camera,action,here's the star attraction








Some useful slogans-tie breakers

These slogans can be used as written but if you explore them you will see how they have been put together and then you can edit them to suit a particular competition.I have not thought up all of these slogans myself,I'm not that bright,but have found them in magazines and newspapers etc.Some of them have won first or runner up prizes.You must remember when writing slogans that you may be limited to the number of words you can use and what any lead in sentence might say.i.e.'I enjoy eating Joe Bloggs bacon butties because...........' etc.




Part 1












































Essential equipment


  1. A selection of colored pens and pencils.
  2. An eraser.
  3. Brightly colored postcards.
  4. Sticky address labels.
  5. Glue.
  6. Plain white paper.
  7. Envelopes.
  8. Stamps.(first & second class)
  9. A note book.
  10. Some scrap paper or jotting pad.


Try using black card with gold or silver writing.You can also try fluorescent colored cards.They stand out really well but are a little expensive to use regularly.


Make sure your entries are likely to reach their destination in good time.Remember,mail with second class stamps take longer.As I mentioned on the first competition page,posting a week befor the competition closes is a good rule of thumb.I always put the closing date where the stamp goes so I don't forget.



Writing slogans-tie breakers

If like me,you find it difficult to write slogans or tie breakers then maybe some tips on the subject may help. I still can't write them and I've been trying for years.

1.Always read what is required.
2.Take your time.
3.Write it down over and over until you get the correct amount of words without it sounding silly.
4.Always praise the product or company in your slogan.If possible both.
5.Amusing or witty is good but keep it in context.
6.Have a good dictionaryand thesaurus.
7.A book of quotations and a rhyming dictionary would be useful.


















Part 2