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Christine Anne Muir (Williams)

Trying to find info on a place rather than a person.. I attended Mulheim School in the late 1950's / early 1960's My father is Bill Williams then Reme in Duisburg. The School was an old Thyssen Villa in Mulheim an der Ruhr, surrounded by woodland, I've heard it burned down fairly recently.. Has anyone got any photos /web links/ info on whats become of the place. did you or your parent attend this school? I'd be thankful for any information,

George JOCK Lamont, is that your corect E-mail address, tried to get in touch with you several times regards 'wally waller'

Albert (Wally) Waller

Cpl A Schyrokyj

You did not put an 'E-Mail address' with your message.

Paul Edwards

Is 'pe018b0753' your correct E-mail address

Kenny ( JOCK ) Boyle


Maurice Charnley

Maurice Charnley served in the REME as a dispatch rider during the 2nd World War, I have no idea what his army number was. He came from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and lived for some of his life in Sale and Old Trafford, Manchester. Unfortunatley, Maurice died when I was only 10years of age and I am trying to find out any information about him for our family tree. I am his great niece. I hope you can help. Many thanks Kate Hogg

Bill Baynham

Bob Lavelins your address does not work.Please contact me.


Hello, I have recently purchased a 1948 VW Beetle which was built under the command of British Forces occupying Germany after the war. Indeed, the VW factory in Wolfsburg was part of the British sector and it was Major Ivan Hirst who rescued the VW from oblivion and helped it become what it then became - none other than Car of the Century. When I enquired at the VW museum archives department, I was informed my car was produced on 7 September 1948, ordered by REME and dispatched to '151.Vehicle Coy'. Indeed, the back of the factory data slip of which I was given a photocopy reads: 'Ordered by REME, 8kms.' Does this mean there was a REME base or unit 8kms away from the VW factory in Wolfsburg? Does this seem familiar to anyone? Brian Baxter, technical historian of the REME museum, very kindly explained how cars like the VWs, were dispatched and allocated to various units, with various liveries. However, there are still areas of mystery which I am trying to research. For instance, can anyone identify where is (or was) 151.Vehicle Coy? I would like to know as much as possible since I wish to restore this VW to its original livery, in green, with the eight-digit white stencilled numbers and certain symbols which will depend on where or what this vehicle may have been assigned to. I therefore call upon those who may have been in Germany shortly after the war and can remember what I am talking about. Also, if anyone had one such VW and maybe still has information like photos,old registration documents, I would greatly appreciate to talk to you. I have been involved with vintage VWs for over ten years and as far as I know, I have never encountered another REME VW of that year other than mine. It is therefore historically crucial that I restore this vehicle as authentically as possible. I hereby enclose the details of my car in case this sparks memories for someone who may wonder whatever happened to their old Beetle so many years ago: 07.09.1948 VW chassis: 1- 083 285 engine: 1- 0113 512 body: 32 823 I thank you for any assistance you may offer. I know this was all a long time ago but the car is still here, still driving happily 55 years on! Kind Regards, Nicolas. e-mail: You can also phone me: Daytime work number: 020 7838 5504 Evening home number: 020 8969 9441


Jim Gardner

Message for Bob Lee intake 57A at Arborfiled. Bob I have tried to email you on the given email address, it is always sent back as not known. Please contact me as I am sure you were in the same room as myself in B coy. a few names to remind you: Mick O'Driscoll, Sandy Morrison, Derek(Screwy Driver) Ray Lennon. Jim Gardner


Robert Clark

Still trying to find Dave Carpenter[the baby gorilla]last seen in Soest with 16Lt Air Defence Regt RA LAD.He had a wife named Amy and 1 daughter.I am sure he came from somewhere in Suffolk,any sitings to my email address


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