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Edwin Baker (Eddie) 1499

Hello I'm Trev I'm looking for any info about my dads brother who I have never seen. I have a photo of him when he was in the REME its headed No1 Trg. Bn REME Blandford, January,1955 B Company No 2 Platoon (Regs). Please if you can help. I know very little about my dads family as he is dead now

Bob Sneddon 1498

Anybody out there from intake 74c at Dettingen Barracks Deepcut, especially John Buckland, Ian Hambelton, Gerry Cavenagh or anybody else who remembers me fron 4 Armd Wrksps Detmold( 76 - 80 ) 14/20th Kings Hussars, Hohne ( 80 -83 ) 23 Engnr Rgt Osnabruck ( 83 - 86 ) 5 Armd Wrksps , Soest (86 - 87 )

Keith(Kip) Berryman 1497

Ex 60C arborfield 52 comd aden, 5inf bahrein tels/sigs wksp, 1 Kings/3 LI, hebrides, 5field, gibraltar,20 elect.

Bryan (Bill) Boyd 1496

I served in the REME from 1954 to 1957 I would like to make contact with any of my pals who served with me in Malaya from 1955 to 1957 mainly at Sungie Besi and Ayer Hitam also Pan Dan Johore Baru. I have made contact with a few pals who I meet up with each year but there are some missing faces their names are: Norrie Seamour, Willie Dutton, Dennis Ball, Jim Cavanagh, Desmond Lawrence, Ted Wynn, Lester Clarke, Dave Clayton, Brian Clark just to name a few

Christopher John William Rose 1495

CJW was my father, now sadly gone. He served in WW2 but no details. His certificate of service shows he was in REME at Cyprus 51-52, Egypt 52-54, Singapore 56-59, Aden 63-65, BAOR 65-67, Larkhill 67-68. Left as WO II.

Lloyd Davis 1494

need help please trying to trace fathers unit ww2 it was 408gt coy middle east & various others was in REME workshops need your help guys served 1941-47 tele lloyd 01296331755 thanks

Richard Polly [ricky--paddy] 1493

HI, Onthe net for the first time,hoping to find a few friends,hoping to jog some memories with the following. 1951 enlisted AAS Chepstow 51A{tender age of 14 yrs and 10mths},stayed the full course in the corp of drums,passed out in 54 as REME VM,54-55 4AA gp Wkps REME Liverpool,55-57 HQ 5Inf Bde LAD REME Iserlohn BAOR 57-58 N/I Kinnegar Wkps-39Sub Wkps Omagh 2nd Bn Royal Green Jackets Ballykinlar,58-61Hong Kong 56Coy RASC MT LAD REME,61-64 1ST Bn Irish Guards Hubblerath,64-65 2Nd Bn Coldstream Guards Iserlohn,65-67 10 Inf Wkps Borneo,67-68 12 Inf Wkps Osnabruck,68-69 7Fld Amb RAMC LAD Osnabruck,69-71 36 Hvy AD Wkps REME RA Shoeburyness,71-72 HQ 3Div R/Sigs A/Portable LAD Bulford,72-74 22nd Regt SAS LAD Hereford 74-76 Last stop REME Wkps,RSME RE Chattendene.Now retired back in my Belfast City. Would really like to hear from Norman Lang and Norman McFarland{knew them both in 1968}


Brian Jones 1492

Trying to find anyone who served with my Father in Law Brian Jones- National Service REME 40 Base Workshops Ayer Rajah Road Singapore 1953 - 1955. Names I am aware of but would love to contact- Robert Castle, Brian Kimber, Brian Baulgh, Desmond Haddock, David Morgan, John Carrington, Nigel Smart, Harry McCluskey

Walter Eric Smalley 1491

Eric would like to get in touch with his old friends Alan Mercer and Eric Willey . We were in the REME during our Natoinal Service at Ashford and Felthm Middlesex approximately 1951 to 1953

Trevor Stubberfield 1490

Re:Message 1489 Gordon Kenneth Blakey. Your e-mail address not working. Please make contact, I have contacts from 49 for you. Trevor 52A Arborfield REME

Gordon Kenneth Blakey 1489

ex 49a Arborfild retired as ASM 15 FD Wksps REME in 73.Any contacts whatso ever

Fred Low 1488

Sid webster 9 infantry workshop REME EL BALLAH SUEZ CANAL tent 13.1953/4. Are you still playing cricket?

Tony Neave 1487

Anyone who knows me and would like to get in touch please feel free to email me. I served from 1966 to 1988.

Ernie Hoare 1486

I did my National Service with the REME in Command Workshop Shamshiupo, Hong Kong from 1955-1957. I was staff car driver Anyone that might remember me, I would love to hear from you. Joe Rennard, Jeff Mathewman, Arnold Claxton, Taffy Mitchell to name a few.

Rodney Hill,(ROD) 1485

Seved in REME,1955 to 1958.In Berlin from 1956 to 1958,first in Alexander Barracks then attached 1st batn RWF at Montgomery Barracks.Would be interested to hear from any old comrades ,in particular Owen Mcguire Brown(Jock) from Alexander Barracks,Ken Scrivens? and Fred Mott attached RWF and Sid Kernott a cockney in the RWF!

Peter `scouse`Hoare 1484

Hi to anybody that knows me served in 7 armd wksp 89-92

Dave McLay "Mac" 1483

Normandy 11 Arborfield'88 RSME WKSP REME, Household Cavalry LAD 24 Air Mob Bg CSS Bn 8 Fd wksp

Joe Butler 1482

Served from 1955-1981. 4 RTR 56-58.36 REGT RA 62-64. 3 Sqn RCT 62-64. 2 INF WKSPS 64-67.19 FLD REGT RA 67-69. 6 INF WKSPS 69-71. 1RRW LAD 71-74. Fording trials branch 74-76. SEME 76-78.50MSL REGT RA 78-80. 17PORT SQUAD RCT 80-81. Would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me, especialy "Jimmy (Jock) Dove" from Glasgow.

Phil (Oggy) Ferris 1481

I served in REME 1969 - 1986, 10 Fld wksp,12Lt AD Regt LAD,5th Skins LAD Berlin,7 Fld wksp, 7Armd wksp Falingbostel.7Fld force HQ and Sigs sqn, Colchester, 36 commd wksp, Like to hear from anyone who remembers me

Maurice Gorham 1480

Trying to find then S/sgt Peter Taylor who served with 25 Regt RA in Munsterlarger around 1975/76.

Kingsley Harrison a.k.a.(Spider/Harry) 1479

Trg Bn 1982, posted to 3 Field (Tidworth) 1983, Blues & Royals (Detmold) 1985, UNFICYP 1986, 15/19 Hussars until 1988. Anyone who remembers serving with me

Alexander Robert Pearse (jock) 1478

Searching for John (geordie)Little or any one who served with REME attached to 66 RASC in Osnabruck 1960 to 1961.

Peter Simpson 1477

Looking for REME contacts, I was 41 Art Wpns.

Ernie Gibbon (Taff ) 1476

Served at Hohne LAD 4 RHA 1958-1960. Like to hear from boys served at same time

William (Bill) Gower 1475

Served in 12th aAmy field workshop RAOC Stirling World War 2 1939 - 1945 Looking for Johnny Evans 6th command workshop REME Colchester .

Robert Sneddon 1474

Am looking for Stuart & Sula Bindon . Stuart was my bestman and am desperate to find him. We served together at 4 Armd Wrksps in Detmold and 14/20th Kings Hussars in Bergen/Hohne.

John King ex Ping 1473

Any exjlu REME out there from 1961-1964, 1 BR Corps Wksp., 1964-1966., 9 Inf Wksp Brunei 1966-1967., 69 Stn Wksp 1967-1967, 10 Inf wksp. 1967, 17 Port Wksp., Marchwood, 1967-1970, 663 Aviat Sqdn., 1970-1973, 10 Fld Wksp., 1973-1976, 70 AC Wksp Middle Wallop, 1976-1978.

Bernard Mills (Barney or Bert) 1472

Still looking for Cookie twins,Dave and Pete, Brian Robson Reccy Mech. Linda Haigh, Phil Louch, Rod Steed, All served at Lemgo in early-mid 60s

Jeffrey(Chalkie) White ( taff ) 1471


Hi pals, a voice from your past. I joined REME 13th Mar 1960 at Blandford Camp. Platoon staff - Sgt Jock Watson, Cpl Roy Trolley,L/Cpl Jonney Wardell. Any one who remembers, give me a call

Peter Smith [Smudge] 1470

I served 1973-1979-as a Metalsmith and retrained as a Recovery Mechanic. I served with 9/12 Lancers -Detmold QOH Detmold-2RTR Munster. Like to hear from anyone who knows me.Is Karl Fletcher still about,also Gary Pickersgill and Trevor Williamson?

Tony Briscoe 1469

Would like to hear from anyone who was stationed at Hobart Barracks Detmold, 1954-56. REME LAD att. 10th Field Regiment.

Jim Foster (Jim) 1468

I am looking for old friends that served at Middle Wallop 1960--1978.I served as a EIR tech (avionics) and would like to contact Johnny Harcourt, Greg Cookson,John Wynn and any other "greenies" that worked under Ted Bellis or any other old pals that knew me.

Sue and Archie Gemmell 1467

Looking for Andy Gray (last seen in Sennelager) 2000? Mad wife called Angie,son called Jake. Came from halifax.

Mel Beaney 1466

Joined 79, served with 5INNIS DG, 12 ARMD FRG, 39 Hvy RA, Life Guards, Vehicles & Weapons Branch & 1 Batt gren Gds. Would love to hear from anyone who knew me

Terry Stack 1465

Any old pals from REME JLU 59-61, 27 GW Wksp, 8 Inf, 10 Fd be nice to hear

Jim Godfrey 1464

I am looking for an old friend Ken Law (KS Law 24194565) that transferred from the RCT to the REME in the mid-late 70's. Was with the QRIH Wksps and I believe he went to Oman??

Alan W Steel 1463

Cfn (later Cpl)Alan Steel REME would like to contact old friends.12 Inf Wksp Ipoh, Segamat Malaya Oct 55 - Mar 57. Brit Gurkhas India Dharan, Nepal 1957. Now retired in Cornwall.I remember Smudge, Terry Cox, Smith,Taff Heale, Graham Barton,Rob Lemarie,Ron Comben,Panda Hands,Gerry O'Dea,Geoff Kirby,Nobby Clarke,Jock Bruce,Pete Heron,Chalky White,Alex Stamford and others.Clive Mellon from BGI.

Jack Holden (oylden) 1462

Any 5110,s from 3inf wk/sp Shandur El-Kirsh & Aqaba 51-53 Me & Oscar are still alive & Shornee, surely you remember him he was big enough !

William Wayne Watling 1461

Hi, I am looking for an ECE Tech called Steve Mapin or Mappin. I knew himm in Osnabruck 1993-1994 when he served with the RTR and then The Queens Royal Lancers. He then went to a unit in Paderborn and we lost touch. He was married to Janet and had 3 children. 2 Girls, ? and Nicky, and a son Brendan.

Paul (joe) Bolton 1460

Hi I need some help to find Paul Bolton who served with the REME until recently . I know he played hockey big style and is married to Sam and has two children .I'm his brother and need to contact him with referance to mum . would be grateful for any help you guys can give me . I know he is in Scotland but that is a hell of a big place to look !!!!! cheers

Geoff Wiseman 1459

Inta arreff Swire Arabic yimkin ?Me & Oss were the two VM s of 5110 group that left a bit sudden in 1953 without any ackers incedently marlish! I look foreward to your reply. Marselam affendi Quous tomam ouee Oylden

Philip Sutcliffe 1458

A C.E.T in Germany 1970's at St Sabastian Bks Soest

Helen Sleeper 1457

I am trying to locate people who have served with my father Barry Sleeper Idont know much other that he served in the REME in 1959. (unusual surname)I know it is a long shot but if you can help cheers anyway.

Ray taff Williams 1456

Blandford April 55,Barton Stacy,1 R.T.R 2 years in Tidworth and Warminster. All my pals went to Hong Kong with tankies, I finished up in Camp Borden, demobbed in 1958

Timan Elisha Mangaroo (Alan) 1455

I am trying to trace anyone who may have known my late father who served in the REME between 1948 and 1956.I know he was stationed in West Germany for part of his service.many thanks Stephanie Mangaroo (his daughter)

Simon(errol)Flynn 1454

Boy soldier,Deepcut Sept 78 intake Arakan then on to SEME Bordon trade A Mech then to sunny Fally 7 Armd wksp until escaped 1985 I want to hear from anyone who rembers me cheers.

Harry Barber 1453

Joined RAOC TA May 1939 14 company Sheffield, REME formed 1941. served in France Jan. to May 1940.exited via Dunkirk-La Panne. Cairo No.1 Base Workshop 1941-43. Sicily-Naples-Rome 1943-45.Graz Austria 1945-46. Would be pleased if anyone still around who has been there contact me.

Peter Freeman 1452

I am looking for anyone who knew my Dad. Captain K.R.Freeman (who passed away December 2005)He was born in 1921 and all I know of his carreer was, he served in Egypt/Korea. Like most of his generation he never spoke of the war.

Howard Wood (Woody) 1451

REME from 1975 to 1990. Brat school as an Eckie then Dortmund, Class 1 course and SMC, BATUS, 5 Armoured then Pilot's course in 1985. went to NI, Hong Kong and Brunei with the AAC but stayed REME badged. looking for Duncan Mc Isaac (Geordie), married to Alison and living in or near Newcastle Upon Tyne. Served with him as full screws in Dortmund. Lost his address and phone number.

Rob Ferguson 1450

Served in the REME from 55 - 78. !8 Amphib Sqn RCT WKsp REME and many others. Finishe Staff Sgt. Would like to contact any old mates out there.

Brian White (chalky) 1449

Served 22years ex Beachly

Jim (Scouse) Wilberforce 1448

Would like to hear from anyone who was in 3 Inf workshop Reme, 1954/1955 Shandur/Fanara Egypt, and Eureka camp Limassol Cyprus 1955/1956

George Rowley 1447

I was in REME 1954 to 1957. Went to Malta and Port Said. 18 months at Munster. Trying to find George Vowden and Bob Windle.

Barry James Beech 1446

Enlisted Jan. 1958 Been in Blandford 10 days when the IRA raided armoury,had to muster on parade ground just before midnight dressed in boots PJs greatcoat and tin hat, snow everywhere.( what a start). BAOR 58,59, Paderbourn attatched to RE`s then to 17/21 Lancers.Then to Kenya, GIl Gil for a couple of years with a stint in Kuwait in 1960. Just a couple of names to ring any bells, Sgt Jim Brown,Taffy Williams from Glamorgan, In Africa Johhny Stemp, Jock Sheer,lofty Douglas, Scouse Lineker.

Tom and Janet BAKER 1445

Looking for any 62 Wksp Benghazi bods 65-69 and any 1 Wing AAC 63-65 Jimmy Philips,Baz Townsend,Doc Woodrow or any who remember me' 1 Trg Bn Blanford B Coy 3 Plt 56. Army boys trade school Nee Soon Singapore 56-59.122 Tipper Coy Osnabruck 59. 652 Sqn AAC1 Wing AAC 71 AC Wksp Detmold 62 Stn Wksp Benghazi.

KEN. BROWN REME (1940 - 46) 1444

One of the first REME, tranfer from RAOC 1941 when REME was formed.served 2 BOD Palestine 40-46

Les (Brummie) Davies 1443

I was in REME 1955-57 a LAD 8th RTR.UK,BAOR. Trying to trace Monk Cunningham,Scouse Henderson,ANYONE.Proud to have been in the best Corps in the best army in the world.

Jim McMahon 1442

I would like to hear from anybody that knows me or served with me. I joined in 83 and served with 1ADTR 84-87, 204 Sig Sqn 87-90, 47 Regt RA 90-94, 22 Armd Eng Regt 94-97, 7 BN 97-01, 2 Sig Regt 01-05. Cheers Jim

Laurence Smith (Larry) Smudge 1441

I am not REME but I would like to find Pete Johnson who was attached to 14 Lt Regt RA in Terendak Camp, Malaysia in 1968-69. Pete was a REME Corps footballer.

Kevin Glyn Hearth 1440

Served with the REME LAD attached to the 2nd Batallion Scots Guards in Münster from 1976 to 1978 as a Crafstman. Interested in getting in touch with anybody that knew/remembers me.

Simon Edwards 1439

Anybody out there? joined up sept 87 Imjin 7 platoon give me a bell if you want to get intouch

Kev Rourke 1438

I was atrainee gunfitter in 73, posted to 39 Engr. Regt and then became a Tech Storeman. Left in 87 final posting HQ SEME Bordon. Would love to hear from anyone who new me. All e mails replied

Martyn Elvin (Slim) 1437

59C Chepstow Vehicle Mech, transferred to AAS Carlisle. Any old friends out there?

Brian Moore 1436

Looking for Terry Skelly we served at 7th Armoured workshops Fallingbostel 1963/64.Any one who served at 17th Inf Wksps.Sek Kong 1961/63John Crespi 1435


Can anyone help me,I am looking a man who served in REME of the 5th Tank Regiment in Fallingbostel Germany in the 1960s his name was Allen and wifes name was Dillest at the time Iwas in the US army on leave visting his unit everyone there was just to me and he and his wife put me up durning my stay, would like to find them hope some of you old 5th Tank guys will remember my visit as I have never forgotten all your kindness to me.

Andy Palmer - RWANDA deployment 1434

I am looking for anyone that served with REME during UNAMIR/Rwanda deployment - to update a book on British Ops 1969 - 2005.I am also searching for Sgt SA Leslie - served Gulf 91, Kuwait, Rwanda, Bosnia and Telic ......anyone out there served with him or knows where to find him now?

Dave Proudlove 1433

Would love to get in touch with anyone who knows me ............ brat school 79b2,7Armd wksp,17/21l,BAS,3Fld wksp.

David John Hunter 1432

Did National service from Aug 1951 to Aug 1953.Basic training at Honiton.12 months in Malta at St GEORGES Bay

Mike Mitchell 1431

A Cfn in 1945 I served in Chilwell MOD as a welder on tanks. I was then sent to Greece during their Civil War in a LAD attd 22nd Field Regt RA in Elevetheroupolis in N.Greece. From there to TEK in Egypt, billeted in D and K Camps and worked in No 4 Workshop. Remember Whittaker,Smellie,Mills and have photos of fellow sufferers. Any info re this data apppreciated



Joined in 1971 and trained as a VM(C). Posted to 40 ASR Wksp in Willich, then 62 Cyprus Sp Sqn RE Wksp. Then to 39 Engr Regt Wksp in Waterbeach,7 Armd Wksp (FRG ) Fallingbostel & 21 Engr Regt Wksp in Nienburg.After Tiffy training to 3 RGJ LAD Celle, back to 40 ASR willich & 12 AD Regt RA Wksp in Dortmund. Then HQ SW Dist Bulford, finishing as ASM , 3 Fd Wksp in Tidworth. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me

Peter Collins 1429

Looking for Bob Freeman,was at 16 Para Wks Galway Rd Aldershot early 60s, in 61 had a caravan on "Pegasus Village"

Gordon Reynolds 1428


REME N/S Group 51/07 22477813 Honiton Bordon,Egginton Canal Zone 2Base w/shop T.E,K.No1PortW/shop Port Said.Demobbed Arborfield. March53

Trevor Stubberfield 1427

Can anybody help with a trace on behalf of Roy Waite 42B/C Arborfield. His daughter is trying to find Peter Whenham (Wenham?) of 42C to reunite them. A long shot maybe, but it pays to advertise. I have her contact details if anybody can help.

John Cogan (ALMA) 1426

Served with Royals LAD 1959 to 1965 in Germany,Aden Malaya,Sngapore,Cyprus(un}then Tidworth.then joined Royal Horse Guards(the Blues)till demob in 1967,Combermere bks. Anyone out there remember me

Norman Martin( pincher) 1425

I was National Service REME 1957/1959 based at Kingsley Barracks Minden Germany with 87 Tels 1 Training battalion BFPO 29,looking for Malcolm Alcock (Army Catering Corp) and Mike Sherwood (REME) and anyone else who may remember me

Tony Baker 1424

Served in REME with 2nd Royal tanks,Libya,Northern Ireland,Perham Down LAD Badger Sqn.

Andre (Andy) Hall 1423

Hi if anyone remembers me please get in touch. Served at depot 1979 Plymouth 59 commando (recy mech) 7 Armd workshops tank transporters Bulford (recy mech) Depot REME (instructor) Played a lot of rugby and tennis

Rose Pearce 1422

My father served in REME , I think towards the end of WW 2. Can anyone tell me anything of John Keyworth (Jack) Hardy, please ? I think he was in Germany . Also, does anyone know anything about a little badge I found recently. It is about half an inch across, red enamel surmounted by a little (silver colour) lion. On the red part are the initials VW entwined, and below them "for the Forces". Might this have been something to do with the VW car factory which I believe was manned by British soldiers towards the end of the war ?

William Kenneth gray 1421

Looking for anyone how served with my dad Ken Gray 23593983 no 2 Training Bn. R.E.M.E. no 2 Plt A Company Dec 1958 intake.Then went on to serve at Fallingbostel 7th Amoured Div.Look foward to hearing.

Don Walker 1420


Don Walkers last known civvy address was Port Talbot,Wales.He was REME attached to the Ghurkas.My dad served in Cyprus,Malta,Hong Kong,Ankara and Benghazi .If anyone knows my father please contact me as I haven't seen him since1968.My name is Linda Maria and I have two brothers,Robert and Kevin.

Steve Theobald (Theo) 1419

It would be good to hear from anyone I served with during my 23 years and 333 days full sevice and my 9 terms at AAC Carlisle.

Trevor Stubberfield 1418

Trying to contact Arborfield Apprentice Alex Bradley, intake 50B. I have news of an old friend for him. All help appreciated.

Keith Hanson 1417

I am loking for members of 2RGJ\2R.Anglian LAD 1968-1973,especially Taff Raikes. Please get in touch

Rick Collantine 1416

Trying to get in touch with anyone with 8 Field workshop from 1988 to 1994

Paul Rope 1415

Anyone who remembers me I was with 17 Sqn rRCT 10 Regt.Wksps in Bielefeld from 73 to 76 then 5 Field Force Ord Coy Wksps in Munster from 76 to 78 then finally with 12 AD Regt Wksps in Dortmund from 78 to 81

Albert Stevenson 1414

Hi I am the S/O A Sgt Albert Stevenson who I know was based at K Camp 2 Base Wskp REME Tel-el-Kebir in Egypt 1945 - 1948 would very much like to meet and hear from any one of those years.

Mal Pattinson 1413

I served 1974 to 1986.Units-35Eng Reg Wksps 4 ADER Wksps, 1RRF Lad, 3Royal Anglian Lad 90 Ord Coy Lad. Any one who was at those units and remembers me, please contact me

David Grimshaw 1412

Hi to all ex REME lads I've served with.I would like to get in touch with anyone who knows me.Served with 26 Fd Regt RA Royal Welsh Fusilliers Royal Regt Wales 3 Armd Div HQ & Sigs

Dave Brough 1411

Arbourfield 1990,on to 18 Base wksp,BATUS Canada,15field wksp caterick,left 1996.would like to talk to a few old pals.Dave Dancey,Norrie Brown,Collin Hardy,and any of the boys.

Colin (Dave) Boutty 1410

Served with 19 Coy RASC Tank Tprs, The Lancashire Fusiliers, Gurkha Transport Regiment Hong Kong. Sek Kong Workshops Hong Kong

Norman (pincher) Martin 1409

REME National Service 23368077 1957/1959 Cfn/Driver based at Kingsley barracks Minden Germany BAOR 29.Would like to find pals Mike Sherwood and Malcolm Alcock and anyone else who may remember me.Other names I recall are David,Eric ,Mick and Darky..We all belonged to 87 tels workshop

Ben Pickford 1408

I was a 61B intake at AAS Arborfield and served in UK,Aden and Germany (Duisberg) anyone who remembers me and would like to write, please do so.

Paul Clinton 1407

I'm an Ex Royal Engineer looking for Sgt Ozzie Muir (REME). Served in Gibraltar 89-91. Ozzie and Tina lived above us in Sandpits. Went to Arbofield on course. Would love to hear from them both.

Jan Cresswell 1406

Its party time looking for anyone that joined up(83A) or served with my husband Mark Cresswell at 1 Corps tps wksp between 1985/88, 4 Armd wksp, 1Bn Royal Anglians,Colchester, please get in touch, thanks Jan.

David (jock) Mcellan 1405

If any body recognises me send get in touch cheers

Tom (Mac) McGarry 1404

NS - Honiton May 1954, Arborfield 5Batt.,- Arborfield Depot - BAOR Detmold attached 3 RTR. Demob 1956

Colin Eden 1403

I served in the following and would like to contact anyone who remembers me. 2 Training Battalion,Honiton, 10 Trade tng Gosport, HQ 33 Armd Bde Sennelager 1955/56. 3rd Armd wksp Kunsebeck 1956/56. Lad REME 119 co RESC Bielefeld 1956/57.

Dave Preece - Jones. 1402

To Corp. Valverde (ray?) ex-REME (T.A.) Kingsbury,London. ...remember Manorbier,Wales ??

Robert (Bob) Monk 1401

I served in the REME in national service from 1952 to 54 and was stationed in Kenya for 19 months. I remember Bill Taylor from Bradford, Robert Pollack (?) from Glasgow. I am from Bury in Lancashire, was a 'cowman' by trade before I was called up and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was interested in boxing (and still am) and did a bit of boxing whilst in the army, that's what got me my posting to Kenya.

Joseph William Reed 1400

Can anybody help me im trying to trace anyone who might have known my dad as he was in the REME during 1942-45,we have no records other than photos,we would welcome any information how ever small

Barry Horn 1399

Joined 58 left 69 anyone who remebers the name please get in touch

David hughes 1398

Ex Ssgt VM artisan left 2001 would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew me. Last unit 6 supply wksps

Monica Bruno 1397

I am looking for a Kevin Keltie. Last I heard he was in Fallingbostel then off to Shaibah

Jonathan Porter 1396

I'm looking for anybody who served in the REME in Burma 1942-45 particually those from 2nd Division attached to 6IB who may remember Fred Pester (my grandfather)but any help in my research would be greatly appreciated

Vinny Clews 1395

In REME from76 to 79 22 Platoon basic training posted to 94 Locating in Celle transferred to HQ REME attached to 20 Field workshop Kingsley barracks Minden 27 years since seen any of the lads or girls (trish)

David Arthur Hall 1394

Hi, all you REME people out there. I served with 2 base workshops in Tel el Kebir 1953 -55. I would like to find any of the lads I served with, Robinson, Stephenson, Giddings, and more whose names I have fogotten. Please get in touch if you were there !

Jane Montague 1393

Does anyone remember my father? His name was Michael Wright and he was a Staff Sgt with REME. I only have knowledge that he was based at Didcot Vauxhall Army barracks until end of 1967 then he was posted to Germany - that is all I know!

Edwin Tatton (Ted) 1392

Ted Tatton, my father, transferred from the RA to the REME in 1942 as, I believe, a Captain. He served in France and Holland after D-Day in a tank recovery unit. After the war he was posted to Tripoli with a stint in Malta(1946/9). Then Egypt (1950/2) UK then Singapore (1954/8) and back to the UK and retired in 1960 at the rank of Major. I am compiling a family history and will appreciate any information related to his service - both personal and about the places and times.

Steve Caton 1391

Served 76-98. Finished off at Blandford camp.Living near Blandford , working in Yeovil for well established company.

Cyrill Burgess 1390

I am looking for Jim Byrne Believe to be in "ozz"

Andre Collins 1389

Looking for Paul Jackman, last known at REME Donnington

Dave Gowans 1388

Trying to contact old friends from 4 Fd RA Wksps.Dene Harper,George Stueart or any that may remember me

Archie Templeton-Dick T,oblique 1387

Hi, just trolling through the webs and wondered what has happened to Ken Bartlam, Pete Salvaneschi, Tony Byatt or any of the troop that went through VM3 and 2 at Taunton and Bordon 1954/6 and ended up at D+M School Bovington.

Cyril Hinde 1386

Would like to contact members of the REME 38th Infantry Brigade Workshops who were posted after the War in Villach,Carinthia,Austria. Remembering those great driving days in Austria.

Graham Williams 1385

Hya, I was in the R.E.M.E. in 79- 87, I was stationed at Arborfield, Bordon, Fallingbostel and Detmold, I am looking for a very good friend of mine Gary Cook, he was one of my daughters Godfathers, she is now 18 and would love to see him again

Kev Caveney 1384

I joined boys school in 73A and served until Aug 99. Found the site whilst browsing. If you know me feel free to contact.

Mick.Sharon Breen 1383

I was not in REME but served at SEME Bordon for 3yrs.I was an RP there and I am looking for a Sgt named bo.I'm not sure on his second name I think it was Starkey last I heard of he was at JHQ in Germany as a Ssgt many thanks.

John (Willy) Williamson. 1382

Joined 1977-1992. Served in UK, Germany, Canada. Would like to hear from anyone who knows me.

Charles Winn 1381

Roy Derbyshire and I have been looking for Bill(William)Jackson for several years now, having not heard anything from your e-mail address, but now see it listed here again, but no reply forthcoming. Please get in touch

Dougie Scott 1380

Served in 65 Corp Support in Hamlin Germany 73-75 looking for old mates.

Trevor Flett 1379

Hi! So this is where you are all hideing! I am Trevor Flett! Joined REME 73C! Had a ball and left in 1992! Got promoted several times! Leveled out at Sgt!I was such a good Craftsman(Cfn)that they made me one 3 times!Now living in Inverness!Working as a driving instructor! Well someone has to do the job!I'd be happy to here from anyone I served with!

Philip Moseley 1378

Serverd in REME AAC Arborfield intake 75b till 1992

Ivor gurney 1377

Looking for friends who served with R.E.M.E at Blandford from May 2nd 1959 then at Bordon for "A" veh course and finally 5th R.T.R in Fallingbostle from Dec 59 to May 1961

Dave Walker 1376

I was not in REME but a former driver in the Logistic's I am trying to trace Kevin (wee man) Walker who was at Leconfield in 96

Barry Benney 1375

Any of the Falingbostal Tels Team (1955/56) out there ?

Lawrence Devanney (DEV) 1374

I started my time in the REME with the 2BN Royal Irish Rangers, then 25 Eng park Antrim, on to 14Fd 6Bn SEME, 2CS Regt Wksps and finally before having a service ending crash with 110 Provo Sennelager.

Edward Charles McIntosh (Ted or Mac) 1373


Served in Kenya 1950/51 Egypt 1951/53 Stirling 1956/59 Singapore 1959/60 Anyone from that era still alive and kicking ? I am now 80 years old

Carl( Jono or Scouse)Johnson 1372

former metalsmith served from 1980-1989 at reme wing rsa, 46 ni workshops, 3 adtr workshops,7 armoured workshops, belize

Michael Brogan (Mick) 1371

Trying to find Les Keogh he served in Middle Wallop in the mid Sixties the rest of The Duty Crew are looking for a reunion, where are you Les?

Arthur Vernon 1370

Trying to contact old pals who served with me in REME Workshops ,52Locating regt R/Artillery period 1954-1956. I am in contact with a few but more would be welcome to mull over the past times with the lads

Bob Gouldthorpe 1369

Served with REME jan 1966 jan 78 mainly with aircraft workshorps and AAC squadrons. November 1967 June '68 served with The Air Troop 26 Engineer Regt, Paderborn. Like to hear from any on out there who remebers me, aso served with 7 Fld Wksps Fallingbostell 76 / 77

Allan John Parker (AL) 1368

23855083 Allan Parker, married to Lynn, two children (Helen & Andrew) born in Rinteln.BMH.Army Aprentice College Harrogate, Yorkshire.BFPO 41 REME Lemgo 1964-1968 Tidworth 1968-1971. Looking for Rod Emerson, Ted Harper, Tiny Farrah, Scouse Wilson, Cookie Twins, anyone at all.............Cheers

Eric Davies 1367

Hi anyone from AAC Arborfield 65c - 17/21 lancers Senne or Omagh 16/5 Omagh 49Fd Regt Hohne..Art Veh 301b 25Fd Regt Munsterlager/Paderbourne 4 Armd Wksp Detmold. COD HK. PMC Arborfield 83-84 (BP Build a Car fame) L'Derry 211 Amb Sqn. Fortress HQ Gib (eme) I am still alive and kicking in Canada at present but back near the Scottish Borders shortly...Penrith.... Hi if our paths crossed

Colin Smith. 1366

Blandford 1954, C Company, Ellsmere 1955, V.M.Training. Colchester 1955, 49 Reg R.A. L.A.D. Llydd,+ Gillingham.1955/1956.9Inf WKSP CYPRUS,[Famagusta] 1956/1957

Keith Cook (and Gary Cook) 1365

I served from 61(AAS Arborfield)to 85. Stationed Singapore,BAOR,Cyprus,Holland,SEME.Would like to hear from anyone who knows me or my brother, Gary. Our home town is Gosport Hants.

Trevor Stubberfield 1364

Arborfield Apprentices 52A. Half the intake found, half still missing. Make contact with many old friends from 50 years ago

Paul (Scouse) Worsley 1363

Served between 78-94 mostly BAOR as a metalsmith. Would like to contact any old friends, who knew or worked with me. I promise to reply to any e-mails.

John Gordon M Higgs 1362

Any one remember me Thawaddy,Burma 1945

Jordan (Jordy) Denson 1361

One of the two civilian Yanks working w/ REME, Alexander Barracks, Berlin 85-89. Would like to hear from anyone around there at that time. If I remember correctly there was a Col.Inshaw.

James Mitchell (Jim) 1360

National Service 1958/1960 Blandford - Barton Stacey - Kahawa Kenya - Arborfield

Richard (Richie) Wilson 1359

I served in REME as a Tech Storeman from 1986 - 2004 and am now in New Zealand and would like to hear from anyone who knows me

Bob Daglish 1358

On detachment from Royal Navy, served at 60 Station Workshop (60 RCZ) 1987 -1989....Good times!!!

Geoff Donkin 1357

Was at 1 Div H.Q.& sigs L.A.D Verden between 1975-1978. Love to hear fron anyone who was there at the same time, or anyone else who knows me

Neil Hall 1356

Looking for all who knew me from 4 Armd wksp 84-88,4 RTR Lad 88-91,and any other Gun Fitters.

Brian[geordie]Thompson 1355

Trying to contact anyone from the past, from 19platoon 1965,2Inf Wksps Mallacca from 1966, crown ops Thialand 1968,3RHA Colchester and Hong Kong from 70 to 74 ending up with RCT Osnabruck in 75

Peter Butterworth 1354

Ex RSM now a retired golfer living in Spain.

Norrie (Jock)Reid 1353

I am trying to find 24264185 Bob(Blaster)Bates. Last heard of in the Aldershot area, attached to the RCT. He was a WO1 when he left the Army. If you know how to get in touch with him please pass on my email address or contact me with any details you may have. If there are any old mates out there do not be shy, get in touch.

Denis Woodward 1352

Were you at the School of Artillery Maniorbier, AAS Beachley 58A,AAS Arbourfield 58A 16/5th Lancers.Royal Green Jackets, Queens Own Hussars

Mark Dollery "Stan" 1351

Looking for anyone who knows me Hildesheim 89-91 1AAC REME WKSPS

Tom [jock] Mclelland 1350

Served REME att 5th Innis DG HQ Sqd Aden; A Sqd Cyprus Unficyp; HQ Weeton; HQ Germany 1965-1970

Tom [jock] Mclelland 1349

Served REME att 5th Innis DG HQ Sqd Aden; A Sqd Cyprus Unficyp; HQ Weeton; HQ Germany 1965-1970

Ken Purves1348

Any VM's who were in 26 Eng wksp 87-90,Amfl LAD Bulford 90-93,HCR LAD 93-94,would be great to here from you.

Don [scouse] Gardner 1347

Looking for anybody who knew me from Dortmund 5 Inf wksp 1962/64 Recy/mech in the cellars under Sargent Paddy Daly also 10 Inf wksp Kuching Bornio 1965/66 and LAD Samangang look forward to hearing from you also lad 2nd Bn Grenadier Gds,Wuppertal 1964/65 Pete Wilkins/Bob Edmunds/Ross Cameron.

Tony Hopwood (Tufty while at Bordon) 1346

Instrument Tech 44/1 course. 1981. John Barrow got best student (Christ knows how!). Names I know... Geordie McNally (Cherry cheese cake) Nick Green (savverner) Alli Micklejohn (A jock!!! say no more) somebody McKeating (Known as Ting). Sgt Major Foreman (Gave me grief on basic trg but he hasnt a clue who I am!) There are so many good friends. Dont know the names but can see the faces All the best guys.

Sgt Nobby Coates 1345

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Nobby,he was a trade instuctor at Blanford in the 50's/ he was in Korea.Was in tug of war team at Blanford

Carl (Arnie) Statham 1344

Want to hear from any owd mates especially the old drinking team from Mossbank bks

Andrew John Wills 1343

Any one out there know of John Andrew Lemon (aka Paddy Lemon)? Last known serving in Munster/Germany with either the Green Howards or one of the guards regiments

Geoff Martin 1342

Between 1954 and 1966 I was at Beachley,Bordon, 3rd Carbs,Ind Armd Wksps(ADEN) QOH (Munster,Detmold) 3rd Tanks(Fally)any one want a chat please contact me, (My memory of these times is very good)

Kenneth Read 1341

Service from 1954 to1956 at Honiton then Barton Stacey,Bordon after this I was at HQ1 Inf Div l LAD in Corruna camp Fayid MELF27 then we became HQ 10TH ARMOURED DIV LAD in Azzizia barrack in TRIPOLI if anyone remembers me please make contact to my email address

Reg Bennett 1340

Looking for anyone who may remember me from Blandford Nov' Dec' 54.Norton Fitzwarren Feb'-Aug'55.Sudbury55 to Dec 57.2nd Gurkhas Malaya 57.Brian Blankley who went to REME airborne,Graham Porter

Alan (Bish) Bishop 1339

Served as VMC 1972-1983. Now living in Canada. Anyone who knows me and I don't owe money to is welcome to drop me a line

Graham Blake (sexton) 1338

Looking for anyone in R.E.M.E. L.A.D. attached to the 3rd Carabiniers in Osnabruck Germany between august 1953 and march 1955

Monty[ clerk] Mortimer 1337

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from 1956 to 1958 at Lad. 11 Inf Bde Minden Germany. Particularly Geordie Bell and Nelson Butler from Preston

Albert George Ronald Talbot (Brummy) 1336

I served from 07/01/1954 - 07/01/1956 I was in the REME as motor mechanic in Germany 5 Inf workshops,Witten, Annen BAOR 14. would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or Glynn Reece (my cousin)

Terry Dale 1335

Did Arborfield 24 plt 1965 then on to S.E.M.E. Borden for VM training. Posted to 5RTR in Tidworth. Went with them to Wolfenbuttel 1967/68. Later 3RTR same location. Escaped 1972. Now living in South Africa. Anybody still out there drop me an email.

Frey Morgan (decd) 1334

The family of the late Jeffrey Morgan who served in the Gulf War 1990/91 are anxious to hear from any of his ex army colleagues. Jeff came from Stockton on Tees, joined the British Army in 1983 and served with R.E.M.E. until 1991. He served in Germany, the UK and in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He was attached to the 1st Armoured Division.We would appreciate any information.

William Brady (jock) 1333

Served in Royal Horse Guards WINDSOR& HERFORD; 8 Inf Colchester; RA LAD Devizes Tiffy Course (172) I think; 14/20th H & 16/5th L Hong Kong; 3 div HQ Bulford; Comd workshops Chilwell Nottingham . 62 to 76

Kenneth Read Chick 1332


I joined REME at Honiton May 6-54 I then went to Barton Stacey,Borden and then Egypt with 1 Inf Div LAD in Fayid in Dec 55 we became 10 Armourd Div LAD and went to Tripoli.If anyone remembers me please get in contact.

John Neil Campbell (Jock) 1331

Served in REME 6 Amoured Workshops 52 53, Recover transport, anyone in the football team or anyone who servered from 1952-53 please get in touch. John Campbell (jock)

Jim Hosie 1330

Intake 9 A&C Wallop 62.ziggy bleck?

Ben Strang (jock, wullie) 1329

Live in norfolk now. Just got married (again)20th anniversary next year of joining up. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me

Alan Moore 1328

4 Armd W/Shops FRG in 1964 from there to 4 Div Regt RCT (11 Sqn) till 71. 10 Field W/Shops FRG Tidworth. 3 years recruiting in Exeter then 36 Engr Regt Maidstone Kent having completed 3 years with the lifeguards LAD in Detmold I finished my last six months at Wndsor with the Blues and Royals followed by the Life Guards again leaving in April 1984.Any old buddies get in touch.

Morph Neil Morton 1327

Looking for any of you that served in Fally from 88 to 93 when I left Iwas a pack rat in A coy now living in Croydon but moving to Africa and would love to catch up with any of the old pack section

Terry Mooney 1326

Looking for list of names of REME personel killed when flying bomb hit Guards Armourd Workshop Ashford 1944

Arthur Vernon 1325

Trying to find more old mates who served with me in REME, attached to the now disbanded 52 locating regt R/A in Larkhill (period 1954/1956 I am in contact with a coupleit would be great to hear from many moreR/A. WRAC/ REME /or any civillians from that period ex REME Corporal Arthur Vernon

Terry Manning Reme (1954 -1977) metalsmith 1324

Looking for Colin Chance (S/Sgt Elec.) 5 Field wksps. Soest BAOR '74 -76. David (NICK) Knight Cpl. 1963 Elec. -- Aqms (Veh) Borden (redundant) 1975/6

Keith Hood (Geordie). 1323

Can anyone please help us to find an old mate, Dave Purvis from A.A.C. Arborfield, intake 69C. A few old friends would like to hear from him, we all lost touch after leaving Arborfield.

Chris (griff) Griffiths 1322

As a former Sgt in the Corp I would like to contact anyone who knows me.

Neil (Bert) Hall 1321

Was a gunfitter at 4 armd wksp from 84-88,a company.The went to 4RTR G sqn then D sqn i would like to hear from anyone that remembers me

Craig [ jock ] Waller 1320

Served with 20 Armd Bd. HQ & Sig sqn LAD REME, in Detmold 1971-1974, then with 1 Kings LAD REME, in Hong Kong & Londonderry 1974-1976 if anybody out there remembers me send me an email Iwill reply asap shifts permitting.

Gary Thompson aka Tomo 1319

Anyone out there?

Barney Mills 1318

Started Beachley August 29 1956 (56B) Finished ATDU Bovington January 14 1980. 4RTR, 1RNF, Tiffy Course 65/66, UNFICYP Wksp. 16/5 QRL, 15 Fd Wksp. Kremlin Bordon, ATDU

Kenny Campbell 1317

Served as a Recovery mech. 1970-1989,12 Armd Wksp,Berlin wksp,7 Armd wksp,Outer Hebrides,16/5 Tidworth and the QRIH 1965-1969

Ian John Hindle (Spindle) 1316

Would like to hear from anybody that remembers me. Joined REME June 1965 13 Pltn. Did basic Stmn Posted to 1CTW in 66 to 69, 45 Med Regt Dortmund 69 to 70. Demo & Trials Jan 71 to Oct71 then to 73 Ac Wksp Celle 71 to 73 2 Div RCT Wksp 73 to 76.15 Sqn RCT Wksp 76 to 79. NI Omagh 79 to 82. 25 Fd Regt RA LAD 82 to 83. 94 Loc Regt Wksp 83 to 85, 32 Hvy Regt Wksp 85 to Demob in 87. Worked as a Civiy in Bielefeld CTW 87 to 89. Range Control Sennelager 89 to 94. Endx. I have the swinging light and a few sandbags and time to listen to a few stories. So get in touch. Diesel Derrick is hear this weekend.

Colin Lewis 1315

Trying to locate buddies that were in my intake group 1957 Nat Service Catterick ,stationed in Germany had some great times remember Willy Rushden 9th Lancers Tank Corp

Jonathan Porter 1314

CFN FREDERICK PESTER did you know my grandfather. He served in India & Burma 1942-45. attached to 6th I.B.L.A.D. spent a lot of time on recovery in India.was at Kohima & on the Imphal road. Desperate to know of any one who served with him or knew himThank you

Michel Gilbert 1313

REME Blandford June 1955 Malvern Decemebr 1955 Gibraltar Jan 1956 to May 1958. REME Workshop and Attachment Royal Artillery

23384884 Maurice (Sparks) Williams 1312

National Service 57/07 intake. Anyone remembers me. 1957 to 1959 Blandford (Training),Gosport(Trade training),Warminster (Southern Workshops),Salisbury Plains (8th Royal Tank Regiment),Winterbourne Gunner (Joint School of Chemical Warfare), Blandford,Cyprus (Bogaz), Arborfield.

Jason Moistner ("Box" to some of you!) 1311

Began at Arborfield in May 1985. Middle Wallop from 85-87. Looking for ANYONE who remembers me (not too hard as I was the only American there then). It's been 20 years now and I'd love to hear where all you guys ended up. Still think about you all...Dunber, Hoey, Flett, Price, Handbag and others. Living in Alaska me!


Pete Lumley 1310

Hi, I'm interested in hearing from anyone who knew me from Deepcut 1979 - 1980, 5 Innis DG LAD, Princess Marina College as a member of the PT Staff and SEME Bordon. Or, John 'Geordie' Lumley who was a Rech Mech serving in Bordon, Borneo, BAOR and Hong Kong?

Alan Nixon / Big Al 1309


Dave Megran,Noddy Holder or any old RD out there get in touch and let me know how you are.

Dave Mackie 1308

Vehicle Electrician, from 1980 - 2002,played footie and a little bit of squash.

Colin Foster (aka Fred) 1307

Looking for all old pals from 28 AER. 1st Bn Royal Hamps LAD, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Rangers LAD. served from 76 till 88


Alan Nixon / Big Al 1309


Dave Megran,Noddy Holder or any old RD out there get in touch and let me know how you are.

Dave Mackie 1308

Vehicle Electrician, from 1980 - 2002,played footie and a little bit of squash.

Colin Foster (aka Fred) 1307

Looking for all old pals from 28 AER. 1st Bn Royal Hamps LAD, 2nd Bn Royal Irish Rangers LAD. served from 76 till 88

James Parris (jim) 1306

Anyone from 20 platoon 1979 Arborfield - please contact ....thanks.

ken mooney 1305

Looking for ex-REME Junior Leaders who served at Arborfield between 1962- 1964 with view to possible re-union/chew the fat over the net etc

Norman Emery 1304

I was in REME and served in Hong Kong,1955-57 in the REME Workshops.Any old friends out there?

Vince Ridley 1302

Hi ! I was a Recy mech with A and B sqn,s 1RTR 1963-68,Hohne,Hong-Kong and Berlin.Hoping to contact any old mates who are still around,any one still remember the Bluebell Club in Hohne?

Chas McCoy (Scouse or Mac) 1302

After serving in numerous L.A.Ds in various Scottish brigades I was,in late 1945,finally dumped in a REME w/shop in a place called,I think,Mavis Valley, somewhere near Glasgow. Does any old timer remember the correct designation of this unit?.

Brian Batchelor 1301

I joined REME in 1959, basic training at Blandford, Taunton and Bordon. Posted to Hong Kong for 3yrs, back to SEME 4yrs, Paderbourne 1yr 13/18th, Tidworth 3Yrs 15/19th, Germany, Falingbostel 15/19th/7Arm Wksp, Munster 4RTR, Larkhill School of Arty Wksp, retired 1981. Anyone out there please contact me.

Colin Price 1300

Trying to contact Tom Coupland(Metalsmith) recently added his contact e-mail tried to send message but does not recognise the email address

Robert Hobbs Ginge 1299

Looking for David Shackleton Foster who was best man at my wedding,April 1964 in Carlisle.Iwas in REME and he was still at Hadrians camp Carlisle.

Peter Tucker (Tommy) 1298

Looking for any one who remembers serving with me in REME from 1953 - 1969 Malaya BAOR

Martin Rafferty (Raff ) 1297

Would like to here from anyone who remembers me.AAC Arborfield 73. SEME Bordon, 2 Armd Div Wksps Bunde, 5 Fld Force HQ and Sigs LAD Osnabruck

Les (Brummie) Davies 1296

I was in REME LAD 8th RTR Paderbourne 1956-57.Any old muckers out there,please get in touch

Geoff Tuckett 1295

Hiya guys I served as a Recy mech at 7 Armd.Wksp(as it will always be)& 8 Fd.Wksp. to name a couple, if you know me get in touch especially Dave Jenkins if you see this

Tom (weightlifter) Coupland 1294

Anyone Who knows me from RA range Hebrides,49 Hohne, UNFICYP wksps, Belize, Sig sqn lad Colchester

Vince Ridley 1293

Any one who served in LAD 1 RTR 1962-67 Please get in touch.

Vaughan 'Scouse' Marks 1292

Ex AAC Arborfield 74C the SEME 236VM off to 3RRF SEME 16VM 2-1 1Staffs, 50 Missile etc plus usual tours. Previous thread has old email. anyone who knows me or my Dad Eddie Marks (53 intake at Blandford) (also ex REME) drop a line

George Staples 1291

I served in REME stationed in Gibraltar at Monkey's Cave, REME Headquarters 1953/54 Please see my website where it may bring back memories to you of Gibraltar.

John Rankin (Jock) 1290

Hi all, looking for any 72b Brat school kids specially D coy. Served with 2LI Lemgo, 4 Fld Works, 1 Batt 22nd Cheshires 1 RRF, and finally with Life Guards mainly Lemgo, Detmold and Minden finally deserted in 1983. If anyone remembers me get in touch especially Taff Pothecary (24234603)would love to hear from you

Fred Watson 1289

Anyone remember me LAD, 5th RTR Tidworth 1966/67. I was demobbed from there.Lots of good times in and around Salsbury.Keith,Terry,Jock,Birdy etc

Roger Watson 1288

I was a postie who started life as a JL in 1976 and left in 1990 (left before I was thrown out) Met many REME bods on my travels through Osnabruck / Soltau / Hong Kong and many places in between. I would especially be gratefull for information on Mick Cook who joined as a Sapper with me but later transferred to REME he was from Solihull and last heard of he was a WO2 / WO1 in 1990

Walter Lawrence 1287

I am looking for anyone who served with me in 154 Infantry Brigade Workshops, 51st Highland Division, 1942 to 1945

Bill Glenn 1286

Does anyone know my Dad he served in REME as a Rechy Mech for a long time and all over the place not to sure of times around 1958 to 1973. If anyone wants to get in touch with him I can pass a message on. He is not got used to the internet yet.

Lee (shifty) Banks 1285

I was an Armourer but my Army career ended at MCTC Colchester in 1998. Iwould like to hear from any old friends

Les Symmons 1284

Service No 23276607 - National Service Basic Training at Blandford and Barton Stacey,posted to 10 Basic Trade Training Unit - Gospot (1955-57) Does anyone want to remember me

Edward Henry Foster (Eddy) 1283

I`m looking for Don Ford who was my friend during the whole of our national service in the REME from March 1956 to Feb 1958 in basic training at Blandford in Dorset to trade trg at Bordon Hampshire and finally at District Workshops Singapore

Ian Brunskill 1282

Hi. ex Bluebell '72 to '85 just passing through the site. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Merv and Anne Harriott. Last saw them early 80,s. Merv was a Tiffy VM and they had two children Anton and I think Michelle. By the way is the REME ski hut a going concern, I'm touring Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the summer and will be in the Sonthofen area, thought I might pop in for a couple Anyone who wishes can email me for a chat

kenneth sexton 1281

Looking for Rodg the dodge (Stevenson) last known Lemgo, was my best man (hailed from Chesterfield-spent time on couch, starboard lights) spent time in chains. was AAC repairing copters. left Army and worked at Heathrow. My tag was 24447871, think his was 24447872.Scouse Brannigan.REME Workshop, Bunde. big git, liked fishing, posted to Canada (git) used to drive BMW (small red 320 no room), played darts, wife smaller than, was annoyed when we went fishing on Christmas day, in flood. Jimmy the Hoover, ex REME Bunde Wksp. pal of Scouse Brannigan, ASM, darts in cellar. bodybuilder, raw eggs+milk, and sleepingmat. flash stereo (lots of lights). usual occupation, wazzad, clubbing persons in bogs and being a friend (lifting me up) wife frightening everyone and house clearing of lowlife drunks. nice girl. can't actually remember what you did! but if still with the little woman don't let her read the it above. lots to talk about-new wife, better than the last. PS, still got the good floats. willing to share with a friend.

Robert (Bob)Lavallin 1280

61C Arborfield.Alec Chisholm from CRE OP Crown,1965-1967.Also Derek (TUG)Wilson from Felixstowe,are you still out there?Any one with information please get in touch.

Martin Lucking 1279

I am ex R.A (20th ). I'm looking for Sgt Taff Thomas REME Armourer who was with 20th in Devizes early 70's. Believe he hailed from Merthyr Tydfil.

Ian Young 1278

Looking for Ian Bradley, once of 7sigs lad 2000-2004 now thought to be in Tidworth PWRR LAD