Because of the trickle posting system within our Corp we often make friends only to be posted two or three years later to another unit. Contacts REME is a web site setup to help people find old friends and colleagues by use of a database.

There are a lot of people in the database and archives.Use the ‘Find on this page’ button under 'Edit' before you go trawling each page.

This site can be used by all members of the Corp,serving,retired and also members of TA REME.

You must realise that there are a number of elderly ex-members who visit this site so I have attempted to make this site as easy as possible to use for everyone so don’t be disappointed that it is not all bells and whistles etc.and of course it’s free.

Press the flag below to visit the ‘Homepage’ where you will find the form for entering your details. Please be as brief as you are able and make sure you have submitted the correct e-mail address.